The Spiritual Reasons Behind Why SELLebrities Like Beyonce and Rhianna Have SO Many Followers Who Worship Them

…Despite having mediocre ass music. I’ll explain how:

Okay, back when I needed money and was forced into one of the archon worship-spiritual systems LIKE HYPO-CHRISTIANITY (OF WHICH IS ONE) along with palo mayombe and other spiritual and/or religious systems – both MASSive (the Demiurge and Archons use MASS worship to generate alot of energy via which to sustain themselves on hence why they had “Jesus” say he is “herding a flock of sheep – SHEEPLE – of which YOU ALL ARE THE SHEEP) and small – in which in my case I was forced into “satanism”. That said, while practicing it, I was a sex worker at the time. I noticed that when I got into it to improve my cash flow EVERY SINGLE GUY WHO SHOWED UP TO MY APARTMENT HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH DRAGONS! The reason why I note that is because everytime I had to get up to worship Satan, a reptilian alien, I would hear a “hissss” like a rattlesnake and once I got branded with a bruise that showed a dimunitive reptilian dinosaur t-rex like alien on my wrist, very similar to the entity that can be seen here from this pic of a BLANK WHITE WALL TAKEN YEARS AGO BACK WHEN I LIVED IN MASSACHUSETTS:

I recall getting possessed by it in the middle of the night to take a more incriminating picture down which showed a VERY flat hand with long “fingernails” that looked analogous to what Freddy Krueger donned. I’ve seen the alien species later on whose member did this and – using my third eye – through the mirror I saw these bulbous, green headed almost robot looking giant fly looking (almost think it correlates to Beelzebub and now that I think of it, as I long suspected, PROVES these alien groups created these entities, “deities”, “GODS” for us to worship), flat headed, aliens with giant red eyes shaped like the greys AND THOSE SAME FLAT PAW PALMED SHAPED HANDS AND FREDDY KRUEGER FINGERNAILS (told ya I am being tracked). That said, I recall even an Arab guy who came into see me even said he worshipped dragons which is odd for his culture. Another HAD A HUGE TATTOO OF A DRAGON! Now that I think if it I – like many people on this planet – was under some type of heavy duty alien manipulation. That said, to put it plain and short, every guy I saw had something to do with a dragon, “satan” as if it were influencing people to come and see me!

Well, what does this have to do with Rhianna and Beyonce, you ask? Well, it’s always been said that the world is ruled not by laws but by signs and symbols aka sigils (and knowing numerology VERY WELL, I will venture to say ESP. NUMBERS AS WELL!) as said by Confucius. People always wondered how do people who ain’t that talented (to me, their music is garbage) amass SO MANY CRAZY FOLLOWERS AND REAL FANS (FANS IS SHORT FOR FANATIC) WHO ARE READY TO DIE FOR THEM! The answer lies in what I experienced!


– Note she is dressed like the evil executioner hat wearing entities which I have seen in the lower astral who have my little brother kidnapped and possibly killed – whom masquerade as “Allah” and the christian “god” whom people make sacrifices too ALL THE TIME!

– Note Rhianna is making the sign of devil horns while donning RED HAIR which the satanic POPE FROM THE VATICAN (a place where alot of child sacrifices go down) says represents the blood of martyrs who go against the Demiurge, the god they worship, as quoted in the search engine article at the top of the searches which you can see below:

– LOOK AT WHAT FIRST POPPED UP IN THE SEARCH ENGINE WHEN SEARCHING, “BEYONCE DEVIL SIGNS” – AN ARTICLE ABOUT HER PREGNANCY! Sound like they trying to say her child the Antichrist, a moonchild I get the sense of…

– Max Spiers, a ufologist and Milab who was assassinated a while back, once broke down the significance of the “ome eyed symbolism” here:


From my experience, AS I NOTED ABOVE, when you worship entities, THEY WILL INFLUENCE PEOPLE TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT THEM TO DO ON YOUR BEHALF such as worship you, or bring you money – as was the case with me! That said, many of these people, THESE SELLebs you see worship REPTILIAN ENTITIES which a more psychic friend of mines told me, who have a tendency to have HUGE bases in Malibu, esp. near Topanga Canyon Blvd along the PCH evidence of you can see here: here: here: here: and here:

Even though I don’t think these are reptilians – I sensed Andromedans -I saw this in Malibu last week and I think it still SIGNIFICANTLY figures into alot of the ufo things that happen out here:

That said, the reason they throw up the devil signs, the one eyed sign (which symbolizes the theft of Ra the Sun God’s right eye by Set, the Egyptian God who represented Darkness and Evil, and the use of Ra’s power for EVIL PURPOSES which is what alot of illuminati spells are based upon – perverting good for evil, hence the “duality” symbolism) is to not only in a way influence the crowd (only a little bit) BUT TRULY SIGNIFY THEIR LOYALTY TO THE GOD THEY WORSHIP TO OTHER FOLLOWERS. I recall awhile back when my car needed a jump, a woman who FLASHED THE DEVIL SIGNS showed up and helped. I have come across ALOT of random helpful, friendly people flashing these signs when I either needed help or after talking with them, usually in the miracle mile area. I recall after having gone to TWO 99 CENTS STORES – NOTE THE 99 WHICH WOULD ADD UP TO 9999 IF I WENT TO EM which the 4 “9”s add up to my numerological number which is 4 and my Expression (aka destiny) numerological number is 9 which can be seen below:

AT THE FIRST ONE, I SAW A GUY WITH A PENTAGRAM SATANIC TATTOO! At the second one, a kid wearing the sigil of Lucifer!

Look at what popped up and the juxtaposition between the sigil of Lucifer and the Star of Satan (Saturn) WHICH IS NOT REALLY THE SAME AND NEVER IS REALLY ASSOCIATED WHEN I SEARCH SIGIL OF SATAN:

The Star of Satan (kinda reminds me of the STAR of Solomon or Star of David, which are really the merkaba star – just google it!)

Sigil of Lucifer

That said, that was the universe, or rather that archon “deity”, reptilian Satan, sending a sign: he wanted me back and I feel his presence WHENEVER SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS, as if hoping that I will call on him when I have those problems! Fat chance cause when I was under satanism, my burgeoning psychic powers STOPPED AND MY COMING INTO MY TRUE DIVINITY VIA MY OWN CONNECTION TO THE DIVINE FEMININE – SOMETHING THE ARCHONS WANT TO STOP – IS MORE IMPORTANT AND I WILL NOT BE UNDER SHIT (People have addictions cause they give up their Divine Feminine inner powers to these archon “god” creations) hence WHY Jesus Christ said, “The Kingdom of God (the Divine Feminine) lies within you!” AND WHY THE ARCHONS AND THEIR CREATIONS SUCH AS SATAN, MOLOCH WANNA THROW YOU OFF FROM SPIRITUAL GROWTH! Have you focus SOLELY on the material plane as what happened to me when I feel under Satanism. That is why The Great Bobby Hemmit said, “God, The Demiurge LOVES YOUR BODY BUT NOT YOUR SOUL” which you can see here:

That is why I wrote this article about how the Christian, muslim “God” (which is DOG aka Egyptian God, Anubis spelled backwards IS the Demiurge and IS Satan and IS ANCIENT SUMERIAN DEMON GOD, PAZUZU:

Now that I think about it, this past weekend this islamic person named Saffrn Einri whose nutty, incoherent, nonsensical posts you can see here:

SENT A SERIES OF HATEFUL ASS MESSAGES OUT THE BLUE TOWARDS ME, WISHING I WOULDA STAYED IN JAIL, THAT I WAS DEAD, ETC. WHICH YOU CAN SEE HERE which I feel and sense was influenced by the djinn, the archon “god” she worships – Allah:

Here she is…

Giving thanks to the energy vampire-harvester archon creation, Allah, who sicked her ARCHON POSSESSED ASS ON ME TO DO HIS DIRTY WORK:

– That said, it’s funny – while in jail – a young lady whose third eye is wide open told me that when she sees Allah, he looks like one of those executioner hat, shadow people evil demon mofos I’ve seen who are holding my brother (mighta killed him) hostage in the astral since you can’t see their face, hence why just like the energy vampires they are, they demand so much exclusive worship, just like Pazuzu, the Sumerian Demon god whom you can read more about, here:

That said, MANY PEOPLE ESP. THOSE WHO FANATICALLY WORSHIP THESE SELLebs are under some form of (mk ultra) mind control and are spell bound (Many people who have been sent against me by the Demiurge will say themselves they can’t understand WHY they hate me!). THEIR FOLLOWING AIN’T ORGANIC and stupid people need take those rosy colored glasses off and stop seeing these HELLYWEIRD stories of going from “rich to poor” as organic and natural progressions (THAT ANYBODY HAS A CHANCE AT) AND SEE THEM FOR WHAT THEY ARE: MK ULTRA GROOMED PUPPETS PREDESTINED, PRE SELECTED FROM BIRTH VIA MK ULTRA TRAUMA RITUAL ABUSE AND USED TO BE EMPLOYED BY THE ARCHON-REPTILIAN-ALIEN WORSHIPPING ILLUMINATI TO FURTHER THEIR AGENDA OF KEEPING THE MASSES ASLEEP WHILE THEY HARVEST YOUR ENERGY and even worse…

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