Alien LA Cops Threaten Me In Malibu

Alien LA Cops Threaten Me In Malibu

This shit was vivid! Very very vivid!

I feel ESP. as I am now coming into my own power there’s “shit” watching me that’s otherwordly and I’ve been saying it for awhile now.

That said, I had a “dream” last night or rather a vision where I was in a place in my old neighborhood of Park La Brea (I lived near it) where the Queen (of England’s) palatial residence lies. I’ve been here before AS OF RECENT and don’t know why I keep “dreaming” it. That said, I walked through there – topless – and I recall there being an airport there. There was a guard who seemed to be dressed in all blue, very similar to what the confederates wore. These must be the Queen’s guards in the astral! The distinct thing is THEY WERE HERE GUARDSMAN! A white dude who seemed to be the skin color “blue” though it would change to the regular color of peach (white) said with a smile, “You can’t walk around here like that.” I got the distinct feeling he was “cloaking” himself and he was really this thing I talk about here:
So I just said I think, “Fuck off,” or didn’t talk to IT and proceeded to walk off. I ended up in a carousel area which had a gold wall and there was a norp, simple minded black family who wanted to take a pic with me and I did and after the affront with the Queen’s guardsmen said, “I don’t take pics with crakkkas.”

Then, in the second scene, it seems I was in a big mansion, a place of learning. There were leaves all over and it looked like a big white house where, now I remember, I saw important people coming out, including a city prosecutor, a blond haired white guy in my dui case, who I saw in real life had slits for eyes. It was a couple of materialistically well heeled white people – including a 30 something year old white woman in a jogging outfit who wanted to jog with me. They were discussing how to get me to “join them” and what little fucked up legal actions they can do to make this happen!!! I recall ending up back in the etheric/astral version of my parent’s home. I recall flipping through a book with pictures of my dead baby brothet, Bryan, and thinking, “They make copies of him.” I then saw in the middle – end – sorta “squished” between all his more grown (he was in his later childhood with them like maybe 7 or 9 years old) a “baby” pic of himself where he looked like he had been partially eaten at the head and devoured.

That said, and this is the part that gets me the most…

It was soo vivid. I park out in Malibu sometimes the sleep. As of recent, the LA County Malibu sheriffs been ticketing people – comprehensively – for sleeping in their cars (I kinda wonder if it has something to do with a claim I filed against the County?). That said, BEFORE I came back out here, I would notice these SUVs with the elongated lights in the back – tinted windows – driving back and forth, up and down the PCH at night. It’s noted – and I’ve seen it with my own eyes – that Topanga Canyon Blvd IS A MAJOR HUB FOR ALIENS!!! This article talks about it:

That said, I had a vision where I saw those said ALL BLACK, BLACK WINDOW TINTS ON ALM FOURS (So you KNOW they undercovers) SUVs driving up and down in the etheric late at night on the PCH with a bunch of traffic. I recall one SUV started driving backwards after “threatening me” or sending a warning message (that’s when it fell back after that). THEN, OUT THE BLUE, A SIMILAR (OR WAS IT THE SAME) SUV ROLLED UP WITH A BUNCH OF REPTILIAN LIKE ALIENS WHO WERE CLOAKING THEMSELVES AND LOOKING KINDA LIKE THESE:

Here’s more info on them:

BUT ALL GREEN! IT WAS SOOO VIVID! THEY HAD RED EYES! ONE OF EM WINKED AT ME AND I FELT THE MESSAGE WAS – THOUGH THEY WERE JOYOUSLY LAUGHING – THAT THEY WERE “WATCHING” AND I GOT THE DISTINCT FEELING THAT I WAS NOT SAFE THERE OR ANYWHERE WHERE THERE ARE REPTILIANS (WHICH IS ALOT IN L.A.). When I came to out the vision, I heard a “swallowing” sound like someone emulating the sound of guzzling cum (slurping sounds) WHILE IN MY CAR – AWOKE! (As a matter of fact – just now – I saw them looking at me like they knew something happened!)

I been saying this: alot of what’s going on around me is alien manipulation. Even in my most recent article I note how voodoo Lwa (Loa) “Baron Samedi’s” eyes changed from all black – like the a grey alien’s – to normal like I say here: I believe many of these fucking cops out here are aliens. I even just after the other vision had a vision of me in a hospital and a cop who was an alien coming in to inpregnant – AND I’VE HAD VISIONS LIKE THAT IN THE PAST NOW THAT I THINK ABOUT IT – and I recall him saying that he gotta do it cause I “failed” and so the “next one can succeed” – the cop had red hair, white dude – and when I started to complain though I was sedated a nurse stuck a needle to knock me out! This shit is REAL! I recall another vision in which took place a while back my past life’s body (a short china white colored, porcelain skinned wide faced Vietnamese girl) who was near Club Aqua in New Orleans in which I was in a flood and needed to be resecued where I saw a man who looked like ya boy, the original Superman, and he fought this “Jason” ski mask wearing mofo (which I saw the other day) and I recall after Superman whipped his ass “Superman’s” eyes turned a glowing green to which a “narrator” said, “You now have the gift of second sight.”

I feel and been known aliens are watching my eyes, I probably got powers due to an alien endowed ancestral line (Nephilim, Egyptian) and I’m supposed to do some big shit – for them – which my own numerological expression number indicates here:

But I’ve been foregoing my duties cause I think it’s this (think about it: in the BUY-BULL Jesus says he is the Alpha AND THE OMEGA):

That said, that reveal they pulled last night WAS TOO OBVIOUS! TOO FUCKING OBVIOUS TO BE IGNORED!!!

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