Why You Gotta Look At The Messenger Before Accepting The Message

No real soulled being with a real third eye open would need “spirits” to show her shit…..

….Wishing I’d die in 2022.

This an organic vessel for reptilians ??

This mug’s REAL face as seen via my third eye:


Now IT is boasting of how IT is my spiritual senior while having reprimanded me for having an “ego” which we all do….

I love hypocrites!

Now IT is saying it will get me – THEY – will get me for exposing em!

I knew that was a fucking reptilian ????

All I asked this reptilian bitch (that’s a reptilian skeksis mofo hiding behind that stock photo ass account) was….. how the FUCK you gonna tell folks not to drink alcohol and you’re name is WINE baby tarot…..

This bitch out here, telling niggaz not to fucking eat….


Meanwhile she telling ole dude to do fucking drugs…..

My own tarot cards and third eye showed me wtf she is….. a reptilian is controllimg her…..

Got the reptilian king of pentacles card on “her”…..

That said, that whole “look but don’t touch” mindset…. who does that remind you of, better yet what?

“god” the demiurge!

I have been saying that the whole thing of urges that many REAL spiritual people get is programming placed into the body of folks (“god” creates the bodies but not the souls) in the form of implants that is designed to induce torturous urges in folks who have souls and are meant to remind other soulled humans of their divinity so as to keep us in a tormentive, fucked up state and render us ineffective at teaching shit hence the urge in demi-urge!

It is also designed to keep us from enjoying the pleasures of the flesh aka Earthly pleasures…..

That said it is designed to induce suffering which is called loosh which negative entities feed off of.

This vid here perfectly explains it….

Many folks when they are on the spiritual path will feel this overwhelming desire that they got to be (falsely) “godly” and they gotta break away from these urges and to not eat meat not use black magic blah blah fuck that…. ???? In my case I USED TO have an overpowering entity that would influence me to drink then punish me for giving in…..

That said that shit is used to further stress you out and make you not live cause, I mean what is the point of being alive and you ain’t living ie having fun!

The key is balance, moderation! The total withholding of your desires – which you got a right to have – is designed to further make you miserable and make you feel like you don’t want to be on this Earth since what is the point if you ain’t or can’t have fun = be alive, live!

Also, no entity has the fucking right to control you! I talked about that here yesterday somewhat:

Dreams Of School And What They Mean For Our Spiritual And Life Progression

In the process of trying to shut down your potential, the demiurge will send entities as was done to me to further exacerbate your desires falsely in an effort to punish you and make you feel bad for giving into temptation, just as the buybull teaches…..

– Fuck outta here! That ?? is the perfect verse that illustrates the bullshit going on that I am discussing!

Basically that bitch, that wine baby tarot wants folks to die by telling us not to eat so we’ll end up like Buddha:

Buddha – to not starve to death – learned balance is key ? and that the path to enlightenment is just that: duality!

The fat buddha became the wise buddha – he overindulged hence why he is now portrayed as obese – because he realised the key to beating this demiurge matrix system is to not suffer and instead enjoy yourself, have fun…. don’t deny yourself…..

Oh oh there go Dog the Bounty Hunter lol

Ain’t I pretty! I also notice my aura is white after a night of drinking!

That said I peeped that at one point she said my aura was purple:

People with purple auras ARE teachers of the spiritual kind:

….See, enlightenment! I’m enlightened cause I deal in duality and don’t just confine myself to one experience or aspect of life!

That said let me teach you all the schadenfraude that is going on here…..

This heaux is literally telling us not to listen to her by her name – wine baby tarot! How tf you gone tell folks not to drink while your name insinuates you do? On top of that she telling people not to eat, like wtf! So this devious deceptive reptilian bitch wants folks to die!

People like her attack folks low key by mixing truth with lies! IT IS true! I do have entities but so does everyone on this fucking Earth…..

This blog by a REAL spiritualist and shaman (who has helped me breaks it down):


Another thing…. beware of mugs who present themselves as holier than thou and incapable of making mistakes, acting as if they never done dumb shit like this liar ass deceiver right here:

People like her are THE BIGGEST liars and deceivers…. the main ones who it will come out later on as having molested kids, laundered money etc. Never trust assholes that are not honest with themselves and present a false face…. like this reptilian controlled mofo is doing!

And lying assholes like her were the main ones who back in the day would say that I will backstab someone simply cause I called they lying asses TF OUT!

Here is how you defeat the shit: embrace it, embrace the urge! Unless it is an entity attachment that makes you do the shit to feed it (in my case it is a demiurge “punishing” entity) – don’t fight it! Enjoy it!

I got a friend who has sex urges. Is he not supposed to fuck cause he got them urges? That is the bane of insanity, the textbook def.

You got a right to fuck, to drink, to do stupid shit, to make mistakes. NOTHING is supposed to take that away from you. Nothing! These things, the demiurge included has no right to fuck with your self autonomy ie right to self determination as a soulled human being!

I chilled yesterday, had drinks at a friend’s:

Life is chill and I got a right to chill and take my mind off this fucked up planet, esp. after dealing with this fucked up heaux, congratulating me for wearing a shirt:


You can’t be holier than thou all the time! You gotta cut loose on your own terms, get down!

Hell Saturnalia in ancient Rome was practically in exercise in this……

When you no longer have shame that is when the urges will cease cause the demon causing them will no longer have any misery or suffering from which to feed on as brought on by shame!

As for hypocrites like her, they say the realest mofos are mofos who curse cause fake polite nice in the clouds mofos present that “polite” face for a reason #WolvesInSheepsClothing

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