To The Starseeds Out There Never Let The System or ANYONE Change You

To The Starseeds Out There Never Let The System or ANYONE Change You

I’m saying it cause of this….




Hear ??? me saying it ???




That being said – as I have seen from MY EXPERIENCE – the system and what I call organic portals or organic robotoids of humans (they are the ones who we can sense are kinda dead with no personality and just follow the ways and machinations of the system without question such as being concerned about status, material things – BUT THE KEY IS THEIR LACK OF AN ENERGY SIGNATURE ???) will try to tear us down but we are better than them; we are different!

They know it. They sense us by our energy signature and from there seek to tear us down by getting into our intimate spaces (then sabotaging us, trying to get us to have the same trivial Earthly concerns as them) and, if trying to court you doesn’t work, they deploy the time honoured method of discrediting you (but only those who matter will still here), attacking you via either verbally or physically, isolating you or even killing you if you expose too much shit like Yashuah Ben Pendira (and others who exposed folks to TRUE CHRISTIANITY in the day which focused on the opening of chakras, gnostic beliefs that we derive from The Source and that we are – in fact – our own Gods):

– Yashuah Ben Pendira never wanted us to war-ship him! This was a con committed by the Eastern Roman Empire during the Council of Nicea in which they created the “Jesus” aka HEY-Zeus KRISHNA aka “Christ” myth to keep the Romans together and, later, the image of the Beast was created:

Whitening Yashuah based on the basturd son of Pope Rodrigo, Cesare Borgia. You can read more here:

Yashuah was black:

This was accepted in early EUROPEAN perverted Christianity (same one used to kill folks in the Crusades, Grand Inquisition)….

– And can be seen in MANY old ancient churches in Europe.

I live as Yashuah said: “I can tell my flock by the fruits they produce.”

In my case I can tell my own by their energy signature….

1) When dealing with these people, first rule of thumb is do not let these people into your personal space. It is like the rule of thumb to not let vampires in so they can feast off of you, drain you and destroy you.

I’ve heard from many folks that folks who hate me are intrigued by me and yet, want to be close to me and get upset they can’t do that.

This bitch was like that till I let my ‘woke on her:

Stalked By A Silverback Ape Named Angeline Alexis

Here evidence of my ‘wokeing ha, here!

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

This is why I ‘woke bitches! You have to for self preservation.

It is our energy that attracts em. It happens to men too cause I was talking with a VERY spiritually power-full young man who live in his vehicle one day and his talking of folks, young ladies, unusually trying to come up to him to court him.

I’ve gotten motherfuckers who become unusually obsessed, fixated on me:

Reptilian Entities Have Been Attaching To Old Ugly Sexually Predatory Men To Get Sexual Energy Out of Me

I keep their asses RIGHT THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME and let them know what’s up, that they are not of my flock, my people – I can tell by their energy signature – and to take their demonic/reptilian energy having asses and get the fuck. Some of this shit was crazy but me having an overstanding of things – I understand what is going on ??

I know for those of us with regular jobs it’s hard cause you gotta deal with them peepole, get along to survive but what you do is, let me tell you what I did one day:

While doing this video here:


I saw a wetbuck driving past, leering! INSTANTLY I felt an energy chord become created between me and him. THE MINUTE I VISUALIZED IT BEING CUT, he stopped staring, like “magic.” They do shit to us like in my case antagonise me so they can get our energy. PROTECT YOUR ENERGY AND KEEP YOURSELF STRONG BY HAVING A STRONG SENSE OF SELF AND STANDING IN YOUR POWER: DON’T DO SHIT LIKE DRUGS OR ALCOHOL THAT WILL “TAKE YOU OUT OF YOURSELF” – SO THEY KNOW THEN AND THERE NOT TO FEED OFF OF YOU!

2) Starting using your power to fuck people up. I was once like Aarona and had all them energy vampires swooping towards the trough to attack me (for my energy). That all STOPPED when I started putting ‘woke on people, like killing this man’s ma for not giving me a battery jump:

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

They know I don’t play and alot of enemies – as they called themselves before – know to stay off my ass NOW.

3) Develop a strong sense of self. There was a time where I was not strong in my power and I would be – because I am an empath – emotionally, unwittingly swayed and enslaved by the thoughts of others. It stopped when I came into my true sense of power, owning me and how I am. Satanism did alot to bring me to that. People will try to take advantage of your leaking (sorta) energy and try to clasp, grasp on to you, try to taunt you by manipulating your intense emotions to feel for others that you gotta do for them for whatever they unsavoury use for you is. Stop that! Do not emotionally put yourself in their feet. Fuck them! Develop a way to keep energy chords from connecting to them (it is far harder if you are in constant contact with people hence why Buddha and Yashuah Ben Pendira and Krishna took the path of staying in the woods and far away from folks). If you know how – you can use YOUR energy to control them too. They are organic portals after all…. When you do that – you come into your True Divine Power. ?? You will only care about the truth and nothing else anyone says.

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