Afrikan Ifa Priest Tries To Get Me To Sell My Soul To Oshun

Afrikan Ifa Priest Tries To Get Me To Sell My Soul To Oshun

These people are cutee….

Before I begin though I wanna say wetbawks are some bad luck mofos….

I let a wetbawk for a change following me on insta-heaux and I had a bad fucking luck, fucking HORR-IBLE CASE OF DIARRHEA, A FUCKING SCRAP (WITH A CRAKKKA). As soon as I banished this bad luck mofo, diarrhea went away, overwhelming burdensome dark malevolent energy went away.

I said them mofos are under a reptilian curse-connection and they are organic portals for they evil asses…..

The Mexicans South Americans and Central Americans Are Under A Reptilian Curse

*Imma say this too – esp. if you are a spiritual BLACK PERSON WATCH OUT – those mofos are energy vampires. I have heard them say NUMEROUS TIMES they like my energy.

Another thing…..

– Some refuse left by some trashy ass wetbawks who were saying things under they breath to antagonize me knowing I can hear (they got a STRONG 6th sense due to they zaddy Quetzalcoatl):

Me and a white noted this – THEY LOVE NEGATIVE ENERGY cause juss like they zaddies the reptilians THEY FEED OFF OF IT:

It is called “loosh”. Unless they are doing shit to openly endanger your life – ignore or put ‘woke on they ass the Afrikan way….

That’s what I do. I don’t even need a snapshot, no pic, not even look….. I can Sea ? they ass and that’s enough for me to fuck they azz UP ?????

That being said this shit here……

– This ape-rican even called me “boy” to let me know his true intentions. Like many reptilian controlled pee-pole who have TRIED to enter my life they will insult me in some way to let me know – almost like a low key disclaimer – they are not here for my own good, fucking mayate!


Spiritual gangstalking IS REAL and this is a perfect example of it:

The Spiritual Root of Gangstalking

I drew cards WHEN I FIRST had him come to me and AS SOON AS THIS MOTHERFUCKER POPPED OUT (it is my reptilian card) I knew what sent him ?

Fuck outta here bitch!

I saw that and that was all I needed to know about this “ifa priests'” intentions.

They are trying to suck me dry of my energy as I come into my power.

That said, I have done ALOT of monumental healing on myself, ALOT! I have been doing ALOT of inner work on myself and if you could see the amount of inner work progress I been making on ME, YOU’D BE PROUD OF ME ??

This shit is not easy. It’s hard going within, being a psychonaut, tying up loose ends, etheric chords, breaking them where they need to be broken off, healing the most sensitive part of you: your inner child, the most vulnerable aspect of you.

That shits not easy and I been doing the work alone and I sense it was meant for me to do it alone. Nobody can break this shit but me which is why in earnest I been attacking this. That being said…..

The Inner Conflict of Being An Adult-Child

It’s no coincidence this mofo comes around right as I am doing major fucking work on myself and succeeding….!

Are The Gods and Goddesses of Every Religion and Spiritual System Energy Harvesters For The Archons

The Demiurge Will Force Gods To Work With You So It Can Have Control Over You

The Demiurge Wants To Keep You From Becoming Your Own God

I’ve said it before…. these mofos are designed as avatars by the demiurge aka god to steal our energy by getting us esp. soulled individuals like myself to war-ship it so you will not EVER awaken to the fact that YOU are God – the true God – as your Soul is an aspect, a piece of The Source which lies outside this dimension:

You don’t need to search for some “god” externally witch ??‍♀️ brings me to this pos Oshun!

– All this nigga nigga back to Ape-rika ape-shyte ??

Alright, as a gnostic I already broke down how we come from The Source, how we have to break free of the demiurge aka god, the archons aka tall nordics, alien greys, reptilians and it’s avatars – that includes Oshun, to come into our Godselves…… You can read more about the demiurge matrix metaphysical industrial complex here:

– I hate when they say that shit. Yaldaboath aka the demiurge aka “the gawd” of the old testament is still the same evil mofo ruling hypo-christianity, islam and other mass mind control re-ligions to this day because, after all, that bloodthirsty mofo even required HEY-Zeus aka “jesus” to be sacrificed (so he can feed off the REAL Yashuah Ben Pendira – who taught folks not to war-ship anything outside of themselves’ – energy):


What a bloodthirstay mofo! I mean, if this mofo – god the demiurge – so omnipotent, WHY THE FUCK HE NEEDS A BLOOD SACRIFICE! This no different than how the “gods” of voodoo require blood sacrifice or the jews sacrificing chickens during kapparot (which is how those mofos REALLY gain favour – they know how to war-ship “god” properly):

Since the rest of ya’ll mofos don’t war-ship that demiurge mofo properly ya’ll gotta pay in suffering = loosh

– Look ya’ll heauxs war-shipping “god” are going to hell cause listen to this vid closely and NOTE he describes “god” the demiurge here:

– Damn they took it down!

Well here is an excerpt I caught before they removed it:


That being when you start to come into your power those mofos – the demiurge, the archons – will try EVERY-FUCKING-THANG in they power to keep you from reconnecting with The Source and your true power, a power that Yemaya, nan of em can touch!

Early this morning I used my third eye to see if she, Yemaya and Oshun were around. Surely, they were, doing ‘woke. I was losing till I called on my Source (I say I call on my Soul Source Power to help me) and a divine beam of light came down and I blasted both them heauxz to hell!

Fuck them!

We are more powerfull – us soulled humans – than they will ever be!

I believe I may have broke it down here:

Directly Fighting God The Demiurge: The Top Demon

DNA Activation: What You Worship LITERALLY Becomes A Part of You

– I am quite certain there is a way to do it – it just came to me ? perhaps when you fuck with your Soul Source energy you can pull this off ?? by converting it and destroying the ego aka personalities, individualities of the “gods” and “goddesses” you merge with and bring it under Your Source Energy……

This lady here also breaks down how in the astral these “gods and goddesses” feed off our souls after physical death if we war-shipped em while here – or else they die out:

I once had Thor turn on me – he was the only “gawd” to show up unannounced – cause I wouldn’t war-ship his demiurge created and sent ass:

Thor Does NOT Want White Supremacist Worshipping Him

One of the demiurge’s attacks WILL BE to come at you by trying to get one of they “gods” to work with you, really force themselves on you.

That (rape) would literally happen when I had Baron Samedi around me and, as the German shaman told me, as I KNEW all alone – was stealing energy while not doing anything. Like she said ESP. the voodoo, santeria gawds are really low level and are petty as I know from experience which is why the countries that fuck with that – Cuba and Haiti – are THE poorest in the western hemisphere, esp. Hat-E and their dirt cookies:

One time the fucking poor Cubans had to resort to eating fucking fried grapefruit peels for, I guess, protein:

– I hate white pee-pole…..

That being said, they will fuck with your ‘wokes, send demons and shit your way as what happened to me last night as I was reading about SCP-3935 and it mentions a lil black inkspot thing – I’VE SEEN THAT SHIT IN REAL LIFE – walking up to folks saying, “Hello” and as I read it, RIGHT BY MY MOUTH I heard a woman’s voice say, “hello”, then a nerdy white dude’s – I have heard that SAME VOICE during reptilian attacks:

I also saw that same pumpkinhead-ish reptilian faced entity I spoke about once I saw again walking towards me – like that lil ole black man I see walking up and down Topanga all the time – heading down the SAME WAY he does in my direction tho. I think it’s some entity that just likes treading that road.

I also think I heard it roar.

Ya’ll need to read about those SCP’s. Shit is mad interesting…..

I heard the crunching of the leaves, something rolling up outside my window, the hissing…..

Them fucking reps left this key hoping I’d wear it (instead of what my baby bro gave me) so they can control me and continue to fuck up my physical life. I threw that shit away. I can’t stand reps.

With that said, you gotta see past the schadenfraude.

Read what that knee-grow wrote up above: “Get in touch with ‘yo ancestors” and all this nigga nigga mayate get back in touch with ape-rika bullshit!


This shadow appeared back in 2012 when my baby brother first died (and I was starting to become more spiritual and get in touch with my spiritual powers).

That said- AND THIS IS WHY YOU CAN’T BE ON THAT RUDIMENTAL OLE GETTING STUCK ON THE PHYSICAL REALM BULL – this knee-grow talks about “ancestors”. Aside from getting my physical timeline’s ancestral heritage fucked up – THIS IS WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOT LOOK AT THE SURFACE WHEN DEALING WITH THIS SHIT!

Many of my past lives were lived in southeast Asia. That said my connection to that spirituality is far greater than any spiritual connection I could have to ape-rika. Fuck you ?? That said, your prior incarnations will have a much greater impact because they have embedded a much greater energy signature in you then other places, incarnations where you weren’t incarnated in as much in.

With that being said, my two most recent prior incarnations was as a mormon white girl as I discuss here:

Black Woman’s Past Life As A Rich Little Blonde White Girl Who Ran Away From Home With An Old White Man

Coming Out As Transracial aka Trans White

And the most recent is the one as a Vietnamese girl.

I think that’s why I got all these fucking reptilians, dragons following my ass.

I touched (a lil) on it here (these were good times man, I miss em lol ???‍♂️??‍♀️)

Harassed By Woman Beating LAPD Officer Billy Bob Ziesmer and Officer Trick Kwon For Being Topless In Public

There was ALWAYS some shit going down with me in the neighborhood I swear lol!

That being said – I brought that article up cause my third eye was bleeding after it as can be seen here:

An Asian uncle from a past life pulled me out my body – the room was greyish sepia like cause I was in a lower part of the astral near the 3rd dimension, our dimension – and he brought me on a trip where we flew thru China, etc.

Now, he was wearing black slacks like they did back then during the Vietnam war, kinda like black pant suits, a blue dress shirt but, the eyes were reptilian slits with yellow irises. I called him out (I did not and still do not like reptilians back then) and he tried to avert my gaze.

He brought me to a series of mansions, ones with black and white checkerboard floors (illumimati, really = duality) and we slowed to look at pics of these wealthy people, in particular one that stood out was a wealthy white woman with a mansion in New England shaking hands with a skeleton.

This skeleton as relayed to me by the shaman and as I saw constantly in the astral is an evil entity that is connected with demons in the lower astral and is a trickster entity that calls itself making deals for wealth, etc. but – being a trickster – will fuck you over, royally (my arm is inexplicably getting tired writing this).

As seen by the shaman, that mofo was responsible for the deathly alcohol urges. It stole my protection as she saw when she saw him holding a medal or something symbolising it. As I saw with my own eyes in the astral this mofo was responsible for tricking my third eye into seeing scary shit like giant insects (that’s why so called “schizos” be going crazy) – even telling me that it takes their forms to scare me, it would while a trombone tune play smack me back into my body, thus keeping me from being able to astral project and so thus come into my natural spiritual powers, why bad shit would happen – and it would NOT fucking leave no matter how hard I tried to run it up the street.

It was severely fucking up shit for me and hindering spiritual growth.

That said I made the connection between that, my past life uncle and the reptilians when – at approximately 11pm, 12am – I heard the usual footsteps of something approaching my car to hang around it (no matter WHERE I park I hear it) and then images of the Vietnamese past life – complete with me at age 2 wearing a yellow dress, seeing my past life mom, uncle – coming back. I made the connection that he the asshole who is fucking with my present life out of jealousy (that’s why the organic portals who fuck with me are being influenced by his energy).

I believe it is the Thanh Nguyen mofo that was trying to get me to make deals with demons (he had Baraka from Mortal Kombat’s teeth tho.) and it, trying to get my brother’s soul:


I believe THAT is the controlling fucking reptilian mofo that is around me and like to cause setbacks, hardships and struggles which shouldn’t be a part of my life (I just saw a black shadow across the street as I typed this).

I also believe it caused my life to diverge. I have heard from many tarot readers I was meant to be a great spiritual teacher and I have heard from many that something is holding me back.

I suspect it’s his ass doing.

I believe he attacked my baby brother in the astral out of envy, too.

That said, that’s why it’s important not to be short sighted – as so many knee-grows are – and just focus on the physical.

That’s how that Chief Amachi dude got killed by those demon spirits:

Black folks just think “Oh they gonna work with me cause they black like me” and it don’t work like that…. those spirits killed him regardless of colour and perceived ancestry.

Another thing – you gotta watch out for those Afrkian mofos. Just like they’ll steal your shit in those bugga bugga 419 nigerian scams:

– Stupid ass whyte pee-pole! You gotta be a stupid mofo to fall for that shit!

I knew a white dude WITH GREAT SPIRITUAL ABILITIES – had been to ayuhuasca retreats, the south american jungle – real laid back young dude, who got tricked to give his energy to a HAT-E-ian voodoo priest who caused him bad luck etc. (out of envy of us his power).

I think the dude in my case means well (himself) but he most def. possessed by evil shit to say what he said.

Wanting me to war-ship something? That’s like wanting me to turn over a $1 mil for pennies. I mean if you are a soulled individual you war-shipping something is analogous to a pimp-hoe relationship: the shit you war-ship takes YOUR energy and in turn uses it to make magick tricks, make shit manifest from the 4D to here (something your soul can do esp. if you learn to astral project) and acts like you need it while pimping out YOUR energy to make shit happen.

That’s EXACTLY what that tool was trying to get me to do with Oshun.

I don’t need it. Aside from the German shaman and a good friend from a while back whose third eye is open – I did MUCH OF THE WORK – ALOT! TF she, him, the reptilian GOT THE NERVE to come around when I am doing the finishing touches to fucking DEMAND – I am so pissed – that I war-ship it, give it energy. I am so fucking pissed at that entitlement.

I have had Oshun and Yemaya come to me – after I had dettached them off of me to keep em from feeding off MY POWER AND ENERGY – and try to create astral scenarios where I needed em. The most recent was either in 2018 or 2019 where I was in this temple filled witn water where I couldn’t get out and Yemaya and Oshum came thru and “rescued” me and had a scowl on their faces as if to say, “See, um hmmmm…. you can’t do shit on your own.” The first was back when I would post in Miracle Mile – while living in my car – and I saw in the astral Oshun but her features were mad fucking reptilian – she had the face, those strong square jaws like many west afrikans have, but I sensed a reptilian aura.

The demiurge tried to pull that water trapping shit once and I overcame it:

Demiurge Tried To Pull A Fast One With Vision Involving Me Dying Via Drowning

I know what the fuck I’m dealing with so I can’t be fooled:

I got the fucking power.

TF I need those energy vampire heauxz for. They beneath me. Fuck them.

This why spiritual discernment and wisdom is key ?? like here:

See that ole nigga ass mayate broad (I ‘woked ha). If I would listened to this ole envious ass hot tempered mean hateful (talking about she a chile of Oshun – Oshun supposed to represent loving energy – that mofo got that whole mean ass black woman aura but if you watch her channel ? hisss hisss she cooled that shit down):

– Esp. towards the end YOU GOTTA WATCH who you open your heart chakra too….. listen to like near the end and you can hear her oozing with envy, PROJECTING that I steal my know-ledge from others, don’t give credit – ole lying mofo….

If you woulda listened to this thing – just like with them reps she was beefing with me cause she said some shit that was true while throwing in false deceptive shit – obviously under the control of the shit she war-ship – I woulda never came into my power.

It just occurred to me that, back then, since I didn’t know my power she wanted to become a lord over me – essentially leech me of my energy – so she can take and use my great Soul Source power to funnel it to herself and the shit she war-ships.

It’s the same fucking predatory ass concept like here:

Reptilian Entities Have Been Attaching To Old Ugly Sexually Predatory Men To Get Sexual Energy Out of Me

These people come around to mix truth with lies to throw you off and steal your energy. It’s a fucking trend:

Why You Gotta Look At The Messenger Before Accepting The Message

That’s why outside of my Higher Self I don’t listen to shit ?? My intuition always, always be on point!

Also, troll this weird mofo here:

This coke bottle glasses wearing mofo always talking about he gonna curse this, that….. fuck with him ??‍♀️

– Weirdo obsessed…..

– Fucking around with satan, evil shit. Nigga you cursing your own self with that shit lol ??‍????? LOL!

That being said, I largely pulled myself up by the bootstraps. Never get ANYTHING power over you. To me that is just common sense. Looka all these fools I done ‘woked like Bartmanhomerthe7th (got him war-shipping satan now).

I recognise my fucking power. I know my fucking power. I don’t need shit really outside of my own self to help with my spiritual journey as I near ascension:

I’m deadth serious my black ass about to ascend ???

As the event horizon draws near I KNOW Imma get all these energy vampires coming at me, setting up shop at the trough, wanting to feed off my energy as I take these few precarious steps towards freedom.

That being said, I work with my soul. Don’t come at me with no fucking bullshit. My Higher Self told me to let this soear chucker say his bull (I peep he was trying to curse my ass early this morning with HIS bull) so I can show you what bull looks like ???

That said, I will leave ya’ll with this: your Soul is the HIGHEST THING in this realm. Street Fighter showed us this with the character, a witch named Rose:

She has a move called the Soul Spark which hints at what I talk about….

– She like me with those tarot cards lol ?

In this playthrough here you can hear Cammy, one of my other favourite players from back in the day, call her “crazy”, as I get called:

These organic portals call us that to keep us locked in this 3D realm and from unlocking our powers.

That said she represents what I have been talking about: Us soulled individuals have a connection to the Higher Realms. We are beyond this system, the demiurge holographic matrix system. Our power comes from The Source that lies outside this realm, the True God.

That said that beam of Light that came down from The Source when I ‘woked Yemaya and Oshun was power-FULL and I will never forget it or give my power elsewhere.

If you have any comments, anything personal you wanna share, send me an email here: [email protected] Also, feel free to donate here: you like the content.

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