The Spiritual Root of Gangstalking

The Spiritual Root of Gangstalking


Alright, I can tell the difference between some people who just so “happen” to be in certain areas at certain times vs mugs who just so “coincidentally” happen to be doing something while giving off bad energy:



This graduation caravan struck me as weird, and as always the lady was dropping low vibe shit:


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Now, unlike some folks who become overly paranoid cause a fucking red car just happen to be in their neighborhood:

Some of this shit is funny, lol! Some of those vids could just be from, I don’t like to say paranoid (cause usually it is an issue with the chakras), but overly (insert chakra here) overactivated person. I know it cause it happened to me when I first started having chakra awakenings and I had become overly sensitive for awhile, thinking folks were sliding their hands on me, etc.

That being said, with folks like that, it can be overly paranoid. I sense in that case that all but the vid talking about blue or red cars are following them and THAT vid is ran by a sorta government agent working on a higher, more psi type level. There is also the other possibility that technology is being used to MAKE those people like that. In the case of the two folks up there who are authentic about their feelings towards their experience, I sense they are already sensitive but there are outer space technologies making them more sensitive than usual to the point of utter paranoia.

– Now, many gangstalking victims with no discernible enemies will say that what you see up above is what happens to them, which won’t make sense to the ordinary person but I will elaborate in a min.

That last one sounds like a fucking straight up CIA, whatever agent, inviting folks into his home then, like the Jigsaw killer, just randomly choosing who he gone fuck with based on who entered his abode (which I sense is like a test experimental lab for that shit).

That being said, you got two main types of gangstalking – one that is induced by technologies used by the government and another – witch ??‍♀️ I experience – which is spiritual. The electronic shit, well, when I was in jail once – I got to talking to a young lady! As we were talking – now she was totally lucid and all – she said that she started hearing “voices” out the blue but they weren’t like spirit voices (which you have to be attuned to a certain frequency like myself to hear – usually via white noise. She said that she started interacting with her and they were shocked with regards to how she was able to tap into their system. They sounded like they were on a microphone or voice box changer (which from my knowledge could be reptilian). That said, she started conversing with them to fuck with her head, they knew what she ate, etc. She bonded with em so much that they left her alone after awhile.

Now, these technologies are created in what are known as deep underground military bases or (DUMBS for short) where due to the Greada Treaty created between ETs and humans after the Roswell incident where aliens traded technology in exchange for kidnapping folks to use for food or for their own experiments:

– I notice in the top upper right they are using a triangle which often appears to me, but mines will be shown facing upwards, topwards.

You can learn more about the Greada Treaty (the first Men In Black film mentioned it) here:–ufos

* This is by far the most detailed and accurate account of what went on AFTER the treaty was created!

Even the NSA got a pdf that you can download off their site:

Now here is more on Dulce Base (the real shit – Area 51 ain’t really it and ain’t been it for awhile): usa.html

This list MOST of the deep underground military bases….

Here, this guy named Phil Schneider said he and a coupla others freed humans enslaved in said deep underground military bases here:

I have even more interesting shit to show you….

Another place that flies off the radar (they moved to the midwest tho.) is Plum Island where a disease research facility used to be.

It’s the place where the montauk monster comes from:

A man with UNUSUALLY LONG FINGERS was found off the shore of Plum Island a while back.

THE FUNNY THING IS – both these legit newspapaers state different accounts of how the person looked, with the NY Post saying he was black and the NY Daily News saying he was white:

That being said, I’ve noticed around where I park this orb here being around – and it disappearing at certain times when I actively stalk it!

At one time I caught two orbs: One white the other red….


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A friend of mines thinks it’s a satellite. Based on what I have seen when I have astral projected I believe it to be some type of orb thar is piloted by these Admiral Ackhbar looking aliens who use mind control to control the local homeless population on the PCH!

I talk about that here:


Here the two ufos circling around me:


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That’s what you call spiritual gangstalking. As I explained in the video, these beings, using a screening device, basically program the homeless living off the coast of Malibu. They couldn’t do that with me (and I have seen that TWICE now in astral projections) which is why I get targeted for harassment….

But that’s okay. Let those evil spirits get you to hate my ass and then when you end up becoming fodder for them like his ma did here:


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….Let their asses send you to hell. I don’t give a fuck!

That being said, it is spiritual harassment that I face. Like John Connor off of Terminator 2:

Look, it goes back to what I was saying about the demiurge and shit (just search the shit on my site) – when you are powerfull to break FREE from that mofo’s reincarnation-matrix trap – like me – it will hate you and will punish you cause it don’t want other soulled individuals (not organic portals) looking up to you and going into their Divinity within (Sol = Soul = Sun ?) to break free of this shit too:

It wants other mofos to stay dumbed down so you can continue to be stupid, buy into mass mind control re-ligion telling you opening chakras is a sin, etc. so it can recycle your soul thru the reincarnation matrix trap and feed off your soul by entrapping it into the physical body it created:

THAT’S the type of shit that I am dealing with. The demiurge places implants in your body, programs so it can control you and get you to do certain things at certain times which is why people will start to spontaneously do street theatre like you can hear about here:

It’s funny, as an example of what I am talking about – when I went to find the Peggy Kane vid for an article on reptilians I was planning on doing – I go to find it but couldn’t. It got taken down, as if Google KNEW I was gonna look for it. I’ve seen this many times with Google doing this where something that may have been up there for YEARS suddenly disappears when I decide to do an article on it!

This man kinda connotes to that here:


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Speaking of which a good friend stated that a reptilian acting behind a google troll account with a man with a red baseball cap would harass me WITCH ??‍♀️ reminds me of this….

THIS MOTHERFUCKER RIGHT HERE – this fucking King of Pentacles….

When I vanished his ass – people were nicer, shit opened up, DREAMS WERE COMING TRUE! I noticed that when I got rid of this death entity that was around me: pure fucking bliss!

See, the more your light fucking shines the more these fucking entities, spirits, “gawds” come to you and fuck with your ass and create material hardships and shit to force you into that demiurge programming.

That shit is REALLY fucking gangstalking and that’s why I don’t war-ship outside of me which you can read about here:

Are The Gods and Goddesses of Every Religion and Spiritual System Energy Harvesters For The Archons

Imma end this by saying that there is some weird shit going on in this world. It os said that the division ain’t between black or white but soulled people (hence why blacks are known to have “soul” food etc.) and organic portals who are basically soulless humans who can be used as empty vessels for any entities with an agenda. I’ll leave you all with this:

I’ll just let this sit and rumminate ?

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