Three Black Serial Killers Who Attack The Homeless Shoot An Arrow At My Car

****UPDATE: these were wetbacks and they appeared as black in the astral cause folks appear different in the astral and I still sincerely believe they are serial killers befriend and then murder homeless people as seen in said vision****

****JUST NAW I heard a mofo say, “I declare war.”****


Imma tell you all why I believe that it was a trio of black serial killers who did this…. but first here is how the car looked:

– It was black and the areas where you see yellow at in the drawing were actually kinda beige and it was an old fashioned car.

I’ve seen this car before. Parked on the pch. It’s raggedy!

The type kneegrows would drive.

Here is the arrow which they lodged in my car.

I was lying down, chilling, then next thing I know me and some dudes across from me and that is when I heard a loud boom (I had thought someone threw a rock)!

Then I look up and see the car that you just saw in the drawing up above parked in the meridian (between the yellow lines) in the road then they took off when I guess they saw me looking.

That said, here is why I believe it is the work of a trio of black serial killers:

Before I went to bed I called to my third eye and asked my third eye to show me who did it and why before going to bed!

I was then via astral vision in the dreamscape shown these three: the girl looked like your typical black girl, like a “Kinnecka”, a messy one

The dark skinned one to the far right with the braids looks like a young Barry White pictured here:

…and the bald headed light skinned one look a lil like Derek Jeter:

I believe he might be this biracial looking mofo I got into a conflict with (he drove a white suv) a while back who was calling me a “man” for going topless a while back (look like he was hyped on drugs).

This may be him here with his fahjay (FAGGOT) ass boyfriend TRYING to bully me – with his trio of friends – at this liqour store awhile back (the suv incident – it looked like a 4Runner – took place after that):

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Everybody was cool with me and supported me right after:

– That was mad cool! Nice to see folks supporting what I do!

That being said, my astral visions tell no lies!

I was shown that they had set up a light skinned young man (who looked ALOT like my baby brother) who was homeless to be killed by purchasing his meal at an IHOP then luring him back to their place to murder him.

The hate for the homeless IS REAL – and very scary:

This shit right here has GOT to be THE WORST (like wtf?)

Lordt if this mofo ever loses shelter – he needs to ✊? ‘woke

– Thank you K Town for all for highlighting diss and all the LAPD officers condoning this BLIGHT of a facebook page ??

Good thing that there are plans to introduce a hate bill to stop attacks on the unconventionally housed aka homeless for being homeless:

They right about the liberals but I HATE when they spread lies on Trump:

– A friend of mines who worked as an extra on set of a film told of how – of all the LIBERAL hellyweird sellebs – President Donald J Trump was the ONLY ONE to shake the “common folks'” hands ?

What kills me is, going back to the K Town profile on that sick anti homeless group –

– Cops are condoning that shit like SLO Valley LAPD captain Sinise (who don’t even look like he legally belongs in this country) but many cops kids are fuck ups! I am the daughter of a retired NOPD (New Orleans Police Department) officer.

I am someone who is not conventionally housed according to societal standards. I am considered “weird” by conventional bullshit societal standards!

My point is there kids can easily end up homeless or as I call it – if they choode to do so – unconventionally housed such as I (I LOVE living in my car and don’t like being tied down to certain places). Even when I had my parent’s home and my own apartment – I would sleep sometimes 5 hours IN MY CAR before going inside.

Neighbors would ask me what was wrong but I was just being me!

I feel more comfortable in a car.

It may not be ideal for raising a kid but not everyone wants a bas-turd, like I (as I have had two abortions).

That being said, I feel that I got a lil hate group going on like Aarona (who is also homeless) but they are more discreet cause of my ‘woke, hence why they took off in the middle of the night):

– Here examples of my ‘woke

– I work with reptilian beings ?

– He begged me to take a curse off

– I poisoned this bitch’s sister after she talked shit about me online.

– I’m coming for ya’ll.

I’ll nevar forget a fat white bitch who stopped in this new car to yell across the street, “You stank” (she was an ole trailer park looking white bitch – the type no white man, not even the fellow trailer trash of Stormfront, would want). I picked up a rock and threatened – without saying a word – to throw it at her! I ain’t no Aarona. You don’t play those games with me. And as evidenced in the past I don’t just talk either.

That being said, I’ve heard the contumlies aka insults, judgemental stereotypes folks pose against me: calling me a crackhead (like everyone in LA I got a habit – due to the root chakra controlling this place astrally – but it’s alcohol and it ain’t even as bad, nowhere near the every three days urge I would get in my old apartment), and just all around dumb shit cause I don’t fit into their neat lil box of how they think I am supposed to be all cause their dumbasses don’t understand nuances.

Many of the homeless I have encountered – sans the ones who got a problem with my being topless – are mad cool people who will share their shit with you in a NYC sec.

I will end things by saying this – all you mugs talking shit about the homeless – unless you are in the 1% – shut the fuck up! ESP. if you pay rent = you don’t own shit and your landlord cam easily take it away from ya!

As for the black car that pulled this: I remember you! Sometimes you would park on the pch. I think you are one of the homeless.

Imma get you!

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