ATTENTION: I Am Going To Start Doing Scheduled Toured Lectures At People’s Request

With payment of course cause it ain’t like my ass got money to be running to your city to be doing personal studies/lectures one on one or for a whole audience (though it would be nice to do that in an ALTRUISTIC SOCIETY where survival did not depend on fiat notes aka dollar bills):

You can watch MORE regarding why I wrote that on the 20 dollar bill, here:

THAT SAID, seeing the popularity of my site given the subject matter I talk about I think it is rather high time for me to take the spreading aka dissemination of my knowledge to a whole new level by doing personal, in person or for a whole audience speaking tours at people’s requests (Before going on these via money I will make sure to gauge an audience’s interest before turning up in a city).

That said, I SEE the shit that I say – and know – is in great need! That is why the powers that SHOULD NOT BE – as Titus Frost says – stay constantly on my ass, putting “lack of money rituals”, “undue stress from court” rituals, “GETTING METH OUT NIGGAS TO ATTACK ME RITUALS” on my ass – you can just read my blog to see all this shit! THAT’S BECAUSE I HAVE TO SAY IS REAL, TRUE AND SINCERE – and sincerity plays a BIG ROLE IN HOW I PLAY AND GET DOWN, BOTH ON AND OFFLINE!

That said, I ain’t no C.I.A. Ops paid Young Pharaoh (notice how that nugga’s name sounds like YOUNG THUG, YOUNG BERG AND ALL THESE OTHER YOUNGINS OUT IN THE STREET – THAT SHOULD CLUE YOU IN ON SOMETHING!) or Brother POOR-LIGHT (WE ALL SAW that shit that went down with him and how he betrayed the many he acted like he rep’d after pushing all that C.I.A. paid for rhetoric he pushed like CRACK to you all – and don’t be fooled by all his “current fans” still fucking with him who are either C.I.A. paid for Ops themselves aka paid for trolls like here: or are under mk ultra and/or spells as I explained many SELL-ebs [as in EBBING THE TIDE] put using WHO they worship on innocent people to get them to like, cosign their FUCKERY, oops, I mean, “music”: since I SEE money for what it is (it’s a talisman) and as this girl in jail (it’s funny, they write off so called crazy people and prisoners but “crazy” people be aware of shit and people I have met in jail ARE SOME OF THE MOST WOKE MOFOS – hence why they in it) explained, I mean, when you look at money, look at the depictioms of fucking pyramids, “All Seeing Eyes” – Why the fuck is that shit in there EXCEPT TO PUT SPELLS ON PEOPLE! See what I mean? That’s how the reptilians are able to fuck with my ability to make money: CAUSE THEY MAKE THE MONEY AND THEY ARE THE CHIEF PROBLEM IN OUR WORLD, THE CAUSE OF IT!

That’s why they hate me; my ability to connect the dots, SEE MONEY FOR WHAT IT IS, being VERY sincere and thus incorrigible to selling out!

That said, if you want me for speaking tours, email me here: [email protected] and we can go from there. I look forward to meeting you!

Here is the link in which I indelibly post the same message here:

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