How To Use Your Energy To Control People’s Behaviors

I talk about it here:

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Basically, while “working” under various deities like “Lord Satan”, “Oshun”, “Baron Samedi”, you INHERIT THEIR “AURA”, and “they” become “absorbed into you” and so thus become A-PART OF YOU!!! It’s alot like Mega Man in which you gain the powers of a “Robot Master” once you defeat them (except in the case of deities you worship them):

Note how the energy of the dead robo master is coming into him – and also in the form of orbs which is reminiscient of how those deities, said spirits come into me…

I picked “Snake Man” – a character off there – since the snake has been widely used throughout history to symbolize “forbidden knowledge” which can be represented in the death of the Robot Master and subsequent gaining of his abilities just as Eve fell from “innocence” (Death of her innocence) in order for her to gain KNOW-L-EDGE (so she can gain an EDGE on things…)!

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– Read the spiritual significance of it…

I talk about this and the science of using your energy to RULE others or at least control em..

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