Homeless Gangstalkers Get ‘Woked

It’s sooo nice out here…..

Looka the way this moon look….. I know someone will argue it’s outta focus but it don’t look like that even when shit blurry…..

Just nice and peaceful and fucking serene…..

I’d rather deal with the worst of my ghosts then to deal with pee-pole and they foolishness…..

That said, then the fucking riff raff gotta show the fuck up…..

But I show em out wit ‘woke ????‍♀️

These fools, earlier came by trying to do – I could tell – that dumbass ride around u turn bullshit that them gangstalkers be doing….. But he got ‘woked ??????‍♀️

Truck ‘woked


Dial A Van whatever tf you call dat ‘woked


….And I laughed at they ass……


Laughed at they dumbasses cause while they were stranded after trying to pull they dumb shit, one said, “Put some clothes on.” That’s what you get for misjudging people and underestimating them and trying to be an asshole.

And I didn’t even have to do shyte!

Before then this fucking beener in a beemer sexual predator stalker came around, being a wetback, stalking me – second time I saw his wetback ass out here – and I sorta ‘woked his ass (to run him out) and I could feel the evil energy I sent his way on him. Wetback bowed out!


Get on you filthy mofo…..

Here the first time his wetbuck ass stalked me…..

The Reptilians Are REALLY SENDING Their Organic Portal Wetbacks As A Form Of A Psychic Attack

And these mofos here, in a camper. You can just SEE their whole behavior suspicious…..


I be knowing wtf is up. That’s why folks call me crazy cause they can’t fool me like they think they got me chalked up to!

I can tell when mofos are on the straight up and up and mugs who are just looking to fuck with me! Them mugs across the street are it (hence why they got it)…. them other pee-pole in the suv and RV! I know what’s up! And I didn’t have to do shit! Spirits went in there and fucked they shit up! Watch who you fuck with cause ya home can be next…. like them creepy ass crakkka mofos across the street. They might get worse…..

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