Man Informs Me That Homeless People In Malibu Are Being Abducted And Being Taken To A Blue House To Have Illegal Medical Experiments Conducted On Them

This shit reminds me of the Gene Hackman film called “Extreme Measures” that came out in the early 90s that starred Hugh Grant who I had a crush on who got caught with a black prostitute:

Here the poster for the film:

That being said, based on the colour and proximity I surmise it might be this building here where folks are being held captive since he said, SPECIFICALLY AND WITH EMPHASIS – a blue building:

You can watch the video to see exactly where it is but it is like near that hump right before you descend into a long dive down the PCH….


Hear ??? my real talk on the Malibu homeless and how many admit to being MK Ultra and how I even witnessed in the astral the homeless getting abducted by alien spirit beings to be brainwashed – but they kicked me out cause they couldn’t do shit to me:


I gotta say honest that I ain’t motherfucking surprised cause there’s alot of shady shit that goes on down here which is why I got placed here to ‘woke Malibu’s ass for all their transgressions like with the Mitrice Richardson thing:

What Happened to Mitrice Richardson

Lost Hills Malibu Sheriffs Tried To Set Up Itinerant Homeless Man for Mitrice Richardson’s MURDER

Dr Ronda Hampton is actually a very nice lady (sorry for ANY shit I said about ya in the past) but you ain’t gonna get SHIT done working thru this peepole:

– That white broad, that Cece Woods looking bish, her energy and looks don’t sit right with me. She got the facial expressions of deception and trickery! Evil bitch in the closet, reeeal deceptive.

I’ve seen that poor lady try to get justice via Baca (who in prison naw) but, see ? you gonna have to ‘woke thru me to get it…. and I’m doing already free of charge!

I saw they recently did some shit to a white girl they held in captivity here:

Third Eye Shows Me Red Haired Dude Involved In Mitrice Richardson’s Death Holding Woman Hostage In Basement In An Old Mansion In Malibu

That was a terrible fucking case!

That being said – as I write this shit right now – I got all this gangstalking shit going on like with the mofo in the big green van who was helping the rapist, a seemingly “homeless” bitch in a dead faded blue car, looked like a Saturn (think of the symbology since Saturn is associated with Saturnalia which is the war-ship of reptilians and that is where the portal to hell is located), this dude who looks like the devil who I KNOW is controlled by evil shit and acts like a fool but ain’t – who, after I gave his ass water insulted me by offering me soap and a shirt (I don’t give a fuck WHAT’S CONTROLLING YOU I don’t let people disrespect me and I won’t be helping your ass a second time!)!

And THAT’S THE SHIT THERE – the homeless people out here are fucking weird. I will do certain things to help or be nice to em and, just as if they are controlled by something (which they are), like they got tourettes – they’ll say something to get under my skin or is insulting. That’s why I keep their ass the fuck away from me.

But when I’ve talked to the “street” homeless like I did in the past like with this dude here:


Here he was telling me of how them rednecks who I saw in visions kidnapping folks to be sacrificed by wealthy people (which later on got confirmed by other people including they themselves) were/are informants who are part of a government operation known as Green Wall where former prisoners (one named Stevie Ray did a 13 year stint for assault with a deadly weapon on a female in either Kentucky or Tennessee and I saw him do some HORRIBLE things to women in the astral and – this later on got confirmed – he’s done killed women and he hangs with that RejuvOhm heaux, too).

I learned something interesting shit…. He a real deep fellow!

That being said, here is video of me talking with him. He a real deep fellow. He told me that he was sired (created) via Solar Warden and when talking to many homeless folks in Malibu many – even the most logical like Allen – seem to be under some type of MK Ultra control:




That being said, I must be telling the truth cause I’ve been getting interrupted ALLL DAY including by some wester-bucks ????? organic fucking portals who disrespected me (so I can come out my car so they can see me topless), DISRESPECTED MY BEING HOMELESS, and, just like the mayate ?? they goin’ get dat ‘woke ⚔?

That being said, it’s like with this fruit bat truck bitch here:


****UPDATE: I just used my third eye to Sea ???? if she does in fact abuse homeless women and bring them into a ranch house in the valley and I saw her whipping a lady with a bullwhip and had her on all fours like a dog. It seems she got a porch with them picket fences.****

The Cuban shaman was telling me that her and that Greek dude who be running those fruit trucks be hiring then sacrificing homeless women at some ranch house in the valley (to confirm to me she real and she got power them organic portal public ‘wokes employees be laughing at her when we would get together):


They tried to pull that shit on me but I ran her ass UP THE STREET cause when I felt that evil ass visceral Satanic energy from her I knew what was up!

I also believe that her clients she regularly be selling fruit too also clandestinely be getting sold women from them as well.

Alotta shit been going on out here and that’s why I’m here: to ‘woke it!

I ain’t The Goddess of The ‘Woke for nothing.

I LOVE ??? fucking people up and sending them to the underworld. It’s a hobby!

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