Here Is Why Asians Are Better Than Wetbacks Tho They Come From A Reptilian Bloodline

Here Is Why Asians Are Better Than Wetbacks Tho They Come From A Reptilian Bloodline

I LOVE when people prove their own stereotypes….

This thing is saying that cause this demon seed right here….

has a right to stalk me cause he “works hard” while throwing in racist shit about blacks and whites (I told you all that logic ain’t them thing’s strong points cause of their inherent lack of intelligence combined with inherent reptilian tendencies). Look further at the statement: he states that wetback child things run from their parents in messy-co due to widespread sex child enslavement and trafficking. It proves my point that they are inherent sexual predators.

You can look on this blog post here:

I Have Completely Healed

of that demon seed stalking me, even did it a third time:


I think with that third time he got the message cause I really wanted to hurt him cause I hate those things….

That being said here is why the Asians don’t act as demonic as the wetbacks tho they come from a reptilian bloodline (I myself have reptilian dna)…..

The dragons in Eastern culture were for the most part helpful and, like the “god” aka demiurge in western culture and christianity, required sacrifices such as the Dragon King of China who is considered the ultimate god:

….However they are mostly seen as benevolent and wise protectors in Eastern culture.

This article here is a good primer:

This lady who is a hmong shaman breaks it down even further (I enjoy her channel):

That said, I am not gonna lie – I have the UTMOST RESPECT for Asian culture. Unlike the wetback who war-ships whites and act as their lapdogs, seeking crakkkas’ approval (Imma break down why as I go deeper in this article), they respect themselves by seeing themselves as superior! In Japan for instance they treat white folks like shit:

This brother here breaks down how the discrimination he faces comes from crakkkkas in Japan:

Meanwhile THIS CRAKKKA tries to project (cause we all know crakkkas are the masters of projection and deflection)…. the way his people treat us onto the Japanese (fuck on outta here and get out Nippon, stupid ??):

Those mofos ALWAYS try to project and deny responsibility by placing it on their fucking victims such as when they try to deny the holocaust ever happened or when they blame Afrikans for selling slaves to them (bitch we are indigenious to over here and were enslaved our own land, lying ass bitch):

– Now, not to get thrown off the main topic here but I respect and have ALWAYS admired Asian culture!

They got a gracefulness about them in how they handle things, including fights which comes with a consciousness almost similar to what I got which is not of this world sorta speak. A wisdom that is deeper than the Earthly roots of humanity, that supercedes the human experience, it is beyond it! They don’t really have an Earthly low vibrational 3D consciousness and we have seen that manifested via Bruce Lee who was a living god:

A lil known fact: cause Bruce Lee refused to join the Li family – the Chinese branch of the illuminati – him and all his male children after him were doomed to a demon put on them via a curse by the Li family.

You can see Bruce Lee fighting the demon off here:

BECAUSE he defeated the demon before he died – the curse still killed him and his son, Brandon Lee, off but they could not take his soul.

It reminds me very much of the three demons who I had to defeat recently to become whole – actually, three reptilians with 2 of em being female iguana looking reptilians and one looking like Darth Maul:

….Wow, as I tried to post the image it kept not coming out right which you can see here:

The KKK hat wearing one was actually featured in American Horror Story The Coven 3rd season:

I explain the occult origins of the kkk outfits and the burqas here:

The Idea of KKK Outfits and Burqas Come From Astral Witches

The Occult Orgins of the KKK Burqa Outfits and the Om Chant

That being said, those Asian culture is a very homogenized culture, it is one of peace and civility, built on societal respect, respect for life, etc. In Shintoism they revere their dead but not in the volatile, demonic manner that the wetbacks WARship death, violence and decay:

It ain’t like with the wetbacks where death is war-shipped for the sake of malevolence, violence and cruelty:

As you can see here from a video taken by a reader of streetpeopleofsantamonic on IG look at how demonic these things look, you can see the evil and sadism in these demonic things’ eyes – and it took a black man to stop them:


I know first hand that wetbacks are demonic, cruel creatures that are not human.

Mexican Attacks Black Woman

I know first hand that they are demonic motherfuckers that are not human and I am HELLBENT AND DETERMINED TO BRING WHAT I WILL SAY TO THE WORLD!

The other night I got harassed by those fucking cowardly, nonhuman demons..

You can even see a cross in their light that tilts….

I say no lies when I talk about them. My info is reaching alot of humans and I am happy. They are pissed and mad because of it, because their true evil pernicious demonic nature is getting exposed by me abd I won’t fucking stop!

That said….

The reptilian creature that created them was a demonic reptilian dragon by the name of Quetzalcoatl who demanded human sacrifices just because – cause it ENJOYED the power it wielded over the human like creatures it invented: the wetback!

An Aztec priest performing the sacrificial offering of a living human’s heart to the war god Huitzilopochtli. The deity was the national god of the Aztecs and was credited with both the victories and defeats that his people achieved. Because of this the Aztecs provided great tributes and amounts of foods in order to appease him and help them to achieve victory. (Photo by: Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty images)

Google Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese “human sacrifice” and see what you get…

– The Chinese one just shows the aztec wetbacks….

Under the Vietnamese one you just people praying….

These motherfuckers are a race of demonic monsters and there is your proof: look at their origins!

Apocalypto is a very good film to watch to understand the demonic sadistic nature of the wetback!

The demon that created them, Quetzalcoatl, was a bloodthirsty with no respect for human life and hated humanity. That is why the things he created to resemble humans – the wetback – modeled his demonic, bloodthirsty teeth as the aztecs did eons ago:

LORDESS HAVE MERCY – RIGHT as I was getting deep into this article, a wetback shows up, JUST LIKE ONE STARTED THE BANGING ON THE DOORS OF MY FRIEND’S APARTMENT right when he was about to reveal some important info on the reptilians chasing me – to throw me off….


You can’t tell me I am a lie!

That being said, human sacrifices were a big thing in Aztec cult-ure where death and murder were normalized and we see it in their cult-ure (of death) now….

You can see this in their cult-ure of death with regards to the “spiritual idols” they war-ship:

THIS is their cult-ure! It is a cult-ure of death, violence and malevolence heavily steeped in an anti-human nature.

Another thing…. they wannabe white! Remember when I said that they are the white man’s lapdogs as can be seen here:


– They also make a great slave worker race (since they got low expectations) like this wetback here…..

Welp, I can’t find the video since IT put IT’S account on private unfortunately but here is the link in which you can request to be added (so you can send me that video):

The best he can do is construction, low expectations having…. NO WONDER WHITE PEOPLE LIKE USING…. err, I mean, “love” em, fucking idiots!

Also, IT was mocking black lives matter, saying we loot when it was IT’S degenerate, low IQ, low vibrational species of creatures doing it….

Looka them ASSlans go….

That was a DEMON seed trying to break the door down cause I could recognise IT’S wetback demonic voice which sounded alot like the wetback who stabbed me….

IT TOOK A WHITE WOMAN AND A BLACK MAN TO DEFEND IT (that is why emphatically say that we got more in common with whites then we could EVER have with them):

The demon seed even tried to fight the brother after he called em OUT for that shit!

You got two demon seeds here hit with charges for looting during the George Floyd riots….

Another thing, during riots it was NON BLACKS spraying BLM on businesses, defacing property as these two siSt⭐ars noted here:

Anyways, NOTE how the subservient SLAVE wetback in that other vid who was being treated like the slave (it is) won’t do fucked up shit to whites (even when they do them things wrong) like they do to us as I have expounded upon here:

Looka how they did me….

The Difference In How Mexicans Treat A Hostile White Lady Vs A Black Lady

Wetback Male Tries To Put Hands on Black Female Just Now

Praise Goes To These Brothers and A SiSTAR For Handling A Wetback

Wetbucks Treat White Crackhead Like Gold While Treating Black Crackhead Like Shit

This article makes a great read AND FURTHER CONFIRMS WHAT I SAY TO BE FACT:

Article Showing MS 13 Members War-shipping Satan CONFIRMS That Wetbucks Are The Hellspawn of Quetzalcoatl

These motherfuckers are from hell! You can’t tell me shit at this point!

That said, Quetzalcoatl – who raised them around a cult-ure of death – would also shapeshift into a white man, and this was before the Spaniards came along….


*I SWEAR NOW THAT I AM ALMOST FINISHED THIS ARTICLE WETBACKS KEEP DRIVING PAST WITH THEIR NASTY LEERING ASS TO THROW ME OFF! I said no lies when I said those demons are somw type of organic portals for the reptilians…

ON THE OTHER HAND the dragons of Asian culture showed them respect by appearing as an Asian man such as one such god, the Dragon King:

This is why – and let me break it down for black folk – TO THIS DAY they war-ship white people while hating us (it is cause we are the original people and really, gods as I break down here and here):

Looka this comment here, how he begs a white lady – not the black dude – to not like me:

Note he didn’t adress the brother here:

And looka this one who tried to “boot up to me” on the internet this morning, proving they have no issues with meting out violence towards us blacks, like I am a fucking man:

I have had this happen TOO MANY TIMES with these things….

Wetback Male Tries To Put Hands on Black Female Just Now

Wetback Gangmembers Attempt To Run Over A Black Woman

The Difference In How Mexicans Treat A Hostile White Lady Vs A Black Lady

Mexican Attacks Black Woman

Looka how they treat this sistar:

Wetbacks Attack Black Bus Driver As She Is Working

This is why I hate them. This is why I am not changing. I see them as being all the same and Imma treat them as such cause I know I am right.

No one in the world is immune from the low vibratory attacks of the wetback:

This poor arab man had his merchandise STOLEN by an unapologetic wetback who, in typical unempathetic, uncivilised, BULLYING COWARDLY wetback form refuses to pay this hard working man the $1.59 for the beer he stole, but instead PROJECTS on the arab man that he in the wrong for protecting his money by saying, taunting the man, “I know you will not shoot me over a $1 beer.” THIS is their bullying mentality on full display….

I hate that wetback accent! SPEAK ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER!

That said, I had a Lebanese woman say to me that she has had problems with them:

Even a white dude complained about them…

I am glad that the words I say about them is catching…. I can’t tell ya how many emails I get deluged with from folks saying I am right but they could not articulate why they felt what they felt about the wetback but I perfectly put it in words!

That being said, remember when I said they wannabe white and seek em out for validation and WHY! Well, they also envy them, fiercely….

I recall a jewish man I know telling me of a story of how a white guy back in the 70s got beat by a gang of wetbacks cause he was dating one of em’s sister. They beat him so bad his face was disfigured and deemed irreparable!

This is why my blog resonates witn so many humans cause they know what I say is true.

Now, returning back to the Asians – the silver lining in their culture – along with their more benevolent dragons – is buddhism. Buddhism is a spiritual system of peace and finding our true Source power! There are no gods in Buddhism; it only circumvents around following the path of the Buddha to find enlightenment. All throughout Asia they practice in their culture which is why they have a tendency to be benevolent and polite!

I myself have asiatic tendencies given that I was Vietnamese in a past life. I still crave their food:

Looka all that stir fry I got back there, lol!

For a long time I practically ate uncooked fish aka sushi!

That said, what a culture eats say alot about them.

Looka how they put HOT sauce on EVERYTHING in wetback cult-ure:

palomitas con chile

NOTICE they make everything cold, hot! This psychologically equates to a cult-ure that likes to start shit, cause conflicts, ya know, shit reptilians do….

That said, we blacks and whites had reptilians in our cultures. In Europe, they recognized their asses as evil and fought them off, NOT war-ship them:


I HATE red dragons…. I got one still attached to me now, trying to use me to ensnare human sacrifices…. which is a leftover from satanism which the reptilians – to keep me from coming into my power – forced me into!

In Afrika, according to Credo Mutwa, the reptilians enslaved us after taking away our powers which is why to this day I now believe is the reason why wetbacks are programmed to hate us because the reptilian is our enemy (given that we are the true humans) given that they are the children of the evil reptilians who have no good intentions for humanity. It makes sense.

Read more here:

Taken from the article from above THIS is the mofo who attacks me, that Darth Maul looking fucker. It all makes sense…. it all makes sense….

That said, we have more in common with whites which I break down here:

This Why Blacks Need To Unite With Whites and Not With Other Groups of People of Color

Also, as an addendum, even in ancient Kemet – where my people hail from – our righteous gods like Ra fought the crocodile, Apep:

We are not like the wetback! They come from a carnivorous line of demonic, cannibalistic, homicidal, violent maniacs and sexually predatory deviants who war-ship at the altar of violence and cruelty.

They come from hell cause their creator comes from there.

Reptilians helm the hellish realms in the underworld which consists of caves underground which is very close in terms of energetic closeness to the Earthrealm’s caves.

That is why folks have heard souls screaming in cave systems and underground holes all throughout the world:

Notice most are in caves…. which is where reptilians dwell….

The Los Angeleno publication is telling us about the wetbacks and their connection to the more demonic reptilian bloodline!

I broke it down a while back….

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

They were genetically created to be a slave worker race (which is why they work hard but can not work smart and for the most part do anything beyond menial labor). They were also imbued with the human hating traits of their demonic reptilian creators. That’s why they hit on and hate on my ass so much because I reveal the truth about them and put into words what many folks have been speculating about they asses for a long time….

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