Closing Up The Portals To Hell To Tie Up Loose Ends

I have been hearing for awhile now that some false contractual deal was made with evil entities who won’t fucking let me go!

I was a child in high school who merely hated her high school and just wanted to use the Grand Grimoire – not knowing what the fuck I was doing – to reverse back time and change what I had wrought on myself (looking back knowing what I know now – and after recently removing an entity that influenced folks to treat me unfairly even if I had been nice – I wonder how much influence maybe perhaps “the ancestors” as afrodeity put it had something to do with my decision).

I remember the night I had conjured something up and then had a literal night terror, it was so vivid, where an evil unseen presence followed me in the den of my old childhood home.

I wonder how much of this shit I wrought on myself and my family, esp. my transitioned baby brother (cause you never die since your soul is you), the pain, the misery, the setbacks had I never tried to fuck with that satanic shit.

I also remember in 2014 talking about the reptilians. That is when, ever since, I have felt an invisible hand holding down my money, access to wealth, fame and what feels like trying to make my life a living hell by sending it down an absolute downward trajectory. Reminds me of this:

This dude said no lies when he said they are holding back my money (as I have saud before many hispanics ESP. are organic portal sounding/acting boards for them):

Last night I made a breakthrough – I closed an internal portal to hell.

It riled up the demons, reptilians, entities who long tried to fuck with me and, mannnnn, last night in the astral was no joke.

I’ve been told I was meant to be a great spiritual teacher and something has been holding me down and holding me back.

A false deal I heard. I don’t know why they want me so bad but it is HARDT shaking this shit off.

Me and my baby brother don’t deserve this. No one in my family does.

Last night after closing the internal portal by use of my third eye – I felt a strange euphoria overwash me! I was just, naturally high! I still have much – but not as much – shadow work done!

That being said, when I went to sleep, I was in hell and I saw a demon that looked like Hitler (I was low key a fan of his in high school) say that “We won’t let her go” with a shit eating grin. I then saw what was supposedly my baby brother in a cell much like what the shaman found him in and I heard they turned him into a worm. Through my third eye later I saw a stereotypical satan being patted on the head like a pet by a reptilian for job well done for holding me back after I asked why these things fuck with me…..

The night before I was told by a ghoul in a business suit, a dead man after trying to open a POSITIVE heavenly internal portal to wealth and fame (it’s like something is tainting my shit so I can’t succeed) told me he was in a realm where you can’t look at the sun cause you’ll burn and it was an island with water and the villagers were assholes.

I remember that night very well too. I had something scratchy on my car with long ass talons and even hit my car after opening that portal. I saw no one.

Getting back to last night, after the hell experience, I awoke and heard the weird sounding voice of demons that mock the human voice with one sounding like an old black guy saying, “We gotta whip her ass” as I tried desperate to use my third eye to rescue my brother.

I then went back to sleep. It was like something wanted me to commit suicide. I had a dream basically conveying, well where I experienced being teased at Xavier Prep, my old (unfortunately) high school and how things woulda been better at De La Salle and something kept urging me to commit suicide so I can go to the De La Salle timeline.

I spoke on this here and how they may have – these evil entities – wanted me to strike deals with em so I could get the success, esp. as a senator’s wife, I saw myself getting:

Now Why I Think NOT Attending De La Salle High School Was A GOOD THING

I am blessed to see this so I won’t suffer regrets but I have to wonder how much is this entity manipulation.

That said, the final one spoke volumes. I was in some cafeteria at an assembly. I saw an LAPD officer, muscular, white with a bald head that kept changing into blonde hair (this is the 5th dimension mind you so you will see how a person truly looks vs how they look in the astral) and he was going back and forth between wearing that and his uniform, sorta reminiscient of this:

That said he tried to lunge at me to stab me with a pencil and the hispanic dude who stabbed me irl was with his gf and said, “Hey, leave her alone” and tried to stop him only to get stabbed in the process. Then I saw the same officer IN the chalkboard try to come at me. I whipped out a knife but then he whipped out at 14k gold HUUGE knife. I took a cut but I stabbed him, meaning – I don’t know if evil spirits plan to send his ass and he is a real life person or if his white ass was doing ‘woke, but it translates to 3D life as I will be fine!

When you do work you open internal portals allowing shit to come into our realm from theirs. They got pissed that I shut they ass down. They didn’t like that hence why they double downed on the psychic attacks.

That’s why you have to close those portals. As a kid, I didn’t. I suspect shit been with me before birth as I used my third eye to see where I am from and I am from Sirius, which houses reptilians, fish people, mermaids etc. and when I transported my baby brother there shit tries to eat him. Knowing this – and recalling what Tina by Tarot said about my soul being primarily alien and not friendly to humans – I think that is why the reps feel free to antagonise and fuck with me but really don’t do more (folks in my position get health problems and more). It’s some past life frequency that allows them to enter my life and trifle with it. It is frustrating cause it is so much shit that comes at me but it has to have a source – and a way to stop it!

If you in my shoes use your third eye to banish this shit. Sometimes when you are seeing try to ask your third eye – like it’s a separate entity lol – to elucidate. It is like a microscope that shows you the problem. Gotta ask the right shit so you will get the right response.

I believe I am getting close. I won’t be stuck here, in my situation – which I feel they intend to do and make it worse (hence why I have been having an UNUSUAL time getting my shit smogged). The more I fight and understand em the more they back off. Focus on portals if it is too many of em so you can shut em down! ?

I heard a reptilian hissss TWICE while nearly completing this ??

Also my throat chakra opened while making this:

This symbolic ??

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