How I Got Rid of POWERFUL Entity Attachments

How I Got Rid of POWERFUL Entity Attachments

Imma start by telling everybody hear (get it? – I know, lame) to play between 4000hz to 6000hz or even up to 9000hz frequency:

LOL reptilians musta been fucking with them cause they got the comments turned off (you only see this with controversial videos):

I TELL YA this shit WORKS with eliminating hard to remove entity attachments, NEGATIVE ASS PEOPLE (hence why they hate loud music), and just repelling bad shit. Fuck a binural beat: play this!

Anyways, I peep this mofo lipstickalley had this to say (this the bipolar weird crazy SPIRITUALLY DEMONICALLY CONTROLLED mofo I alluded to in my video down below):

Even her name alludes to what is REALLY spiritually going on with ha! I alluded to in my video how evil entities will attach to and influence folks to fuck with you (a psychic dude once said that he saw an attachment on people who wers fucking with me). You can see the inverse – when entities influence people to like and war-ship you as can be seen with the Bey-hive (think BEY-hivemind) here based on what you war-ship:

The Spiritual Reasons Behind Why SELLebrities Like Beyonce and Rhianna Have SO Many Followers Who Worship Them

I saw a lil of this when I fucked around with satanism which I explain in that blog.

I also found something interesting on lipstickalley while looking up “compton sheriffs” on there (to see if the deputy I like is there):

And instead found this…

It’s funny cause in one thread on this topic they kept alluding to Louisiana and it’s spiritual, occult energy which is where I am from (and I live in L.A.) and Louisiana and L.A. got the same initials (boy I remember when this was a faraway place I used to see as full of palm trees, rich folks, blondes and superficiality back when I lived in La and I am kinda part of the cultural fabric now):

They are right! There is spiritual energy but it encompasses the whole of California. Years ago a very gpod psychic told me that California is colored by the root chakra on the astral map. The root chakra which is colored red controls your base desires – which is why material obsessiveness is endemic out here and every 3rd car you see out here is a Lamborghini (no one bats an eyelid at that shit whereas an ancient beemer in Loser-ana is 1 in a mil ??)!

Speaking of witch ??‍♀️ there was a lady name, oddly, Baby-LOVES-Boiled-BROCCOLI who was sharing with me some interesting shit about Malibu and namely, a hospital:

This was interesting.

Anyways, without further adieu: I been going thru some shit. While fighting this REAL POWERFUL entity attachment which I felt was placed by these agent smith entities here as I talked about early this morning:

Agent Smiths In The Matrix Have Been Putting Blob Shadow Creatures On Me To Mind Control Me

I almost coughed up, I could feel it, even blood fighting this shit. I had to play dat 6k hz almost on repeat today. Getting that shit off, finally, at least a good 90%. I still feel a thickness at the crown and something squirming, and I feel I may have some implants to remove (like many folks with implanted demiurge programming in em) but it is less dense than it was before.

** Another thing: entities will try to control you by controlling your intuition if they are attached to your crown or third eye chakra, putting in irrational suggestions that they use urges, impulses to coerce you into. Defy that shit! Another way to defeat em **

I don’t know if this shit is due to a what I call soul schism I faced in high school, but you can watch here how I got that mofo off:


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You can see my eyes even turn gold (like a viewer said) here:

I’m winning

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