Why The Elite Is Dropping Harvey Weinstein and Others

This shit been going on for eons as I note here: https://toplessinla.org/2017/11/02/why-wendy-williams-really-fainted/

So ask yourself this question…why the hoopla now?

Cause shit about to hit the fan and they know it!

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That said, they ain’t dropping these suckers for naught…

With movies like this:

And folks like Jonathan Kleck revealing their bs, such as their planned disasters to destroy the East Coast…

(Notice they use so called MK Ultra “stars” to convey what’s coming…)

Or as I have seen, the West Coast (I for a while kept having nightmares of a huge 64ft tidal wave hitting Santa Monica!!!)!

They are not caring anymore… in part cause more people are woke to the NOT so illustrious gritt-er (instead of “glitt-er”) of Hollywood but because they know shit’s about to go down so they don’t care anymore…

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