Has Anyone Else Had Issues Entities Attaching To Them or Energies Activating Within Based On What They Say Or Do

I won’t lie, I felt something take over the upper forehead crown chakra and block what I was gonna say and influenced me to write about Lilith when I was practically finished writing this article here:


There must be truth to the notion of words being used as spells to cast things cause the minute I put the “Call me Lilith” part it, I felt something become activated, almost as if from within, my cellphone started messing up (a strong sign of spirit or spiritual energy coming thru), causing the screen to glitch and then, I felt something heavy, blocking my chakras – esp. the crown on the right side of my body (right now after writing this I feel something swirling on the right side og my forehead crown – wonder if it is some secret chakra spirits of the matrix use to control humans).

I experience the most spiritual shit.

Just now when I had reinserted the Lilith part in the article above I felt the strong surge of energy reattach to the right side of my neck chakra and I felt that block that is very much akin to what folks say when they say, “The Devil is riding her back.”

I have had things attach themselves to me. It was no problem getting em off tho. the residue left from their etheric or subtle bodies will stick for a while. The Lilith thing was weird cause it seemed as if the words themselves cemented the entity’s attachment onto me where no amount of visualization, use of my third eye could get it off. I had to remove the phrase I wrote while under it’s influence I guess to remove it.

This is not the first time where mere thinking about Lilith has called her to me.

One time when I just pondered her name she came to me in an astral vision albeit in a positive manner to tell me that it is okay to prostitute, drink etc.

As per my gnostic policy of rebuking ANYTHING within the demiurge/god system I rebuked her so I guess this was her way of attacking me for seeking my liberation.

It’s just weird that it is always shit affecting the right side. It’s also fucked up that I can’t accept long lasting gifts aside from things that are fleeting such as money or food!

See, I have this strange ability to absorb the energies of things given to me. It is like I can experience a mind meld with a person if they are psychic or if someone I done cursed gives me a gift I experience what that person is experiencing as per the curse (it’s got to be given direct to me) and I can also energetically devour that person’s blessings as well. I recall one time accepting a gift from a dude I had cursed – some sage – and I started to experience the inexplicable leg pains (which he didn’t have before the curse) that he was going thru. It was until I threw away the gift that the excruciating leg pain went away!

Even if I ain’t cursed a person, if they give me a gift or I give them something, I experience their energy and they experience mine – along with any curses, blessings I got and even the spirits that I got around me will go to them.

Case in point: a lil lady who works at the 99 Cents store gave me a rosary after I had asked. Afterwards I noticed the poor darling wasn’t showing up for work. A gentleman who works for an oil refinery gave me an eagle charm with a round piece of calcite. He was one of these people telling me that my bad luck ain’t due to spirits etc. Next time I saw him, he looked fucked. up. I knew my energy – and whatever spirits are fucking with me – had got to him!

I don’t know what to make of it. Am I possessed? Is this just some aspect of me that got activated by those words I used regarding the Lilith paragraph I wrote on that block? At the time it sure did feel like something internal was rising up in me (now I’m getting slight stomach pain) or – as I also felt – could it be something coming in to take over? I peep it is usually the right side and I have heard my soul sticks out there!

I don’t think shit was this bad till I got into satanism (I recall asking for a return of a soul piece I lost due to that trauma that happened during the kundalini rising when my teacher said something to knock that soul piece out at 16). Now that I think of it, when I was young shit always felt blocked. But was it the natural (you have yet to activate your shit) blocked? It didn’t feel intense like spirits blocking me type blocked which I feel now.

I really don’t know what to make of it. I just know I can’t live my life like this. I can’t even talk to folks cause if I get to close and esp. if they are psychic like me I will experience a mind meld where I see what they see (with one tarot card reader I saw ghosts more) and get their blessings and curses. I can’t even talk to my twin flame cause of it. Also I feel if I use certain words it can have an affect on shit, like on a deep spiritual level and not just emotional = like spell casting and I have peeped the veracity of that!

That said, here is video and if any of you all have had similiar experiences – and defeated it, let me know!

I also notice with the red feldspar out I have been seeing demons in my visions lately, fucked up atrocious scenes.

I feel cause I am coming more and more into my power they are attacking me since red feldspar helps to align your chakras.


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