Bunch of Stories Today: Billionaires Become Richer Off Of George Floyd Riots And More

Bunch of Stories Today: Billionaires Become Richer Off Of George Floyd Riots And More

Before I get into that…. I just want to take the time to say thank you to whoever burned this la raza station down:

….Burn those wetbucks, spic and cspans out ???

Thank you ??

Anyways, with that being said, I had one helluva night ? I confronted some g@@ks for talking shit on my being topless saying why am I here, why she allowed – like I need permission to be doing what I want with my own body – to do it (witchcraft heaux ??‍♀️), and other shit. I also confronted the crakkka who was talking shit with a wetback then when confronted said he was a “fan of my copwatching” ??


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Here is an article I made on him a while back:


– I really don’t like that guy. He has a smarmy, passive aggressive psycho – as in Patrick Bates – type energy about him, like he’ll plot and plan if he feels uou have crossed him and attack at a later date but even then in a passive aggressive way, like when she shined a spotlight flashlight on me while I was asleep and hurriedly sped off when I caught him.

He a sneaky mofo and I HATE sneaky mofos!

They also had some wetbacks – as always – talking shit – with one saying, “Hey stripper” out loud and saying, dismissively, “She is a crackhead.” THAT’S WHY I HATE THOSE WETBACKS so fucking much cause if you don’t keep those wetbacks on their toes those REPTILIANS will dehumanize ya and think they can do anything to ya.

Not with me:

Wetbacks having a family wetback gathering – of wetback las cucarachas!

I got under their skin: they ran, cussing me as I waved my middle finger at them to rejoice in victory.

I don’t play.

✊? ‘Woke and don’t let that evil reptilia spirit that likes to fuck with me influence you and get you into any trouble – Imma talk about his ass in the next blog post!


That being said – now this is a fucking crime – WHY they still got the porta potties on the other side of Topanga where I used to hang locked closed off to the public like this:


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THAT’S A VERY busy beach with alotta people and that ain’t right! I peep this shit been closed since Memorial Day when they had RECORD numbers of peeps there!

I also thought I saw the sexual predator I thought I ran up the skreets here ??


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AND I thought these people were the wetbacks who threw a soda water at me (missed) here:


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But turns out it was a nice lil black couple with the husband looking like my cousin Ryan.

That being said – Imma talk about this mofo – it is that deceptive ass reptilian the king of pentacles who is ALWAYS showing in my tarot deck that fucked up my morning and lead me to mistakenly think these two people did anything and beacoup times I been tricked by that mofo. I hate that mofo!

Imma talk about his ass later….


After doing the no black and brown unity article here….


THE FUCKING PCH WAS EMP-TAY save but for this lil homeless man jammin’ ?? rockin’ out:


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Come to think of it, it was nice and peaceful during the George Floyd Riots but this was the day AFTER it stopped!


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Also, the paramedics I guess low key came to check and see if I was alright after that explosive article I did on the no black and brown unity, lol:


That being said, here is the newz…..

Illuminati (current) posterchile Jeff Bezos of Amazon just became A TRILLIONAIRE due to the George Floyd Riots:

An Amazon factory in Redlands just recently caught fire btw….

What a coincidence!

Also, now the corona virus is back in the news tho they weren’t telling looters not to “not” social distance….

That being said, the cops are already on the path of being on the “us against civilians” schtick which George Soros wants by caping for cops who supposedly whipped this ole FAKE CRISIS ACTOR’S ASS as per a new psyop:

Most disturbing of all is this….

Antifa is shown basically teaching members to incite riots and violence in what are supposed to be peaceful protests via undercover work done by REAL activists which can be seen here:

Someone pulling some shit in Buffalo, NY got called out – then she ran – THEN SHE TRIED TO DRIVE OVER PEOPLE – then she got stomped on by the crowd:

Last but not least….

This guy here seems to be writing cryptic messages alluding to snuff films and weird shit going on out here in Malibu.

He seems to be part of those “high class” biker gangs running down the pch in Malibu:

It reminds me of the whole thing with Mitrice Richardson:



Also a blonde lady revealed to me astrally that them bikers did something to her years ago which I expose here:


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He has the energy – almost childlike by how he writes – of someone who has seen alot but is cryptic in divulging what they have seen. Tell me I’m wrong:

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