Astral Rape By A REPTILIAN So Called Archangel

Astral Rape By A REPTILIAN So Called Archangel

Before I begin, looka this black ass mayate moulie here:

Here is his channel:

Here the video where his demon possessed black ass started talking shit:

That’s straight fucking demiurge possession right there. I DIDN’T DO SHIT to that nigger and he started talking shit to me.

It’s cause I got evil entities who don’t want me to astral project and I break it down in the vid series I got below….

That being said….

THIS MOFO RIGHT HERE is the cause behind ALOT of problems in my life, HIM:

That is EXACTLY how he looks like (and how other angels that look “human” appear) when I saw him via my third eye.

– When the shaman went to the hellish underworld to retrieve my bro, she saw hellguards LOOKING. EXACTLY! LIKE THAT!

Of note, you have Thor looking nordic aliens (who helped Hitler exterminate non whites) who work with the reptilians too, dressed in garb very similar but more modern:

– Wow this shit legit for all these major publications to be reporting on this:

That’s “gawd’s” people.

That’s why I say ANYONE war-shipping god is war-shipping evil, hence why they act brainwashed like the moulie up above!

This here pretty much confirms the lie of jesus aka HEY-ZEUS, the saints, “archangels”, “angels” all of whom Peggy Kane – before they took her vids down – CONVEYED ARE FUCKING REPTILIANS!

Guess it must be archangel raphaEL (demiurge worker) since raphael represents the supposed (blue beam false) green light ray!

– This is REEEAL subliminal cause here he is bathed in the same FAKE white light they use to induce you into the fake reincarnation matrix trap so they – and the demiurge aka god – can feed off our souls!


Also, someone found a way to expose the REPTILIANS hiding in plain site in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper:

That’s why “demons” are known to speak latin or aramaic (get their asses with latin I have read ??)!

That entity has also appeared looking like this:

– That is how he came to me in the astral last week but with ridges all around his head!

He also appeared to me like this in the other astral projection in which he threatened to trap my brother in hell if I didn’t want to be with him (explains why I get so many needy codependent latchy mofos):

It had a head like the colorless drawing but a yellow carpace like a turtle like the one directly above, which reminds me of the astral projection I encountered where they told me they are my ancestors and all sorts of bullshit of being against the illuminati blab blah blah which you can hear about here:


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I have also encountered a being that looks like this:

Who is the one who chased me thru the astral recently, blowing flames at everything in an effort to get to me. I explain the symbolism of it in the vids below.

He also first appeared to me when I partially astral projected by hissing next to me with a flash pen in his hand I guess he was trying to use to keep me in my body.

– I sincerely believe that Project Bluebeam, a technology developed in underground military bases designed to deceive the dumbed down masses such as what will be done when they show “signs and wonders” before the illuminati carries on their anti human agenda, was created by reptilians and is a type of hyperdimensional technology designed to cloak folks, entities which reptilians are known to use to shapeshift.

I have seen this with my own eyes; it is called crystalline technology. I have seen many entities “use” this which makes me think that we live in a holographic universe.

I talk about that and more here:



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THIS is the guy who I was referring to who looks like the astral being who attaches to me and Aarona (I fought him off successfully once and tried to get him off of her):

– In the second vid esp. you will see gangstalking and what is known as “street theatre” here.

Remember, god is satan = the demiurge!

ALSO remember, our physical bodies – not our souls (which derive from The Source aka Divine Feminine) are made in “god’s” image:

The Demiurge:

Some more so than others….

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