Why Wendy Williams REALLY Fainted

She saw some scary shit; HERE IT IS:

THAT’S P.J., the lil ugly roach looking creature you can see on the Bohemian Grove pamphlet here:
https://www.prisonplanet.com/alex_jones_tells_his_story.html …who SWEEPS UP THE ASHES OF SACRIFICIAL VICTIMS. She saw DROVES OF EM…

I talk about it more here:

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THAT SAID, I know what she saw cause I have seen em… they are ugly lil roach astral entities (on the lower rungs of the 4th dimension – astral plane, the Earthbound realm which is closest to the Earth) that have black and brown “roach” bodies – sometimes they are shaped like ladybugs – BUT ARE HUGE, ranging from 1 feet to 5 feet IN LENGHT AND HEIGHT (I have also seen giant bugs of every variety in this realm) and the heads of Jack Skellington from “A Nightmare Before Christmas” and it seems like their purpose is to suck you dry of your energy.

– Imagine that with the body of a roach!

I remember one developing on my cellphone (but it was the outline of what looked like a regular, albeit GIANT 1 ft cockroach – this was when I was living next to the La Brea Tar Pits and I saw ALL sorts of animal spirits, been seeing them (first was a silhouette of a lobster “behind” the curtains when I was 5 years old) – back in my old apartment!

THAT’S what awaits Wendy on the otherside for the ENERGY (NOT NECESSARILY SOUL) that she offered in exchange for Earthly trinkets so she can be seen as “important” by lower level (I say that cause this is all about buttressing the Ego and making yourself feel important in the eyes of others but at the same time needing their, the general public’s “validation” which no real spiritually heightened soul would need – Now that I think of it, it is a form of spiritual vampirism!) “entities” ie the general public, most of whom are so dumbed down that they could NOT even begin to GRAPPLE or comprehend the dark forces she working with that got her there, that puts spells on them so they will give all their energy to her via worshipping her and thus making her a “celebrity.”

That said… we have seen this countless times with “celebs” like Cardi B. who basically in her drunken state wanted to drop tabs on being “pimped out” to Saudi Arabian “wealthy” monetary wise moguls (Now, you know what happened to her had to have been WORSE cause why would a sex worker who formerly had sex for money complain about fucking these guys for the fame/money??? Something WORSE went on behind closed doors):

Note a recommended video that pulls up is called “Why Keri Hilton’s career ended”… then they talk some shit about her beefing with Beyonce, some BS!


Here’s talk on those “initial initiations” from the Black Child’s Youtube channel whose channel you can watch here… https://www.youtube.com/channel/UConUlNbGDj06ylXn-QyiYbA/feed?disable_polymer=1

Here’s what’s up: SHE DIDN’T MAKE IT CAUSE… Let me tell you how the process works:

Here is youtube channel “The Black Child” further explaining what you gotta do to make it…

Those who get “brought up” initially are seen as malleable. If not by way of MK Ultra programming, which you can read about here:

Then just via way of genetics (attitude, “thirsty, go getter”, “spirit” – note the importance of that. They will see you as “malleable” to do things which will take your career to the next level. Now, once you get that first “taste level” of fame they start imtroducing you to rituals that sacrifice your ego so YOU ARE DEAD INSIDE – like Cardi B! Once you become dead inside, they move you towards “low level blood rituals” like sacrificing your mama as in the case of Kanye West:

Here lamestream reporting it in an as usual roundabout way…

…And look at the type of shit he got following him now – “his” upside down shadow IS ACTUALLY A DEMON!!! I’ll talk about this later on…

…Or your cousins like Cardi B already talking about, here:

THEN, once you pass that level – then it is on to blood sacrifices, like here:

As per illuminati rituals! This shit goes high up!

This woman who is a no bs former profiler in law enforcement I believe who is GREAT in reading body language says he was telling no lies and I can see – reading his spirit since I am psychic – he told no bs, either!!!

Here a young man trying to escape one of those rituals due to be conducted at Buckingham Palace (they play it off like it is from a “defunct” tv show – notice the convenience of saying it is now “defunct” so you can’t check the facts):

Read this article of a dead body of an Eastern European who went missing and turned up dead on Buckingham palace. Now, they got tight security so how the fuck someone gonna turn up dead when they weren’t invited? Also, note she is from Eastern Europe where people go missing ALL the time and girls, women stay getting trafficked cause their countries don’t give a fuck…

Even though it’s supposed to have been a 17 year old “teen” who died… NOTE HOW YOUNG THE VICTIM IN THE PIC IN THE ARTICLE UP ABOVE LOOKS, THE VICTIM!!!


I remember reading an article going back to
2012 of a young 12 year GIRL from Eastern Europe who turned up missing: Kinda reminds me of the hunting games mk ultra (they say the kids are picled from orphanges, bad kids, cause they “won’t be missed”) survivors report enduring on palace grounds…

Reminds me of this painting made by a #pizzagate artist named Biljana Djurdjevic depicting similar as discussed about acts:

Here is more on how these higher level rituals are done:

Many of these rappers, entertainers, go thru this shit..

Speaking of which, the Black Child here TALKS about how these celebeities can’t sleep at night cause they see demonic things:

(I’ve been trying to find that vid ALL DAY and can’t find it – damn near hemmorraghing a migraine – so let me move right along…)

Speaking of child murders, here’s talk on the pedophile problem:

GREAT DOCUMENTARY called “An Open Secret” which talks about the RAPE of boys in HELLYWEIRD:

…And here is a Doc which came out WAYYY BEFORE #PIZZAGATE showing the elite of the world raping and trafficking kids from al over, including Omaha, Nebraska called: Conspiracy of Silence

– I remember when this was ABOUT TO COME OUT and cause the cable industry was threatened with “heavy regulation”, it got yanked off the time schedule BEFORE it could air (I recall my parents talking about it, talking about “sick politicians – I call em politrickians – raping kids, etc)!

Here are articles from celebs saying they’ve seen shit:

Ariana Grande saying she tormented by demons:


Lady Gaga saying demons torment her:


Now, we don’t look so crazy… Huh?

That said, based on my own experience I can tell you this shit is real…

This thing came back after an astral projection…

I recall as I talk about in the video up above I saw ALL SORTS OF THINGS when I got into Satanism, all sorts of things in mirrors (alot of it is on my second hard drive). But I can tell ya based on how wide her eyes got and LOOKING TOWARDS THE FLOOR Wendy Williams saw those bug entity things which I showed in the first pic up above WHICH COMES FROM RITUALS AFTER BONDING YOURSELF TO A DEMON AS IS DONE IN VOODOO TO THEIR GODS! That said her life sentence in exchange for the Earthly trinkets is a life living in HELL, trying to avoid visions of what you will see in the Afterlife from a “no nothing” as Kanye West would say h
if he were still alive (He’s been killed AND cloned)…

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