The Reptilians Are REALLY SENDING Their Organic Portal Wetbacks As A Form Of A Psychic Attack

This shit ALWAYS happens as I become more powerfull, slamming down addictions, healing….

I say NO LIES when I said these fuckerz are some type of low vibratory organic portals for the reptilians to work thru….

This the 4TH TIME this mofo (his name is Raymond like Rain Man lol) came around (funny cause RIGHT BEFORE THIS I was telling my friend that it seems that as of late that reptilian “King of Pentacles” was helping)….

Guess I got proven wrong…..


You damn right I did something to run that low vibratory demon seed of Quetzalcoatl up the street!

I strongly sense IT got the message…..

Here are the 3 other stalking incidents by this thing!




This will end cause I will NOT suffer esp. a fucking WETBACK – A LOWLY NONHUMAN WETBACK to stalk me! At least the other ones were white aka human!

That being said, I’ve been noticing this shit all day where after this here….

I Am A Woman Of My Word

I even noticed a broad from yesterday doing some shit (but I don’t really focus on women). She some type of gangstalking neighborhood committee wetback shit!

I even heard her say, “Raven” both yesterday and I just smiled…..

I ain’t really threatened…..

It is like them things are being programmed to what Eve Lorgen calls doing love byte type stalking where THEY – NO ONE ELSE – been driving past, doing that slow down gawk with dead eye (cause there ain’t no brains behind them eyes) shit or the u turn shit (but not as bad).

Another form of attack that Quetzalcoatl and the other reptilians program them to do is to get you focused on material things so as to bring you down to a low vibratory place, mentally, and have you renounce your spiritual journey and this is what the garbled, unintelligible wetback lack of logic comment was trying to accomplish here:

As an aside, lol, I thought this lil punk-thing works (maybe except for pushing his fellow gangmember’s dicks thru his bootyhole)…. look at IT’S colours….

Thay being said – also as an aside, I find it INCREDIBLY FUNNY that they somehow like to conclude and throw that they work hard (never mind that my people were forced to build this country – so yeah we deserve some relaxtion and governmental compensation since we never got our reparations) like it’s some source of pride which, eerily, confirms what I been saying about them being a slave worker race created by Quetzalcoatl JUST FOR THAT PURPOSE – not to work smart, but to only be capable of working hard, like slaves…..

That’s why the richest man is messy-co is a Lebanese man named Carlos Slim:

Also you look at this list of the richest messy-canTs and they don’t even look like your regular ole brown beaner bags ??:

LOL all fucking white people…. meanwhile we black folks got…..

Jay Z and Beyonce

CEO of Lowe’s Marvin Ellison

50 Cent who owns his own shows, got a successful show out right now, production companies, businesses….

Same with rapper T.I.

And, lol at the similarity in their names, T Pain…..

Let me make something clear: these aren’t just black entertainers but fucking BUSINESS MOGULS, HEADS OF INDUSTRIES which is why I posted Mr. Ellison (to show black CEOs) and the others.

Wetbacks on the other hand…. their cling to fame is wetback George Lopez….

And this dude named Cesar Millian whose claim to fame is basically being a messy-can stereotype who serves wide people (lol):

Now, lemme make something clear – I am NOT materialistic, I don’t care about status and shit (as long as I can be me and say my truth and shit I’m fine)….. but, just note, none of the wetback sellebs are exactly on the same level as these black celebs!

We have lived in America and coexisted with white people for a very long time. We understand them, and they, us. We are part of the America fabric. Ya’ll…. with ya’ll caping for messy-co as part of that soccer bullshit as shown here:

You things (cause they are organic portals) with your insistence on speaking Spanish and not trying to learn English – WILL NEVER BE PART OF THE AMERICAN FABRIC CAUSE YOU ALL OTHERIZE yourselves hence why you all will never have Beyonces or Jay Z’s…. and also cause you mofos are innately stupid cause you can’t even fucking dominate in your own fucking country, lol:

I will say tho as can be seen here they DO excel at being a great slave worker race – and they ACTUALLY take pride in it like the wetbuck who made that comment up above (they got Quetzalcoatl to thank for that) ??


I was lol the whole time at that video lol ?? Treat em like the dogs they are – white man and white woman – Asé ✊?

They do make a GRREAT slave worker race (demon seed). I’ll give em that, wetback! ????????????

I WOULD NEVER WANNA MIX MY GENES WITH AN INFERIOR WETBACK! Let me break down to the humans out there how they operate: As I said before, they have an insistence on just being enmeshed in low vibratory acts. They have a very low vibratory cult-ure thay focuses on turning women into mere fucking broadmares for reproductive purposes. One of em said this here, lol:

In essence she says that women aren’t valued in that cult-ure unless they are moms with 6 or 7 kids and that they aren’t valued for having a brain.

If that ain’t toxic – and reptilian – enough – I mean, just read all this shit as primers (cause I am just repeating myself at this point):

I Am REALLY FUCKING CONVINCED That Wetbucks and South and Central Americans Are Some Evil Demonic Reptilian Spawns

Here Is Why Asians Are Better Than Wetbacks Tho They Come From A Reptilian Bloodline

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Basically, in essence, the main thing I wanna drive home is that they, like their reptilian slavemasters, HATE with a passion the Divine Feminine Principle hence why you got machismo and alot of femicide going on like what you got going on in Ciudad Juarez, Messy-co:

This shit here:

I mean, of all the cult-ures in the world, they are some of those most low vibratory, demonic, disrespectful towards the woman….

Even death to them (which is what they war-ship in their culture) is symbolised as female tho we are supposed to be the ones to give life as shown by the main demonic idols they war-ship:

Santa Muerte.

La Catrina.

Fucking demonic.

That says ALOT about their attitudes towards women and that is honestly fucking bothersome and loathesome….

With that said – at least with the white dudes who just wanted to fuck (and steal sacral chakra energy) who were being influenced by a reptilian entity….. this thing here wanted to steal my superior DNA and lock me down into a dronish life of having kids, being married. This is what you call spiritual gangstalking which I covered here:

The Spiritual Root of Gangstalking

Reptilian Entities Have Been Attaching To Old Ugly Sexually Predatory Men To Get Sexual Energy Out of Me

Eve Lorgen on her website here talked about how reptilian, demonic entities will induce people to stalk you and to fuck with you and one of doing that is via a “love byte” type of program where somebody will become inexplicably obsessed with your very being and has an overwhelming urge (like the demiurge) to want to be around you! These people will often times – to further aggravate you abd get “loosh” out of you – by being spiritually, emotionally and physically incompatible like how all these mofos are old and ugly (and one a wetback). That being said, the key to warding them off is to, there are ways to manipulate your energy to get rid of em.

Also I find when I use my third eye to see what is going on I WILL ALWAYS SEE spider webs or fences around the person, entrapping them to an astral version of yourself which I will see them kissing on (and it is disturbing to see). If an entity is not making them do this – like I saw with Dan Wetback Diaz early this morning – they will be holding an astral form of yourself in close embrace to kiss on it.

What you must do is to try to destroy the entity doing it. Sometimes the love bytes are anchored in a trauma located in one of your chakras which from there you will have to heal and remove entities out of so you can defeat the overall thing.

In the case of where it is just them and your astral form you can bind them by a projecting a fence around them to keep them away from you.

For awhile I saw I saw intranquil spirits and a cute lil golden retriever my baby brother had before he got snatched out of our childhood home in the astral and taken to hell that was attacking that wetback!

Also there could be etheric ties created by entities connecting you to that person which you gotta severe so they’ll leave you alone. Those are easy to discern even without using your third cause you will feel an explicable bond to em knowing damn well that ain’t you wanting that shit!

That being said, people like myself are put here for a special purpose. I’m hear to teach (not make a genetic imprint in the form of babies) then go! It’s the path of the Buddha, Yashuah Ben Pendira aka “jesus” aka HEY-Zeus, and Krishna. I am not hear to live the conventional life of a norp whose focus is on the 3D; having kids, running in the rat race – I’m not here for that and I’ve always known! For folks like myself who are here for a special divine purpose – just like HEY-Zeus in the Buy-Bull where Satan tried to attack him by trying to get him caught up on material things, offering kingdoms and shit….. Folks like myself get regularly attacked that way! If the demiurge aka “god” ain’t sending his organic portals to get you obsessed about material shit and guilt trip you about living a minimal lifestyle (so it can set you up to make a deal with it in exchange for your soul for material Earthly trinkets), it’s people who try to fuck you over and distract you right when you are about to make some big spiritual accomplishment! When I started the process of healing I got ran over nearly twice that weekend. Many powerful spiritual people I know are beseiged by inexplicable cravings for alcohol, drugs like one guy I know who started getting those cravings when he attempted to astral project to Mount Shasta and the reptilians came after him. Now people are hating on him for no reason – it sounds like me!

They go after the strongest spiritual warriors to keep what we have to say from becoming popular. That is why it is good to develop an intuitive overstanding of what is going on. Don’t entertain the demiurge’s minions aka organic portals cause that’s how they tear you down and drain. That’s why via intuition I know who to let in and who not to.

I knew from an early age that I would pick this path and it would be hard – made hard by outside forces that can manipulate the world we are in! That said, I was prepared for and made for this fight and every battle is worth it cause it proves I am doing what I came here for!

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