The Demiurge Will Force Gods To Work With You So It Can Have Control Over You

Before I get into that…. I don’t know what’s been going on in the air with these smart alec mofos….


I’m a killer at heart. You ask me what I wanted to become as a kid and I’ll tell you Adolf Hitler: rule over a nation and have a body count a mile high (I find that sexy)!

That being said, that’s why I ❤? LOVE doing black magic! I can get that high body count, ain’t gotta do no prison time (I know that rhymned). I can have you or your relatives (my fav) not only dead, but suffering in the astral since I got the power to not only kill your ass with this but condemn you to hell as well:

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

So fucking petty, lol!

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Play with me.

– As we sung as part of the theme song for the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans: “If you want to be part of that nummmberrrr (of suicides, murders, deaths, mental hospital visit stays my ‘woke ✊? has caused)….” be my guest ?? ? ???

I understand that when you break free of shit entity attachments will attach to people and cause them to fuck with me but it ain’t gonna stop me from killing your ass (with black magic) and snatching your soul.

Now, that being said, I figured out how to get those entities off the crown (and your other chakras). Close that shit up (the chakra) then use visualization and your third eye to remove it. It feeds off your light given off by the chakra. That’s why you gotta close it. Do something where said entity can’t rise again to attack you. Then put a protection around said chakra to protect from future attacks. Follow this and you shouldn’t have any problems. It may rise again to fuck with you but if you follow what I say it’s easy to shut that shit down!

That being said, onto the video!


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Another thing I wanna say too is, I peep on one website they say that entity attachments – once attached to you – will allow for folks’ energies to bleed into yours which can explain the mirroring/projecting effect that empaths suffer from seemingly at the hands of others.

That’s why you gotta handle that shit!

I also peeped a lil gangstalking today:


Also, have you evar had a weird macabre desire to touch or taste something filthy, kinda like popping zit fetishes that are so gross it attracts you – well, my tongue (nor hair or body for that matter) touched that urinal. Fucking filthy animals….

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