Little Finger Like Dick Interdimensional Entities Appear In My Car

Here’s the pic I took of them:

Here is a video I shot of it:

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I noticed when I was looking via the black scrying mirror otherwise known as my cellphone I caught these dimunitive entities that looked like fingers moving at the top of the back trunk. It was a trip!

I dunno if they were sent for me or what they are but I can see 4th Dimensionally (Yeah, my vision is that advanced), above a certain light spectrum, and I’ve been hearing the movement of jewelry once and something making sounds… I have had rather NIGHTMARES WAYYY before in the past that are reoccurring of little entities that would look like chickens, plushy toys taking over people’s bodies and turning them into mush (just now I heard something moving at the top!) and turning them into deformed monsters, kinda like “The Thing”, melting their faces, CHANGING THEIR PERSONALITIES:

I know I’ll have issues with various things when these things come around. I first became aware of them in my old apartment, when they appeared in nightbares or as I call… visions in which I was fighting off my old alcohol addictions I believe which got REALLY UNCONTROLLABLE AND BAD when I fell under satanism (the shit’s done stopped, ESP. with my citrine around). That said, I DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE, but it’s interesting to be able to at least SEE THEM!

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