Thor Does NOT Want White Supremacist Worshipping Him

Damn I look power-FULL AS A MUG HERE:

Remind me of this:

A while back – in my old apartment – he appeared to me via astral vision ? Here is what happened:


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HINT: He says he don’t care for white supremacists soooo ?

First time he came to me my eyes were light ass fuck and my jaw was strong:

I have battled him in the astral afterwards, ever since and once had a vision that he turned my brother into a wolf.

On one such visit from him THIS appeared in the clouds:


And here is an appearance by a Thor looking dude snapping pics (I take him as a spiritual sign as well):

– I do wanna say this: I could hear him via white noise – if that WAS HIM – saying, “Thor, Thor” over and over….

Also my astral visions consisted of miseed opportunities for fertility and having kids.

I SWEAR entities be fucking with your shit!

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