Latina Tells Her People To Stop Thinking That They Are White

Now THIS is the La Raza:

I am SOOO mad happy she conveyed this ??
Like amongst blacks it is ALWAYS the light/white ones who are the most militant and woke ✊?

But in her cult-ure unfortunately it is RARELY the case! I recall a light latina a while back who looked white stating that the spanish were usurpers who forced spanish on em and how that – and spanish cult-ure – ain’t their true identity! I cried when I heard that!

This the type of shit I (rather antagonistically tho. since this style works best since I know that I am at a disadvantage in their community of getting them to listen since I am black and they don’t respect us and I know you gotta be a beast with em to get respect!) been trying to convey with these articles:

Alot of the things I said is cause of personal experiences with racist attacks from them:

It kills me how Mexicans, South Americans wanna be white so bad:

– The responses got me DEATH ☠

I see they got a fucking creole hating on blacks AND Mexicans here:

– Back in the day, in Louisiana, where I’m from, creoles were known to try to separate themselves from blacks as much as possible, even setting up separate schools like Xavier Prep, the ole now nigger school I went to, out of the notion that they were better than us! Creoles are “blacks” who look so non black you can’t tell WTF they are! I knew plenty in Louisiana from back in the day and, no, satanic ass Beyonce ain’t one nor is her wig wearing ma either!

– Looka what this asshole did:

– Them people at stormfront know what they are talking about regarding how other people of color see and treat blacks:

– Lol they wrong

Sound like me ???

Stormfront a trip for finding self hating Mexicans or South Americans who oh so desperately wanna be accepted by trailer park living methheads just cause they are white. Reminds me of what I saw in my astral vision of Thor when he appeared to me years ago….

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– I recall years ago an Argentinian methhead who worked (or is it now ‘woked ??) at UPS tried to convince me that he is white!

What kills me is – it’s white folks getting they asses with one wanting to build a wall and block their coming over here (Trump) and the (mostly white led) US government now creating tighter restrictions against China to low key create an embargo to keep them from becoming a superpower yet you got mugs like this spick and cspan here hating on us at the Christopher DeAndre Mitchell platform:

– Notice the blacks don’t attack him but attack the white dude who wasn’t doing shit to them….

And these g@@ks setting up this sign here to keep us out:

While it is whites fucking up they shit with that fake corona virus shit!

I am afraid this dude is white – oh I mean right ????

That being said – ole girl is right! Like I said in one article, hate ain’t borne in a vaccumn and since I got psychic abilities Eye ? can see and tap into the collective energies of races and that is the energy I pick up from the hispanics: a desire to be white!

As I have said in other blog articles – it is cause their creator was a chitauri (possibly white) reptilian named Quetzalcoatl who shapeshifted into a white man, hence the white man war-ship that is pervasive in Mexican, Latin American cult-ure now, which can be seen in their poliTRICKS and ESP. telenovelas:

– He cutee! That’s the former Mexican Presidente Enrique Nieto.

Here their current one:

Andrés Manuel López Obrador!

– $5 says all them mugz are jews like this jeWISH looking one here:

He’s Felipe Calderón, another former Mexican President (his name sounds like a cartel leaders’ – sounds cool!) ??

That being said, as a side note: once when I went to Mexico I saw a poor lil black mam begging on the side of the road who looked like my dad!

Come to think while going back to New Orleans I saw a lil black man who looked EXACT ?? like my dad! He stared at me (this was when I was conventionally “beauty-FRIED”):

– Back to the main point of the article….

Self hate runs DEEEEP in those countries and cult-ure:

– She a pretty lady! Look like my aunts and grandmother on my mom’s side!

– Had to be a “wide” low key mestizo creole messy-canT fucking with ha, a REAL (indigenious) Mexican:

– But yet these nastay ass conquistadoras (my parents had an eerie conquistador statue in the dining room that I always sensed was alive when I was growing up) wanted their genes by raping em yet talking shit down on em like them culture vultures do us black folks:

That being said, the ironic hatred for color (cause that shit ACTUALLY protects you from the growing dissemination of UV rays from the sun which cancer prone white skin CAN’T DO) is pervasive in those cultures. That’s why I HATE when they point the finger (about racism) at Trump. You wanna see racism – look no further than your own backyard as these young ladies are exposing….

Remember, the oldest skull found in South America is named Luzia, a black woman:


For the ones who wanna call themselves “white” cause they came from the spaniards – remember the spaniards got raped by the moors, who are black (LOL)

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