Effects of Etheric Astral Travel: My Eyes Changed Color

I DON’T KNOW IF YOU CAN SEE (But I can see) I peeped that my eyes changed color AFTER doing etheric/ astral travel!


I brightened it up so you all can see the contrasts:

YOU CAN REALLY see the contrasts here…

Dark eyes don’t contrast like that…

I even put it in greyscale:

I SWEAR some of the ones down below look like a variety of greenish hazel, straight hazel (which is rare for my eyes to be that color) or even blue at some points. Though some may argue that’s due to having “reflective eyes” my eyes are a light brown and usually lighter eyes DO NOT REFLECT LIKE THAT! This something else…

They look greenish-yellowisg hazel here! This me GASPING at how light they look!

Here are a few reptilian eye shapeshifts (look at how WHITE they become while there’s still a discernible circle) where the cornea of the eyes (colored aka iris part) should be:

Groovy innit?

Reminds me of here:

ALSO, when you fuck around with so called “high level magick” aka HIGH SPIRITUALITY aka SORCERY you can make yourself look young again or in this case as I accomplished yesterday a good 15 or 10 (I’m being nice) in how you look vs YOIR ACTUAL REAL AGE:

THIS how I looked at age 23, 25 (Maybe younger):

I look depressed like a mofo… lol!

I was like DAMN when I saw it…

My eyes look a lil mad weird here!

– I feel in the last two pics, ESP. the last one there was some type of energetic distortion as can be seen with the lines in the pic which could have been possibly caused – I take that back – more than likely caused from creating portals caused by going into the ether/astral! The white in there shows the weirdness even more so…

That said, there’s nothing like going into tje ether/the astral! The best trip EVER with so many perks that even the hotel toiletries you steal can’t surpass!

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