Do Not Try To Use Me To Get Back At Motherfuckers Astrally

Do Not Try To Use Me To Get Back At Motherfuckers Astrally

Be careful what you wish for just like this wetback bitch who I’m about to tell you about shoulda done….

That being said, I’ll never forget awhile back some fucking niggers working at Walmart tried to contact me to get at some people. I did a vid on it here:


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After doing said vid, THOSE NIGGERS reappeared to fight me to get MY BLESSINGS! Oh I got those black ass mayate NIGGERS back!

I don’t play that shit!

With that being said, without further adieu – lemme introduce you all to the next tale that I wanna talk about.

Recently, a WETBACK BITCH (cause she tried to run me over low key in her car one time – her and her wetback ass boyfriend) had parked next to me in a blue beemer. I felt odd about the energy. That being said, later in the night, I astral projected and saw that she was tired of being sexually harassed when going for jobs. It seemed like he was readying for her dream job and a dude who looked like this dude here (who AWFULLY looks like the entity attachment on Aarona and who fucked with me for awhile) was interviewing her and trying to low key get with her.

Now what pisses me off THE MOST about it is it seemed like she wanted to get the blessings I didn’t get – now that I think about it, it seemed like she took the blessings I didn’t get (and looking back in hindsight nor want) that I coulda gotten for instance, it seemed like she applied for a corporate style job, a “respectable” with the city ?

That being said, the scene then changed to me being at my home but an inuit (eskimo) man ran it. He had shoes dotted all around the house and wanted me and my brothers and dad to shit in the shoes or floor (symbolic) but then I went upstairs and found my porcelain sparkling toilet.

The end!

That being said, right after that, sensing she took my energy – I went to ‘woke. I used my third eye to sort shit out. I didn’t have to do anything.

Her and that guy were bound to webs attached to trees. That means their souls are mine.

That is the price you pay when you try to take from a Deity and don’t want to pay back!

You gotta pay somehow.

My energy ain’t free. It will cost you. It’s best you contact me direct to pay me to do work. If not, your soul will be fodder for me in the afterlife.

I also want to impress the point that I am not the altruistic, heart bleeding mug I once was when I used to do copwatching back in the day.

As you can see here:


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I’ve used black magic to take this dude’s ma – body and all.

I hate that people want to take from me, use me and not respect me which is why I practise dark, demonic shit to this day. Satanism helped balance me out and I thank it for it.

That said, don’t be foolhardy like that young woman, like those niggers above. You wanna go ahead and disrespect and take from my energy; good! But Imma have your soul in the afterlife. Best believe!

*Also, as an aside – to the older dude who I spoke with yesterday, when someone tells me to be “humble”, I know that’s codeword for jealous. FYI ?

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