Look I Am Parked Legally Ya’ll Are NOT So Take Your Asses HOME During This Corona Virus Pandemic

Let me make something FUCKING clear – esp. to you WETBACKS out there:

ESP FOR YOU ILLEGALS – see ? where I’m parked is LEGAL (unlike your immigration status with la migra):


– Here is a collection of folks parking illegally and me pimping for doing so!

– Here the first night this happened:



Here me running some wetbucks up the fucking street (I overheard the BITCH with him saying, “If she can get away with it why can’t I”):


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And tho this doesn’t pertain to parking regulations here me putting the ‘woke on these wetbucks for coming out here and talking shit (more on that later):


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They claimed to be US Military, these fucking illegals lol!

That being said, before I get into the illegal parking situation let me say something about you wetbacks: Ya’ll are some evil motherfucking mofos! You all come out here to take advantage of a homeless woman (me), start shit by saying lil innuendos, things in the ambiance of the darkness (or even the day) since acoustics near the ocean run far, and then when confronted – just like you play that bullshit of speaking spanish when you wanna talk shit about someone, you all play it off like you ain’t done no wrong, like those wetbucks up there (the fake stolen valor illegal ones) – and act like I am supposed to be stupid and play along….

I hate your kind for a reason!

Nobody else – not whites, not blacks, not asians, not even Dominicans or Puerto Ricans or Cubans (I’ve been cool with many Cubans!) – YA’LL! It’s ya’ll! There’s something nefarious about you mofos and I have been on it for a very long time:





Stereotypes are not borne in a vaccum, neither is hate. I got raped by a wetback in NYC – not by a Dominican, Puerto Rican or Cuban (who look better than ya’ll and don’t look like a bad built bean bag – get it, beaner bag) – but a wetback! Trump said not one lie about you all cause my experiences….

as well as the countless experiences of numerous REAL Americans speak it! ?

This why so many black people voted for Trump:


– Looka how they cape for a cartoon that depicts black people as monkies. That’s how they feel about us!

You motherfuckers are the most inhuman, subhuman, non emphathetic creatures I have ever had the discomfort of running across. I am not a hateful person but consistently running across the same shit with numerous members of ya’ll group made me hate you all collectively!

That being said – to the real people ie whites, blacks, asians, cubans, dominicans – everybody excluding wetbacks and south americans, listen to the parking regulations!

It’s hard I know. This lockdown is hard for me cause I wanna get back in that water and take my ocean baths. I know. But you all gotta be smart in how you do things!

Write to your senator, congressperson, etc. Do it LEGALLY, LAWFULLY cause Imma tell you this:


They are banking on ya’ll doing dumb shit! Like a young man conveyed to me yesterday – we are under voluntary martial law. If we break out into chaos and start doing dumb shit we are gonna see REAL martial law!

Think ?

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