Beelzebub And The Avatar Matrix System And Hellish Astral Visions

Beelzebub And The Avatar Matrix System And Hellish Astral Visions

Before I begin I’ve been having a weird series of astral visions where in one case I caught my brother fleeing home cause of all the demons harassing him and me asking my mother “Why, why are they fucking with him (and not even me so much)?”

Then I was in a homeless shelter in Malibu with Aarona who seemed like she was trying to copy me down to the naked shit and everything and then I had a gay experience with a lady who already had a lady (I’ve seen em in real life – maybe one of the ladies I knew at the shelter) but that is not the main point….

While there, see, it was a religious shelter, christian and I of course argued with their asses (it wasn’t the shelter I stayed at in real life). It was run by white people with a televangelist at the top. It seems like they were trying to get me to war-ship the demiurge. I then recall seeing news articles where they pimped out homeless women as per a sex trafficking deal AND had sex with said women themselves AND got rich by stealing shelter funds and donations. They were trying to dumb me down with the religious crap. I then was looking into getting a protective stone. I then eyed a round, cut black obsidian but I tried to alter it into a red fedspar which kept taking the form of a dragon….

Then I had another astral vision where they had some cars parked next to me with folks living out of it. I recall two of em left to check and see better if cops were parked across to fuck with us. When they saw the police they left (one was actually a dude parked behind me). They took off I stayed and that is when the cops got attacked by some reapers. I ran into a hospital where they chased me. I then was in the soul body of a russian girl who was being tortured by a bald headed big but average sized russian dude wearing a fashionable black turtle neck. We were in an office. He was with another associate, a thin dude who looked alot like Calderon, a former President of Mexico. He also looked how a twin flame looked in his past life: a hot dog face.

The dude in the black sweater started taunting me. At one point he pulled out a very thin antenna like “baton” and told me to roleplay as if he were a cop and stick it in my vagina. Instead of doing it I jumped out the window. He dropped explosives where I fell and I recall seeing the soul body I occupied – she was a frazzled blonde young russian woman I have seen before who had a black eye, very pretty in a hospital gown – lying on the ground and in a dazed state reaching for an orange leaf (symbolic) and I ran before the explosives started!

I recall being back in the hospital and having a semi reaper woman (full on reapers were burnt brown) who you can tell was decaying who half chased me then half helped me! I fled outside and it was just hell on Earth.

That said, I have talked about this before:

When you start to break FREE from the demiurge he will send every last thing he can to reel you back – just like those series of hellish visions early this morning. Just like here:

It’ll attack your brother – like he is doing me, dead relatives on the other side, everything that matters to you to get your light ?

That being said I don’t like shit being around me. I have talked on it before:

That’s why I don’t like shit being around me. Spirits can easily co-mingle with my energy and influence shit around me – for bad or for worse. That being said here are the vids I did on Beelzebub and him being an avatar of the matrix:



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