The Corona Virus Fake Pandemic Panic Is Designed To Wipe Out People of Color

This some martial law shit:


– Fining folks for working!

We headed to martial law!


I warned you all, here:

Eye ? saw it coming….

– thanks @houselessvoices

– There aim was global ruin but Imma tell ya the ULTIMATE aim of their grand plan and it is some real nefarious shit for people of color!

Now, that being said, first, don’t get out of line! They want this! They want us to get violent so that they can then justify initiating martial law! Contact your reps, senators, “governors” – here is a site:

– Blaming the homeless lady or the Malibu Sheriffs, the sheriffs, LAPD, and PD won’t do! That’s what they want! I told you all this as well that that 1st amendment auditor (or as I call it frauditor thing was grooming you all to have an unhealthy disrespect for law enforcement (look, I started the copwatching thing in LA and there is a fine line between filming the cops to help the public vs using them to make youtube videos and money off of by overstepping shit) by using those government agents aka frauditors to think it as now a “trend” to disrespect law enforcement!

Also, blaming the local homeless schizo lady living out of her broken down 2001 Ford Mustang won’t help either!

– It ain’t gonna help ya’ll asses by fucking with me!

Save that shit for the big dogs – like the mayor, governor, shadow government who actually controls shit! My peon ass don’t!

That said, what you all need to do is contact those people and do so peacefully! Things would be different if the first line authorities like the cops and military overwhelmingly sympathized with us but that is not the case. They wanna keep their jobs and get paid so they can survive like everyone else but shit is crumbling as we speak.


As a small child my mama always used to say that the best way to break a person down is to hurt them in the pocketbook (I later on practiced it in life by getting back at enemies by fucking up their jobs ?). That being said, that is where we are ALLL at now. The $1200 they are rendering to each and every single individual as per that so called stimulus package is paltry at best and ain’t shit!

The cost of an apartment in south central – SOUTH CENTRAL LA is fucking $1200 now:

– Damn, $2000

That said – damn them prices (it was only $850 for a studio in MacArthur Park LA when I first got it in 2010) – the landlord gotta get their money. You see the prices so what will $1200 do? That said, by being laid off of your job, losing it for now 2 months (LA county just extended the bullshit ass corona fake pandemic outbreak quarantine for another month – betcha $2 this will be indefinitely), what the fuck are you gonna do? Where you gonna go? When they finally lift this shit – if they will – it will be a mess. It will be The Purge. Droves of FOLKS LIVING ON THE STREETS – same ones talking shit on me – wondering where their next meal will come from, where will they live. This shit’s gonna be depressing. Landlords losing money and owing it to the investment companies backing em up! This is gonna be a mess. It’s like what folks theoretically say about The Purge: it will be chaos to reestablish shit once everything is said and done. It won’t be that bad but it will be bad enough!

Counting that this shit gonna go on for another month (and maybe indefinitely) they are telling ya’ll mugs to stay at home. Good thing we got cellphones to keep us entertained but that can only go on for so long! We get bored. We go stir crazy. We need fresh air. Where can we go when we can’t go anywhere….

Lucky I live in my car cause if I just stay in one spot I go stir crazy so having the freedom of movement allows me not to go loco!

That being said, all this is the PERFECT STORM ? to get folks to riot and go crazy in the streets: lack of food from lack of a job (or income coming in), anxiety over worry over losing your place, having to pay rent in difficult times with HIGH odds – this is crazy but don’t let it drive you crazy as hard as it may be.

Something has to be done!

– I won’t lie! It shocked THE SHIT out of me when I first saw this! How can anyone stay home for that duration???? They are really grooming us to be robots man!

Incensed at the injustice of it all, I had to express myself:


This ain’t fair! It’s not right!

Don’t do what I did but we can’t live like this! I mean how much of “Tiger King” “Lion King” can you stomach? It’s not human to not go outa and get fresh air. Even prisoners are supposed to get that!

It’s a human right.

As the old saying goes, no person is an island unto themselves!

That said, let me tell you the overall end goal of this is:

You can buy it here:

You can also get snippets for free here:

– Now, tho this was prophesized for the year 2309 – think about it! They are claiming that China is behind it! Those people have been eating bats for 1000s of years, along with the Indonesians, Indians and West Papua New Guineans:

Mind you – this vid was taken 12 years ago:

– In all this – millenia – no one got the disease until NOW!

I first asserted that this was an attempt by the US government to destroy the US economy:


[purchase_link id=”32322″ text=”Download” style=”button” color=”blue”]

This the same government that created AIDS who is now pushing diss propaganda!

That being said, I know you’re asking how does this tie in with Paul Dienach?

The Centre for International Governance Innovation is a real youtube channel!

I stumbled upon this here:

– NOTICE they are talking about preparing for a major population decline. What you think they mean?

Listen to the vid and in the first 5 minutes they mention China and India – two places overpopulated with folks of color!


– They basically saying that they are gonna target the most populous people of color nations which was there plan all along which runs in tandem with what Paul Dienach stated was the objective for the social engineering taking place (like RIGHT NOW) to get us off the planet and have a more WHITER (not brighter) future!

– This was a BADASS poster I used to admire in high school. I won’t lie!

– She’s pretty #NoHomo

I used to look like her in a past life

– These niggaz are hawt hurr ???

– This mofo a pedophile!

– This bitch look like she done merrily strolled her ass on the dyke of every SS nigga out there!

That being said, with all the restrictions going on like in Hawaii this bullshit of having to report where you are going as they did in Nazi Germany, using it to ILLEGALLY arrest fellow homeless black woman Aarona:

This is insanity! These rules are in violation of the constitution. I can understand if there was a REAL EMERGENCY but this is the fucking FLU! Nothing more!

Even the World Health Organization’s website says IT’S THE FUCKING FLU:

I don’t know what to do but we can’t let this abuse continue!

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