Possession Is No Joke: And How I Fought It Off

Possession is no joke:

I don’t wish this shit on anybody.

And for years I knew my soul body looked like what you see above!

For a very long time I KNEW that there was an attachment on the right side of my face (where your creative thoughts are at and which controls the subliminal aka subconscious side). I felt like a part of it was an implant extending from the lower jaw all the way up to the right side of the face towards the crown chakra:

I definitely knew I wasn’t in control of my own thoughts and that is how I knew for a good 6 years (well 5 years and 6 months) somethingbwas attached. Even as I type I can feel something trying to connect to the right side of my body (I just had a wet dream OUT THE BLUE and we know spirits manipulate that shit) ….but I’m fighting it.

I can go ahead and start this with the satanic phase but I believe it commences a lil earlier, going all the way back to when I was a small child.

Though I had many great talents I always felt that there was a block around my head as a kid. I felt that the blocks were not natural but something that could be opened at the right time if I knew how, which I know now to be kundalini awakening! Here I am later in life (but earlier than now lol) theorizing that they could be portals from which various “gods”, “goddesses” can connect who can possess us (how true I know that to be now) and we can use their power as they connect to us:

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That being said – fast forwarding to the satanic period of 2015, which was when I was really breaking waves with my spiritual abilities, astral projecting easily, etc. until the reptiliabs crashed my shit and forced me into satanism – I did a ritual to reclaim the soul piece that I lost after my chemistry teacher had told me to “drop the English accent (which was thru a bunch of deep subliminal programming REALLY conntected to the right side of me)” when I was really sensitive during a kundalini awakening….. well, we all know (or at least heard) of how tricky evil spirits can be.

Instead I got a demonic duplicate of a soul piece that looked like a more grown version of me (incident happened at 16 tho but I did have a more voluptuous figure back then) that connected to the right side of my body. I instinctively knew that it wasn’t a part of me because when I was in places with rather low spiritual energy it would not follow (cause it was a separate spirit that was not in my body so thus it couldn’t). I also knew because when I would get drunk (which I now know was induced by it) I would turn into an inky black shadow entity as I – and others – saw (I saw it thru a mirror). In a really bad energy driven place I saw an alternate version of me that was black – brown (that colour in spirituality resonates with addictions) and had a demonic energy. I also knew it was not a part of me because – during this period I could not astral project and it seemed as though energy to the crown chakra was instead being re routed to this demonic siamese twin that took up residence on the right side of me while my main crown chakra was closed (it is opening now). It felt like my thoughts were not my thoughts – instead it felt like a separate brain existed on the right and they were being “redirected” to me. I even felt a separate “heartbeat” that was on the right side which I now know was that thing taking over. It was on the right side I suffered ALOT of physical damage like teeth falling out (it has affected my left side but not to the degree as my right side) etc.

To make matters worse, it controlled the right side. Now your right side is your chaotic side, your creative side from which all your creative thoughts flow. It controls your urges as well.

That was why FOR YEARS I was a slave to strong alchol urges that I could not suppress cause that thing that was on the right side was amplifying that shit and if I was doing anything that required right brain activity like art or even law work (so I can write accurately and eloquently) that thing on the right side of me would block my right side creativity and access to it until I brought alcohol. When I removed it I felt an energetic chord being pulled OUT my sacral chakra, which controls urges etc.

That’s how bad it was.

It was fucking torture and I wish it on nobody. As a matter of fact it was not long after that ritual when that thing first attached itself to me I had a strong urge to drink (and it had to be Jack Daniels) every 3 days (which is significant given the number 3) then over time while fighting it it got better and better but I felt like shit and sometimes suicidal (though I knew better) when I gave in. If it wasn’t alcohol urges, it was food urges that would drain me financially! It was like it overstimulated my sacral chakra (which when I started to remove the entity attachment I felt it connect to) so I would be lit OBSESSED with material “needs” to an obsessive degree and other desires and not focus on the spiritual. I recall once when breaking free of the “script” via programming it had laid out for me I can hear what sounded like a robotic alien voice say, “Breakdown, breakdown” over and over…. I knew it wasn’t me doing this and I felt weak due to defeat by giving in to that entity and I felt even weaker cause I was a literal slave to that entity!

When this thing was attached to me my intuition was out of whack and always induced me down towards bad shit happening to me. Even when sober it would guide my intuition – and, fuck, now I know – put energy out there for people to attack me. For instance, when talking I felt something, a strong energy like, to visualize it, it was like a mist – that would take over where my crown chakra, forehead is and people would, and understandibly so and I’d see it in their face, feel weird around me. Now when I talk to folks I don’t feel that shit around my head anymore. Once while at the shelter a Seer saw an entity attached near the crown chakra and on my face – like a face hugger from Aliens – on the right side. She sensed evil even as it tried to change colours based on my thoughts. While in jail I have had people interpret it as being a soul piece that sticks out. But you should be able to integrate soul pieces which I could not with this.

The other night I astral projected (up until I got rid of this mofo I could only astral project via the third eye and barely) I had an experience where I was shown a bunch of things but, I was shown that that thing acting as my soul piece was not my soul piece. I was shown on a scroll a list of demons that were around me and then I heard that thing on the right side was “the devil.”

That’s all I needed to hear and ever since then I got rid of it. My heart chakra started working (it’s what you need to astral project esp. thru the crown). Like other evil entities around me this mofo DID not want me astral projecting or advancing spiritually any way any how!

Now, when I’ve done certain shit like go topless, naked etc. like here:

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My proudest ‘woke ????????


and hea:

Yeah people can argue their bullshit morals all day long – I got my thoughts on it (shit is natural and you gotta have fun ????✨?) – when I had that thing attached, I hated the control it had on me.

I used to be able to enjoy alcohol normally – yeah I would drink to excess when I was under pressure over something, but it was like this thing would increase the urges for shit I didn’t care for before (it had me yearning for Jack Daniels whereas before it was wine) and then make me feel guilty about it, like a dual personality. It was insanity. All I wanted was my life back and I’m happy I’m getting it.

I will say that one perk is since it amplified what I felt it made me more aggressive (which I needed given all the enemies I got) and seemed to make me powerfull – but with that latch where I still felt controlled. I also believe it is what contributed to my ultra empathetic tendency to absorb folk’s shit without being able to control, or stop it. I think it also contributed to the block caused when I merely made a comment on my blog saying, “The Lilith energy runs in me.” As I type this I feel that shit trying to take over the right side. I talked about that here:

Has Anyone Else Had Issues Entities Attaching To Them or Energies Activating Within Based On What They Say Or Do

I could say or do the same shit in another context and it wouldn’t affect me!

All that shit was designed to control me!

Things are getting better cause I have been doing ALOT of spiritual work on myself, esp. being aided by a shaman. I feel like myself now. I still do have shit that tries to attach to me. For instance I had an astral projection where they had an entity that took on the form of Ice Poseidon who tried to have sex with me:

– I actually think he cute and on some of his vlogs he fucks homeless chicks…

Damn, she black like me!

He couldn’t cause I had these major warts on me (a form of spiritual protection) and when he tried to go down I said he couldn’t cause of the warts. They were big ugly warts that, when you scratched em away had like these gold like rings in em and one of em seemed to connect the urethea to the rest of the vagina (the labia was connected to it too). As you can see there are not warts on it:

Nothing there, lol!

But I felt an energy, more like a pain attached there but the lingering energy reminded me of when possessed folks (in an attempt to steal your energy) would leave that “stinging” sensation there, as if someone played with it.

Now you know how real this world gets.


I will explain in the next blog!

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