The Path To Enlightenment Is Duality And Hypocrites WILL Show You The Way

Before I begin let me show you all some of the insane shit I’ve been getting from stalkers (found these in spam)…..

LOL at this wetback calling ITSELF “white” when it ain’t even human…..

This bitch IS going crazy…. I check my cards….

This fucking weirdo here LEGIT thought I was gonna pay his ass 66.66 for….. I don’t even wanna get into it…..

And this coocoo child neglectful weirdo (not witch) right here….

Let me tell you about her…..

Say, you know what’s strange – all this shit was sent last night yet they’re dated at Aug 10, Aug 8 as if they came at around that time and the rest of my spam folders show soon…..

That being said, and you can listen here at 1:05:11….

The candles she evidently tried to use on me to do death magick (I guess) exploded with black smoke coming out…..

Here are two meanings I found on it…..

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I am a pretty powerful mofo! That’s a sign that whatever she trying to send my way will not only not only go thru but will blow up in her dumbass face hence the explosion…..

I’ve been checking my cards and I’ll just say that, as I am nearing my healing completion, they are going crazy and are being haunted and fucked with by the very same shit that is fucking with me (but I am shedding thru healing cause I am not on the kitchen witch shit) and speaking of which…..

THAT is the hooded entity who I call the “king of cups” (he even looks like it as you will see in the second pic) who comes out at around 3am, 4am REGARDLESS OF WHERE I AM AT and starts tinkering with the car. When I heard it’s footsteps and came out J heard a LOUD clink in my car and that pic was snapped where I heard it, RIGHT IN THAT SPOT!

I also saw a yellow eyed entity and an owl looking entity both perched looking into my car…..

I also caught some interesting EVPs…..

There was a spirit mimic mimicking me as if I was in hell…..


This one you can hear that “King of Cups” demon speaking (you can hear it on the other one too)…..


I gotta say – regarding that spirit mimic one – a long time ago while passed out I awoke to see a Los Angeles Sheriff and a concerned gentleman by my car and he thought I was shouting for help….. but I was passed out and I remember EVERYTHING until I pass out so that was a spirit mimic he heard mimicking my voice……

I also realise that those entities are the ones putting this shit in my car. I note folks will think it’s small animals cause I am in the forest but this happens EVERYWHERE REGARDLESS of the setting…..

They did this shit here (I recall hearing an entity say outloud “what you doing with them shrimpheads….”):



One time when I heard the familiar clinking and I came out (if I rem. correct I couldn’t even pick it up on film) there was no mouse, no nothing…..

I think to drive me crazy it’s been dropping shit near my car (that crushed water bottle was across the street for a looong time) and that tissue to make me think some nasty ass is playing with himself by my car and make me paranoid cause, here’s the thing, I was up LATE and woke up, again, mad early and this place is desolate so I highly doubt an asshole came around and did dumb shit…..

That fucking spirit planted it lol…..

That said as I heal there has been ALOT of gangstalking going on around me…..

I think this the same asshole from here who sexually harassed me and got me arrested with his fatass in a fucking Prius…..


The original vids can be seen here:

To The Starseeds Out There Never Let The System or ANYONE Change You

Then these people here…. it’s so weird cause as you will see a tow truck passed em by, similar to the one that came yet they were there – in a nice new car (Malibu weirdos use that to gangstalk me with) for hours…..





I also noticed this Malibu nut gangstalking me after I blocked his ass on my ig account (I did NOT like his energy AT ALL)…..


And this was too fucking weird here for him to stop in the middle of the road while I was behind him……


That was straight gangstalking…..

Now let me talk about the main issue here…..

You gotta watch mofos…. I felt something odd about her energy, like she is an organic vessel being used by evil entities to portend messages…..

That shit look like a stock fake photo you see wellness coaches posting….

You gotta watch people and always LOOK at the messenger before accepting the message!

I sense STRONGLY deceptive reptilian organic portal vessel with her…..

That being said READ what she says yet peep her name…..

The complete fucking irony and the deception is real!

How you gonna tell someone not to drink yet your name is wine baby tarot insinuating you drink off wine bottles like babies drink off they mom’s tits!?????

She also telling him to take fucking drugs (you don’t need that to open up your shit and with him being an atheist he will just dismiss it off as hallucinations)…..

The MAIN mofos who hated me back in the day were deceptive assholes like her who got PISSED when I called em out on they shit (after I started ‘wokeing folks they REALLY paused that shit)…..

Moderation is key ? In everything, look, you gotta fuck eat! This bitch saying don’t fucking eat!

It reminds me ot idiotic vegans who “detox” themselves to the aftelife…..

As a matter of fact look at what this cult fed kidnapped kids to keep them restrained and too tired to escape or did shit about their predicament…..

That being said I been saying this….. btw you can read the rest of wine baby’s comments here (this dude she quotes, Padre Pio, I heard was a satanist)…..

Colton Wood Eye Sea The Dark Spirits Are REALLY Coming For You

With that being said, duality is key ? without duality, you can’t get to enlightenment cause you got to suffer to see all the shit that life brings along with enjoying it. Another thing…. as Alex Collier says here:

We humans possess what is known as junk DNA which is the result of multiple – or, like in the case of wetbacks – singular alien groups inserting and/ or tampering with our DNA to produce us hence why in a short span of time, 200,000 years to be exact, from homo erectus to homo sapien (modern thinking human):

Look at that chart up above…. all the other evolutionary periods took 1 million years, but from homo erectus to homo sapien it only too 200k years? Aliens did it!

Now, according to Alex Collier these other alien species ENVY that we got the full range of emotions we got (they lost the ability to have individualistic emotions EONS ago in their evolutionary process) and now they are bottlenecked with hiveminds (cause everybody got telepathy, telekinesis in their societies) hence why starseed souls may incarnate on Earth!

That said, getting back to wine baby’s fucking comment she wants us dead. The shit she says lit mimics what the catholic church says about everything being a sin while taking shit a step further by saying that food is a sin and, if you don’t fucking eat, you fucking die like those vegans in the above video!

That said, that is the message that she is trying to implant into Colton Woods’, I, and others like us minds! I been saying it! Many starseeds suffer afflictions that attack our pleasure areas like unusual urges for food, alcohol to drive us crazy and drive us to suicide. I got a real good friend with a sex addiction. What is he supposed to do? Stop having sex!

That’s crazy!

We got a fundamental RIGHT to go crazy, get drunk, fuck, hate on wetbacks….. these entities have no right to tamper with that. That’s control mechanism designed to take our TRUE spiritual powers away from us…. the ability to choose and be fucking Gods of which our souls are mere splinters of…..

Case in point: I’m a fucking gnostic. The shaman who helped me is vegan, lives away from folks on a farm, is a lil old white lady, born in a different gen and works with entities I see as being part of the demiurge-archon matrix system as I explain here:

Are The Gods and Goddesses of Every Religion and Spiritual System Energy Harvesters For The Archons

That said, she called herself jumping on me for ‘wokeing folks and sending them to hell. She tried to advise me to run to “gods” and ask them to intercede. Being that I feel STRONGLY that that only feeds into the demiurge-archon matrix system by giving these computer generated holographic “gods” our energy thru war-ship, sacrifices, offerings – I’m like “no” ??

I also had to bite my tongue and not tell her that her ass got the privilege of saying that cause she lives on a farm, far away from folks, is white and don’t have to deal with the bullshit I deal with (my ‘wokeing keeps people in line).

That said, ‘wokeing is part of my God Divine Source abilities. It is a manifestation of the duality contained in us soul beings. The true Source is both male and female and has various expressions. It is like how in voodoo or another spiritual system a “god” can appear as a cat or a more benevolent version of him or herself then what she is depicted to be. I got that, all in me – the feminine (esp. the divine feminine), the masculine. The fuck I need to go outside myself for…..

You can study more on The Source, Sophiaism, Aeons here:

Sophia is the Divine Feminine aspect of God:

The masculine is logical, aggressive – the feminine is passive, inuitive…..

Bringing both those together makes you a God (the shaman told me that I an a perfect expression of both!)!

That being said, I ‘woke cause stupid, ignorant mofos who sense my powers would fuck with me worse if I didn’t use my abilities to keep mofos – esp. wetbacks – in line!

I’ve been stabbed, twice nearly ran over, raped, I walk around topless – YOU DAMN RIGHT I use black magic to keep mofos (esp. wetbacks) in fucking line and ‘woke your ass to fucking hell if you don’t toe it ???

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Read dem shits as primers…..

Also wtf is up with this “choose the light or dark” bs…..


– I’ve seen an entity who looks JUST like that hooded man there…..

That said, you don’t “choose” light or dark it is already in you…..

From my experience the “devil” side is the right, chaotic = creative side and the “angel” the logical toe the line of society side!

We are both! We got a right to fuck, drink, have fun. It sounds like these entities want us to be holier than thou, deny our passions till we like, fucking die! We got a right to reproduce and have kids! That’s how we keep lines open for reincarnation I believe, hence the fervent belief in bloodlines and why royal families be marrying their cousins and shit:

– He wrong to put ole ugly ass Camilia Bowels in there after he had killed his late wife (who was prettier), Diana.

– Dude to far left cutee with BEAUTIFUL high cheekbones…..

Those are the Rothschilds.

That being said, this shit a ploy to run starseeds and folks who are here to help the planet off of it cause if you don’t have aggression and thus the survival instinct to fight shit off like the “peace and love” hippie new age faggatores would want you to buy into…..

– How the FUCK can you survive the onslaught of ravenous ass organic portals who will be possessed by demons and reptilians and other evil entities to come after you?

There was a time I was like Aarona and had mofos fucking with me till I started ‘wokeing assholes then assholes showed respect!

Why stay here – I mean that wine baby tarot heaux talks about you can ascend and walk on water….. bitch you will be able to do that once you die and get to the other side.

Why act like you there already when we came here to indulge in Earthly 3D pleasures…..?

FOH ??

That said, those mofos are crazy. Live your life, have fun on your terms and do shit in moderation aka what you can handle!

Besides, Buddha learned that “you can’t stay in the clouds forever and deny yourself Earthly pleasures” mentality the hard way…..

– Might as well fucking die since you are already killing yourself to get to that astral plane faster where you can levitate, etc.

He then founded enlightenment by living a balanced life ?? ?

fat Buddha statue sit

There’s a spirit in that fucking statue…..

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