There Is No Black and Brown Pride Only Black vs Brown WAR


To the illegal ass wetbuck who keeps driving his candy rape van sneakily past my car – if I catch you pulling that shit again Imma hurt your ass some bad and have you WISHING Trump woulda deported your illegal, wetback ass!

Stick with your own women, bitch!

I just wanna say Asé ✊? to the brothers who stood up for our community, killing the wetback leader of the “Latin Kings” in Cicero, again

Asé ✊?

– He is Shango, a Santeria Warrior God ✊? who you can read more up on here:

I gotta thank these brothers for defending the community from these illegal immigrant terrorist who threw stones at innocent black women, killing a pregnant black, and attacking elderly blacks:

– In case Youpunk removes the vids you can either just search for it on youtube or you can go to these links on Worl Star (I kinda know the guys who run it and they mad cool and I believe it was said they are satanists, much like I was – not a bad thang):

Here the fat ass built like a bean bag wetback ass leader they killed:

Rest In Piss wetback. Hope he got deported back to HELL where he belongs. Imma use my abilities to make sure he gets there ?

Asé ✊?

Meanwhile you got the sellouts of South Central CATERING to “peepole” who long been killing our asses:

Who of course are take a kneegrow-splaining after some young brothers JUSTIFIABLY (considering what they been doing to us) attack wetback street vendors, wetbacks all throughout the southland (LA):

– LOL!

This is war!

Now they wanna be “friends” cause we fighting back after they attacked US and hurt weak targets – our womben and elderly.

I hate wetbacks passionately with every fiber of my fucking being and want them killed!

This wetback mofo right here who sent these messages….



I think he lives in San Diego and I KNOW he the one who wrote those messages to me on instagram cause my cards confirmed it AND he subsequently sent me this shit here:

Him – like other wetbacks – need to stick with their OWN fucking women, with their OWN fucking community and stay the fuck out of black people’s spaces, fucking wetbacks!

Now, where those brothers in South Central at to rally behind this:

– This is why I hate that wetback Diego mofo for thinking he can come up to me cause looka how they treat our black men when they go up to their girls.

I want to torture and kill Diego. This is just pissing me off.

What about me:

Mexican Attacks Black Woman

This why I HATE THEM! These incidents were the genesis of my hatred for them.

I break down WHY there should be a race war and no black and brown unity here! – Or at least, just be more protective of our spaces and KEEP THEY ASSES OUT by any means necessary:

I break everything down. Here.

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