Possession Caught On Tape

Looka that reptilian ass eye:

Here the original so you know it’s not fake:

You can see I’m in fucking pain. I can feel that shit crushing my fucking crown chakra with all that weight.


Looka these paw marks on my leg:

Reminds me of the three pawed reptilian looking entity I captured here in my old apartment in Worcester, MA.

I believe I covered it’s ass as the Rebugga Low creature who I saw in the astral one time here, slitting what appears to be a “man” (it looks reptilian) throat:

Encountering A Reptilian Demon Named Rebuggo Low

I recall once that entity LIT taking my body over, controlling me (I know cause I was looking thru it’s eyes which were miniscule) and removing a picture of it’s ghostly hand over my breasts that was taken in that same Worcester apartment that night I snapped that pic.

This was a picture of a BLANK WHITE WALL BTW just so you know….

– Look at it close enough and you can see ALL sorts of faces!

After drawing this, I felt the entity – which I sensed didn’t leave but just got a lil weaker here:

….all of a sudden reattach to me crown chakra (to block it severely) and the right side, again. I fought it off (I don’t feel it on the right side of my face as much) but I feel it more on the crown, SEVERELY on the crown.

This is fucking annoying. And all DISS after beating this shit!

Here is the possession being caught on tape:



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I personally think it is a parasitic entity that attaches itself to you, obstructs your chakras and their flows AND attracts more bad entities to you!

There’s been times where I felt like I couldn’t breathe cause of that thing, like right now.

Imma make this shit give me some peace!

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