This Is Why I Hate Wetbacks: Bitch Yells At Me Weirdo But Get Indignant When I Fight Back

Living out here in SoCal one thing I learned is that wetbacks are indignant bullies:

I’m not gonna let a mofo disrespect and think they gonna get away with it….

Imma kill these mofos like I did this dude’s ma here – I already put ‘woke on they ass and wanted a good look so I can fuck they asses up!

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump


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If you notice I didn’t argue with their ass cause I know what I am dealing with in terms of them. They are nefariously fucking evil. Here are primers to see what I mean.

Wetbucks Treat White Crackhead Like Gold While Treating Black Crackhead Like Shit

I Am REALLY FUCKING CONVINCED That Wetbucks and South and Central Americans Are Some Evil Demonic Reptilian Spawns

Wetbacks Attack Black Bus Driver As She Is Working

You are dealing with the demonic reptilian (slave worker race) seed of Quetzalcoatl. Don’t see these non human demons any different.

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