Astral Vision Shows Lil Uzi Vert Tried To Sacrifice Cyntoia Brown

I have had my own run ins with the Migos trying to steal MY blessings in the astral so I know how these rotten mofos get down (I used to hear people talk about this and I would laugh em off as crazy till it happened to me):


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RIGHT AFTER I TALKED ABOUT THIS, he made an announcement saying he was gonna quit music:


Here the proof via timestamps:

– Lordt, he is gonna need to quit that demon so that he can be at peace when he dies.

Folks don’t understand the implications of how insignificant material wealth is in contrast to LIT selling your soul for Earthly trinkets (really indentured survitude) as you will be spend some time being used as a battery in the hellish realms of the astral for maybe not all eternity but for a good long stretch (before you are pushed back into this 3D Earthly hell via the reincarnation trap).

– Even his name, Lil Uzi Vert, is an anagram of Lucifer, showing who he war-ships!

I don’t like Cyntoia Brown. You don’t even need spiritual eyes ? or a crystal ball ? to see that she is a sociopath she murdered an innocent, nice, albeit goofy but well intentioned man who wished to help her escape the situation she was in! She has the cold eyes of a sociopath – dead inside, NOT cause of trauma but that is cause of how she is, her genetics:

She has the cold dead predatory stare of a sociopath!

She WILL do some fucked up shit when she gets out. I predicted it here:


That said, I ain’t making this to help her but to expose the occult reality of selleb life and how that shit actually works (or shall I say ‘wokes lol) – how they truly get their fame, climb up the ladders, etc. It’s more than just casting couches, etc. (most of those mofos don’t go anywhere).

In the Snoop Dogg song, “Murder Was The Case,” in one verse he cops to making a deal with a demon and then states, “Damn I see demons. I wonder if dear lord can you save me….”

– The fact that the demon says he will give him eternal life and forever ?? is proof that god the demiurge is the demon he is dealing with (the demon of demons, like Pazuzu who also had angel wings which is where angel wings derived):

– This Pazuzu

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