Dreams Of School And What They Mean For Our Spiritual And Life Progression

Dreams Of School And What They Mean For Our Spiritual And Life Progression

You know, as of late – whereas in the past I would see visions of high school, I have been having astral travels to college…..

Coupla days ago it was to Cambridge University which is an EXTREMELY prestigious school in England (Oxford is the most prestigious). As a teen, rearing to metriculate into college – it woulda been a pipe dream for me to go (I was a B student cause I always failed math but EXCELED LIKE A MUG in other places – esp. English and Spanish – sometimes phrases come back spontaneously).

– Bitch I wish….

I was at the beach in Malibu and from what I can best recall some girls I know I believe in real life – one who I ‘woked – were doing a ritual, a spell. I don’t recall if I was involved in it – it seemed like it – was friends but then the scene changed. I was on a rocky outcrop in Malibu – the Pacific Ocean looking as grey as the Atlantic and I turned the other way and saw a comely thin red haired woman, bespectacled, older like maybe 50s, 60s and she was with a younger white man probs. mid to late 30s like me and the lady was part of some Cambridge faction that advocated for Black Lives Matter students and I was somehow a guest student.

One of my favourite things to do when I actually attended school was dwell in the library and that is exactly what I did here. I went to classes but I remember those two were acting highly suspicious about my being there with one saying, “Is she supposed to be here” and then I woke up….

Just last night I was at an astral pormenteau of USC and UCLA. It seemed like I “stayed” there and I thought I had the whole entire bathroom there for myself. I recall going up and down an elevator to a floor where there was a setup for folks who want to be news broadcasters, reporters, anchors but it was set to look like a talk show host format which I now think harkens to another possible alternate reality my life woulda went had I attended De La Salle high school (and I have SEEN that alternate reality too). After being too late to go into the bathroom – it was 8:33 something…. a young white lady came in and she was gonna use it. I recall before she went into the bathroom stall she asked if I were first. I said nah and let her go ahead. She gave me this HUGE dog that looked like a Golden Retriever in the face but reminded me of a bear (protection).

You know – I have been seeing a Golden Retriever that was once helping my brother fend off astral ghouls that were invading our childhood home in the astral – which was empty. When he got taken to hell, then rescued (I saw him at our childhood home in the astral recently via my third eye and shit was coming for him and I had to use my third eye to fend em off – something just “clunked” by my car just now) the golden retriever came to me to protect me and a coupla days ago – when he was around – whereas I usually hear those creepy footsteps from entities etc I heard none! That said, this dog, while I was in the stall, was playing fetch where it threw this plan at me of where I am supposed to be (that talk show host seat) and I recall opening it and reading it.

I recall some guys came up, older white dudes, 50s and again inquired “Am I supposed to be here?”

I think that dreams, astral visions as I call em about school etc. are barometers of where you are at in your spiritual and/or divine life contract. Are you doing what you came here to do, etc. In the past before I really started in earnest on doing work on myself with regards to healing my astral visions almost always circumvented around high school.

Now, last night when I made some monumental BIG strides THIS POPPED UP!

279 popped up, 3x. 279 means closure, completion of something….

THIS is what those numbers were saying…. don’t fret, don’t feel bad – you where you supposed to be and to get over something.

The dumb shit that chemistry teacher said affected me cause I had a kundalini awakening and when you have a kundalini awakening you are “wide open” to all sorts of shit, psychic attacks, neg or pos energy etc. What I did was I realised that what she said hit the sacral chakra so I revisited and took the power from her by making my energy stronger than hers (I was subconsciously cedeing power to others by looking up to them due to the energy of people’s envy of my abilities and the subconscious “need” to knock myself down which continued well into when I was an adult).

That was the lesson I needed to learn.

I got great spiritual power but I also needed to protect my energy while still being sensitive and not having that shit get to me. That’s why it affected me cause it was something I needed to overcome so I can in effect learn to come into my true spiritual powers by transmuting it, changing my worldview where I know that my spirit ain’t just bound to this dimension. It’s the path to becoming a God and not just bound by the mundane shit!

I made another breakthrough – instead of letting evil ass entities run the show on me and make me have urges that I regret when I give into – I pulled a fast one on em and now I will ENJOY the shit I do when I get drunk etc. which I will explain the significance of later in the next blog…..

Now, here the final reason behind why I saw them numbers…..

On a Sunday, I had an astral vision where I was staying in a shelter/motel. There were two white old dudes there who looked like ghouls. Now before falling asleep I MEDITATED ON HOW TO BREAK FREE OF ALL THESE CONTROLLING ASS ENTITIES AROUND ME THAT I DO NOT NEED, that like to torture, torment me.

We Embrace After Dude Pulls A Knife On Me

I coulda died. I saw it a coupla days before with a spiritual attack being sent towards my mother instead being deflected by me – where I was calm about it, like in a state of serenity when the tornado (an astral attack) attacked me – and then a knights templar appeared in the middle and rescued me. I break it down here:

Directly Fighting God The Demiurge: The Top Demon

That being said, the knight said, “This what happens when you make deals with demons…..”

I believe – and I have heard this from MANY tarot people – that I was in a false contract FOR YEARS with evil shit starting from when I was in high school and wanted to fuck with satanism and the Grand Grimoire so I can go back in time and change high schools as was shown in the Devil’s Adovocate at the end where he died and went back in time and started off where he made that pivotal decision to go with the devil’s lawfirm – but this time averting it but still, no matter his choice – the devil was gonna get dat ass ?? lol

That was my film back ‘n da day! Made me wanna be a lawyer but doing all that paperwork on my own for that topless lawsuit – imagine x500 cases – fuck that! Couldn’t be one naw! Fuck that!

That being said I sincerely believe that that contract has finally been shut! It was a false contract – shoulda never been – I never went back in time to go to De La Salle (when I die I could do that on my own) so them demons never did shit so they can fuck off ?? Now that I think about it that fucking demon that time when it said back in 2017, “You coulda been a senator’s wife” their lying asses were planning on going back to that timeline to muck shit up and act like they did something by orchestrating that shit here via premature death – hence the tornado (a portal to hell in the astral) hurtling my way which got intercepted by a knight’s templar:

Thank ya’ll thank ya’ll knights ???

That being said, returning back to the pld dudes I heard the one at the desk where I was at say, “She was supposed to have been let out at 4:23 but we will say she got out at 4:61” which he wrote in a book, reminiscient of the Book of Life folks talk about!

4:23 adds up to 9 in numerology which means completion:

– Damn 9 means completion in MANY spiritual systems…..

4:61 adds up to “10” in numerology which breaks down to a 1 which is a number that can go either way, is an open road for folks (a tarot reader once told me that unlike most folks I wasn’t bound from what she said to a specific timeline. Now that I think of it that is for organic portals cause they are not capable of leading themselves cause they are not in touch like I am with a Higher Self to make self autonomous spiritual life path decisions….):

– They say 1 resonates with the sun which makes me think of the sun god Ra – who folks have said is around me – does not resonate with me cause he IS part of that whole demiurge matrix control power energy thieving system! I bet he also connotes to Saturn – the original sun during the time of the Egyptians aka the “black sun” which is used in satanic, really Saturnian war-ship around the world in the form of the cube, a portal to hell that exists on Saturn:




Anyways they were supposed to have released me a long fucking time ago and only started to make moves when I REALLY started jumping on they asses, threatening, revealing…..

Now I feel like a new me! My crown chakra open – I feel good! A reptilian heaux (who I will talk about in my next blog article) ADMITTED my aura a light purple (white + purple) which connotes to higher self and connection to spirit realms all due to a breakthrough I made last night, internally!

That being said, that whole “I don’t know if she ready” thing was…. I don’t know what the fuck that was all about (I sense that it’s an entity that is trying to hold me back and I think I know what it is which I will discuss in the next blog) but I feel shit going in the right direction…..

I feel good and I’m here to teach but not in the manner folks expect…..

Learn from my experiences ???? boy that lil emoji with the lil kindergarten thing and the black and white journal book bring back SO MANY POSITIVE MEMORIES….. I miss my youth but I don’t wanna go back to school ??

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