Series of Astral Visions Reveal That The Migos Have Been Stealing My Blessings

NOW BEFORE you look at me as a crazy ole homeless lady, saying crazy shit, just read this:

That shit is real!

A while back a young lady had come to me, telling me that kpop stars were harassing her and stealing her blessings, astrally.

She under Essie P.

At first I thought she was crazy. Then it happened to me.

The first time I had an astral vision involving the Migos stealing my shit, I was in what appeared to be a haunted mansion (possibly one of theirs – ?) and I saw them – Quavo, Offset, Takeoff – all looking like dirty scrungy ass niggaz you’d see in the hood and not dressed prim and proper to the nigga 9’s (as my friend Julie would say) as they are often shown:

I was sitting on a dirty, funky ass mattress and they came in, wearing white tank tops or t shirts and filthy, dirty ass blue jeans – like they had done just came off the farm (how you look astrally IS how your soul looks) and they started bullying me, telling me I had to leave, that they were gonna take my shit! This was happening right around the time that I was supposed to be getting some great material things in the astral which translates to blessings in real life.

So I recall at one point we took the fight to the neutral ground (the round circular island thing that be at the end of suburban cul de sacs) and they kept shapeshifting back and forth between their nice clothes and the dirty rags I saw them wear. They used their third eye to destroy me and I used mine – to no avail – they defeated me which translates to losing my blessings to em.

In another, they were all at an awards show and I kicked one of their chairs (symbolic) to which I believe it was Quavo who just laughed. They proceeded to the show and I went to a separate one where I was the star:

– That tarot card is sooo mad me, down to the toplessness and my being near water.

Anyways, I was in a wooden chair and I was there to basically talk about my life, spiritual experiences and knowledge to a mixed audience but then I kicked down my own chair (I was white with blonde hair and blue eyes) and walked away, meaning I had destroyed my own blessings….

That being said, this reminds me of how after revealing to Aarona that her friends stole her blessings here:

I had an astral vision of her trying to steal MY shit (I immediately put a stop to that):


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– I was in the home of this Haitian couple (I have had run ins with) but looong story short everytime an opportunity was headed my way I recall saying to myself in said astral vision why is Aarona here, taking it (she did look crazy in the astral and there was an astral vision once where I looked crazy, too) or if bad shit popped off, I would be thinking “I shouldn’t be here. This should be Aarona standing where I stand.”

Curses are something and it’s amazing the insight you can gain when you learn to discern.

That being said here are some videos where I discuss those visions in depth.

BTW after I warned Aarona yesterday about her friends, who all went on to become WILDLY successful, she blocked me and another girl again who brought that up!


I have also had similar astral visions involving Patti LaBelle which I will touch on later.



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That being said, I got my theories on this shit.

The Migos and from what I saw Patti LaBelle are tied to satanism, Luciferianism, reptilian war-ship etc!

Based on my experience, it could be a bigger force that is manipulating shit, “overseeing” things and cause I won’t war-ship it it is taking my blessings and giving it to folks who are war-shipping it!

Case in point, regarding Aarona, after having the astral vision of her stealing my shit I had an astral vision of being at a Sizzler’s. My uncle, etc. were there and they were making fun of how I looked, dressed, my car but later on decided to help me. As we walked into the parking lot towards my car, MY CAR WENT MISSING then it returned and I recall the thought came to me that a presence, a force (which can manipulate dreams, visions while you are asleep) was taking that shit away and trying to make out like other people are doing it.

I believe this same force, who shows up as the King of Cups in my tarot readings, manipulated me into going after Aarona. I believe this King of Cups is Ra, the Egyptian God, who even showed up on Aarona’s calf one time:

Here more on the Eye of Ra:

That’s why I stayed slaying all that shit – so called good and bad spirits – from around me!

I mean, how tf would Patti LaBelle know who I am or the Migos? I feel it is a presence that sends them messages about certain people and then influence them to do bad shit to the person while said presence hides in the background.

Case in point I was getting fucked with royal by an E-VILE entity who – as I found out via a card reading – influenced this jealous German white bitch (a nurse) to come after me with black magic.

You’d be shocked how often this happens to the most spiritually powerFULL!

That’s why folks who are the most spiritually talented may have a hard time manifesting money – like me. It’s cause there is more than regular ole black magic at play.

When you have that Divine Connection to the Soul Spark, the Source, these lil entities in this matrix system will try to shut you down!

That’s why spiritually powerfull people have it the roughest cause they want you to get under and hide under these matrix avatars as I discussed here:

It’s cause they don’t want you coming into your power and thus acting as a beacon of light representing an escape from this Matrix system!

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