The Inner Conflict of Being An Adult-Child

I am one of those rare people who still retains their childhood innocence (which is a gift) while being hard as fuck, which is why I can deal with all the shit I have dealt with while still simultaneously being hurt easily – esp. when no one helps (witch ??‍♀️ is why I ‘woke folks who attack me as well as those who don’t – I just killed a man recently for that btw):


Now that I think about it, I believe this is the archetype of the joker entity ? An entity that possesses the personality of a child while being dangerous ass fuck cause, although stupid motherfuckers underestimate them, they are capable of great harm cause they see past society’s fakeness, the organic portals and have an unusually a high intolerance for people’s bull and, like a child, will blow up and lash out!

That’s me!

– Note it’s from New Orleans, like me! I felt lead to choose that pic too, it was the 1st one ?

– Just like him I been to jail too LOL

I was too qwutee ???

This is when I lost the innocence (I was 16 – I look OLD compared to how I look now lol):

I also wanna say, I don’t care what folks say – YOU HAVE TO have the mind of a child ??????????? to be creative cause children, being so young and not yet so indoctrinated by our organic portal dominated society, are closely linked to the spirit realm and, as Einstein once said – imagination is genius and I believe he said a connection to the universe cause, if you understand the multiverse theory etc everything that coulda happened has is and will be happening so some shit you “imagined” is most def going down in another timeline. A child’s mind is key to connecting to that shit!

Also, when I think of Aarona, Colton, ME ??‍♀️ we are all very innocent despite our circumstances and that is what pee-pole envy. Your child self is your true self and when you lose that, you lose you!

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