Agent Smiths In The Matrix Have Been Putting Blob Shadow Creatures On Me To Mind Control Me

– I smelled a strong PHANTHOM (cause I had none in my car) odor of bubblegum early this morning.

This is what I saw in the astral and I talk about it here:


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All this week I have been feeling irritable, bad memory recall, can’t think….

Though it seems to have enhanced my youth and beauty as can ESP. be seen in the eyes here:

I have had something attached to me – mainly the right side – for awhile now which I talk about here:

Possession Is No Joke: And How I Fought It Off

Possession Caught On Tape

The entity looked like this (it’s funny everytime I bring it up it seems to tighten it’s grip on my crown):

Here is what is there (at least based on what I basically visualize):

At certain points I felt suicidal: OH YEAH, with this shit on me I had been having TERRIBLE mood swings of hopelessness that felt like being at the bottom of a well, thoughts of suicide, feelings of futility, no hope for the future, etc. Dudes been coming at me more but peaceful and calm and respectful! It causes my eyes to twitch. I feel static electricity above my head meaning an entity is there (you got to see above a certain light spectrum to see em and feel at a highet frequency to feel em)! It’s fucking with my throat chakra, making it hard to speak, blocking parts of my head, blocking other chakras (I can LIT feel the energy blocks). I wonder if it is something from within or something that has gone inside of and infiltrated me? – As I wrote that I could feel something, tentacles moving, fucking with my throat chakra by tightening it as I wrote that and your throat chakra controls your ability to communicate meaning it don’t want me speaking the truth….

I’ve heard folks say many politrickians, so called world leaders, sellebs got something in their right eye that controls em (they say a lil snake) that caused the bruising many sellebs years back had on the right eye:

– As I was writing this, I can hear a helicopter inexplicably fluttering in the air. After being finished with this topic it stopped. I sensed there is a hivemind that alerts them to when they are about to be exposed along with letting you know they are listening….

The shit with the black eyes is what you call soul scalping….

– As I fought this I could feel extreme heat on the right side of me (just felt a block on the side of my ear where another chakra is) and I had hot/ cold flashes all throughout the night….

Just now a grey truck parked a lil above and right as I was about to get a better pic it drove up!

As I talk about in the vid, it is matrix agents (as was shown to me in an astral vision) doing this shit as I commenced breaking free of this shit. I have touched on this topic before too:

These Fucking Reptilians Are Really FUCKING WITH MY ASS

I’ve been having bad luck with innocuous videos getting taken down….

– How you gone age restrict then REMOVE a vid!

Here the time and date stamp so you know I’m real:

It’s crazy.

As I said before, when you try to come into your Divine Spiritual Powers unless you got what I call extorted protection via seeking protection from the very gods who work for the demiurge who seek to keep you from coming into your spiritual powers as I explain here:

Are The Gods and Goddesses of Every Religion and Spiritual System Energy Harvesters For The Archons

They gone make your life difficult, both spiritual and ESP. physical (since the demiurge rules ONLY the 3D material realm). But I’ve been winning….

And I’ll be free soon….

Seem like this shit wants to control you down to the very thoughts and even words you use (it interferes just when you even choose words like telling you intuitively or even interfering physically when you chose certain things – which is alot like programming, mind control). It seems to hit you most at the subconscious level, where your intuition lies.

I will say next time you see a so called homeless person going thru hardship just remember that there could be other factors involved making them a certain way.

I really don’t know what to make. Drawing it seemed to have stimulated or acknowledged it:

Seems like by doing this it will remove said curse, hopefully:

Reminds me of that part in Tales From The Hood where the young child had the power to kill his stepfather by drawing him and then tearing up the drawing of him:

(Something was causing me to almost forget this) I believe we truly are living in a matrix, a holographic universe, which The Matrix films was trying to show us:

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