To Bokor Elmera and Spiritree: Real Materialistic Witches MANIFEST Wealth and Not Peddle Their Abilities Online

Should call ha niggatree, lol!

There is an old saying that goes like this…. Those who can, do! Those who can’t, teach…. but in ya’ll case ya’ll peddling ya’ll spiritual abilities (or better yet your spirits) online causing ya’ll to only manifest this:

While REAL successful materialistic witches like the Kardashians are living like this:

If you gonna be a materialistic witch be successful with it!

Make sure you got your shit together before you brag. I elaborate on it here:


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Let me just say beforehand you can’t attack me. I chose to live this way:

In my car, minimally, comfortably.

Even before I started living in my car – when I lived with my parents in Louisiana in a 2 story home, I would sleep in my car after coming home from college for sometimes up to 6 hours before heading home. Even when I had apartments, I’d sleep in my car. I feel comfortable in a car. Car is home ? ? beep beep

Anyways, let me get to the two main subjects hea:

1st up, Mr Bokor Leonard Elmera!

Alright, this dude likes to fuck with people – I sense his spirits are setting him up (for a fall as I will SHOW later) to do it (to get loosh = negative energy to feed themselves with) for the sake of business and, as I said before, to get loosh aka negative energy to feed off of (which is the main principle behind why they do sacrifices to the gods, including god himself, the demiurge). I break it down here:

Are The Gods and Goddesses of Every Religion and Spiritual System Energy Harvesters For The Archons

I am a gnostic meaning I subscribe more to the gnostic text of the bible witch ??‍♀️ is another discussion for another time.

Anyways, he has fucked with numerous people over time, most notably Tata Ngolo, Bokor Rodney Coleman (who is innocent) and his latest, Son of Ogun, smdh!

Here are some of those videos…

This him fucking with poor Mr Bokor Coleman….

– Smdh, those are fucking TEXT messages (he concocted with friends/fans), NOT FUCKING REVIEWS….

Here is the video the poor man made in defense of himself after being bullied by ole dude…

– You can hear the hurt and pain. It’s not right!

I guess rite now he’s beefing with this other poor kid – Son of Ogun:

And I guess at one point he was beefing with a young lady named Hathor Ahkenaten:

Now, I am bringing this all up cause at one point, he fucked with me!

After I boasted about doing some successful ‘wokes on people like here:

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

And here:

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

He came for me….

This vid he did was posted RIGHT AFTER he made a comment alluding to my comment in which I boasted of my ‘woke which he responded to in rather envious disgust. That being said, what you see up above was his threatening to “come at me bro” and hear ? is what happened….

[[Que Juicy J]]

He had a bad drinking habit, to which some of his followers were concerned with his well being:

He was talking of pawning his “lucky ring” here cause them evil ass spirits that are around me got him soooo bad!

He get his jewelry done at some backwater shop by a wetbuck in Messy-co Ayeeee

Those are wetbacks ??


Now, I am not gonna sit up, well, lay up here in my car and boast about “how I ‘woked him ha ha ha” cause the same evil shit fucking with me (if they ars still on you – hear ? is a hint – they are insectilians and reptilians and one is named Arithea and the other Malfore – I am now feeling a tightening at the crown chakra). I recall during the time he was getting THE SAME EXACT CALLS, DOWN TO THE VOICE of the same “people” who would call me to harass me to get free services from me during my period as a sex worker. I put “people” in paranthesis cause a friend of mine whose third eye is wide open said that he saw reptilians posing as people in youtube accounts online, fucking with me and I suspect they were the same ones fucking with him, too!

I warned him here:

The same friend also sent me pics of him being in an accident right after he tried to put black magic on me, witch ??‍♀️ bounced back:

I KNOW Bokor tried to make it out like it happened to someone else (like he forged the so called Rodney Coleman – about to write Rodney King lol – reviews which weren’t even really deceptive, AT ALL) BUT IT WAS HIM whom that happened too!

Now, he, like Spiritree aka Niggatree, like to BOAST about material possessions, what their spirits do for him, what he got and what she ain’t got, what they won’t do for em (unspoken), kinda like a Bobby Womack song:

He always ALWAYS boasting about bling:

Here one lil drug selling member (he acting like this mofo El Chapo) who he got to make a video, boasting of Elmera’s “spiritual” EXPLOITATION:

– Is this nigga on drugs? He sounded like a broken record and even at that I could barely understand his mumble mouth ass….

Mumble Mumble

Spiritree, excuse me, niggatree another one, boasting about my getting stabbed months ago by ha spirit, Baron Samedi:

This a gorgeous picture here….

Anyways, here she is low key boasting of my getting stabbed in this live here:

Meanwhile, youtube ain’t uploading her shit:

– Youtube ain’t flagged that shit! She trying to get attention there!

She on that materialistic shit too….

– I think this the vid where she talk about bad luck mofos….

That being said, she’s one of these people who is into the pettay shit of letting spit-rits (or spirits) as I call em possess you like you can see here:

I recall while using my own Source energy (with unfortunate manipulation by reptilians) she war-shipped me for a while as can be seen by her making a reptilian voodoo in my likeness (down to the shorts) which must be what I shapeshift into (via her mind’s eye aka third eye):

A coupla years ago a young lady WARNED her not to go up against me low key:

– It’s the Starry Eye comment you should be looking for.

She used to fuck with me, as can be seen below, until I came up like the bullied kid in high school and showed em with ‘Woke™

Now this is the type of shit that pisses me off…. This is why I don’t work with spirits and have sent a good portion of my so called ancestors (half who just like to watch my life and another good portion who like to bring me bad luck) to the underworld, to be chained and stuck in hell so that they will no longer be able to come to me:


The darkness is due to evil spirits around her, evil spirits that fuck with me:

This really pisses me off! Why those niggers, mayates, crakkkas, wetbacks, kikes – whatever my so called “ancestors” are – why not come to me direct? I heard this shit with Jamila. I got fucking spiritual abilities. Why not come to me direct? That’s why I HATE when I hear niggers say, “Your ancestors protecting you (most of em are demiurge possessed organic portals who can’t see shit who get close to slough energy off of you and to spiritually sabotage you by blindsiding you which is another blog article for another time).” The only entities that have ever come to me are reptilians, archons and I don’t even trust them.

I don’t trust shit!

See, I am a gnostic. I believe in worship of Self as our own souls are fragments of The Source. You don’t need to worship anything outside of you. I believe, fuck – KNOW – “god” aka the demiurge is EVIL! It is the biggest demon that rules our 3D material world:

Underneath him are what you call the so called gods and goddesses of every major spiritual system and re-ligion, including archangels which I have found out thru personal experience – and as Peggy Kane (a renowned psychic who has dealt with reptilians who has “mysteriously” had her accounts taken down) – are reptilians: Oshun, all of em. From my experience when “Oshun” and “Yemaya” appeared to me they had that reptilian energy signature. They may or may not exist as their own entities but I know from my own experience when that bullshit appeared – Amun, Eshu (now I feel a tightening at the crown chakra which just lightened as I wrote this) it was bunk with an evil reptilian energy signature (and even features) behind it, with “Eshu” and “Oshun” even looking the same. I don’t trust none of that shit. I sincerely believe that as the bible said and as Peggy Kane herself noted that what we call “ancestors” are really reptilians posing as em, playing us, manipulating the holographic universe they have us enslaved in!

I explain my experiences here with some pf that:

Astral Rape By A REPTILIAN So Called Archangel

Here is my take on the so called gods and goddesses and the demiurge here:

Are The Gods and Goddesses of Every Religion and Spiritual System Energy Harvesters For The Archons

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

I don’t want nan of that shit – no Baron Samedi – NOTHING around me cause all that shit is designed to stunt your spiritual growth and get you in the act of war-shipping shit outside of yourself and that to me is not true spirituality: it’s petty occultism, petty pre kindergarten spiritualism designed to get you into petty squabbles (so they can feed off the energy of said petty fights aka loosh), focus on materialism, and other shit that doesn’t work for the greater good of humanity, you know, kitchen witch shit!

This lady here, just like as Credo Mutwa said, that at 50 min mark we were (and still are) the gods and goddesses and then the system got turnt upside down (by the reptilians) to establish these holographic avatars known as gods and goddesses into our once rightful places:

Read more here on how the reps swindled us out of our true power and got us stuck in the 3D:

Gnosticism will get us to a Level 1 civilization by helping all of us to evolve and develop our chakras so that we all have telepathy, telekinesis, clairsentinence so that we may be on the same page and no one will do wrong (cause we will all have the ability of telepathy and the ability to see into the future and know who is planning to do wrong).

Gnosticism will get us there. Fucking with this petty reptilian petty ass bullshit spiritual systems and re-ligions won’t! Ya’ll are just providing more negative energy aka loosh for the reptilian slavemasters and their boss, the demiurge, to feed off of by keeping us dumbed down and inservitude to the matrix holographic avatars known as gods and goddesses who are designed to harvest our energy via war-ship as well:

Are The Gods and Goddesses of Every Religion and Spiritual System Energy Harvesters For The Archons

The Great Baba Bobby Hemmitt came to this realization that the “ancestors” and gods weren’t shit after he had his stroke and after his years of war-shipping him and giving him energy, getting drunk for em – they didn’t do shit for him (they just went and helped Brother Panic who I sensed put it on him since he gave em more energy):

That’s why folks like myself are on this Earth to teach ya’ll your true divinity much like Yashuah Ben Pendira did back in the day (he is who HEY-Zeus “Christ” is based on). I work with my own Source and I am working or better yet ‘wokeing MAAAD HARD to get rid of ALL spirits from around me. That shit is no good! They get into your energy zone and can influence it be it deliberate or inadvertent to fuck shit up for you. Reminds me of a dude I got to casually talking to one time in South Central who told me that a rather benign spirit made him – a grown ass man of 28 – feel guilty for not returning home late tho. he had the house to himself. It be like that! That said, trust no one but yourself. DO NOT work with anything outside of you. I have felt better ever since cutting off the energy chords to and sending to hell my ancestors, esp. this light skinned one who tried to fuck with me and my dad. They need your energy. You don’t need em. The most powerfull people spiritually are those who work with their own Source energy and not under something. Remember this too, if you war-ship something, you become a slave to it in the astral:

Good day!

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