All The Crazy Shit I Did While Drunk: Talk To A Journalist And Confront The Folks I Thought Stabbed Me

I be doing dumb shit while drunk I tell ya!


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I feel mad bad for fucking with those people. They didn’t do it!

I also ate – sushi style – raw meat seasoned with cinnamon, paisley leaves, etc. It tastes real fucking good! I also apologise to the sheriff’s last night and the security one during the day: I was drunk ass fuck ?????????

– Damn I’m getting old! Can’t believe I’ll be 37 come May 14th!

– I also apologise to those poor people I harassed last night. I am very sorry ??

– Also, it’s weird! When I am drunk folks are friendlier towards me and I get more blessings ?

I don’t know why ??‍♀️

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