Why I Never Had Kids

Why I Never Had Kids

*Should say why I never had keeds

– That looks good!

Anyways, every once in a while I get an ignorant message from a real cool acquainteance of mine like this:

Visualizing my being some June Cleaver – stay at home mom bitch!

That’s not the life I was meant to – nor will ever (not even want to) live.

That being said, it’s no secret I have lived a hard life. I’ve been thru alot of shit: I’ve been raped, stabbed, assaulted, etc. ad nauseam. TO EVEN PUT ME IN THAT ROLE is a disrespect to my hardness, my resillency. That type of life is for those who have never had it hard, who are sheltered. Fortunately, cause of my life, I’m sheltered from that ever being an outcome, period ??

That being said, here is why I never had kids. I am a firm believer that you need to get your shit together – and most importantly – live your life before you have lil bas-turds! I am also a firm believer in abortion (I have had two and another that I consider some weird spiritual miscarriage or some alien abduction shit which happened during my time as a satanist). That being said, read here:


I don’t believe in letting a man tie me down! I grew up hearing my mom practically huaranging about not having lived her life before settling down and getting married. I don’t want to be like that!

I believe that you should live your life before you have children. That’s why so many women live their lives in regret, regretting their kids because they didn’t fully live their lives before settling down. This why you get this:

– With the exception of the last one (she coulda just gave it up for adoption or had an abortion at least – I heard a gay uncle wanted to raise him ✊??️‍?), I understand. They call it postpartum natal depression, I call it regret!

I refuse to be a man’s broodmare. I refuse to be a vessel to extend a man’s legacy. If I have a child, she will be a girl (boys will be aborted – you ain’t coming thru MY WOMB hating your mama and looking down on ha like so many men do cause of male chauvinism and privilege – got a problem with it? Let yoir daddy have you thru his dick ✏?). If I have a child, it will be with a gay man (who got a partner) and they will be the masculine influence in her life and to be there for her in case I die.

I talked about that here:


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I refuse to let a man oppress me by using MY WOMB to carry on his name, his legacy!

I believe in a matriarchy!

This reddit article said not one lie: it states (I believe this is real) that males are giant parasites seeking womben’s wombs to keep a piece of themselves alive:


– I took screenshots cause it once got taken down:

That being said, on a spiritual level – as a gnostic – when you have a child you lose a piece of your soul and it enters into the body of the child which conjoins with another soul. Now, knowing what I know about reincarnation, I don’t know how true that is but basically it is an accurate metaphor for how, when you have a child, you lose your life.

When you spawn a little basturd, you lose your life. Your life ends and now your whole entire life revolves around that life.

That life ain’t for me!

I’m not done living my life!

As a playgirl, I got plenty of life ahead. I am not done getting into shit, doing stupid shit, teaching, etc. Plus I live in a fucking car.

Not only that, but the few times I have been pregnant (they ALL ended in abortion), THAT SHIT HURT LIKE HELL! I was nauseous, couldn’t eat! When I felt like eating (brought on by the urge of the lil bas-turd inside of me), I would buy shit only to be too nauseous to eat it!

Pro choice folks are RIGHT to call that lil bas-turd a parasite while it is in you.

Technically it is cause, like a parasite, they need your womb to live. Without it, they die (good ??)!

That being said, I stand by my words. As predicted here:

A dude supposed to come into my life. A jealous dude who low key envies me cause he wants my strenght, fears it.

I will kill him.

I will kill any man who ain’t gay or who ain’t coming up to me with some money for sex direct. You ain’t tying me down! I will kill your ass with black magick as this witch did to Christopher Case here:


If I could get away with it – I’d eat your ass, literally, as I did to the piece of my aborted fetus that I ate in 2016 when I had my medically induced abortion.

Funny, I’ve seen the two bas-turds I aborted (I think) in the astral. They look like ghouls and live as demons in the lower astral. They tried attacking my baby brother but I killed them off.

You ain’t getting thru my womb!

I’ve also seen the mofo that is supposed to be coming to me!

He a Korean dude, works as a reporter. Imma kill his ass or at least shut him down with black magic before he makes his way to me. Just as Stargirl the Practical Witch predicted his life is falling apart but you ain’t coming to me to use my strenght!

A Cuban shaman predicted a long haired blonde white trucker (I don’t like long hair on men)! I ‘woked his ass preemptively by putting cockroaches on him in case he comes to me, too.

You ain’t using my womb or my strenght.

That’s why I don’t have kids!

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