Nasty Meth Couple Brings Me Brown Paper Bag of Goddess Knows What To Me

You can look at her here and see her spirit ain’t right:

That is the look of a drug addict, someone with all sorts of demons and entity attachments on her.

I wasn’t gonna accept shit from her (or anyone else really) cause I am sick of being treated unfairly and having folks think that they got a right to snatch at my strenght, my intelligence to build themselves up by knocking me down!

I’m not having it anymore and so my defenses, my walls, my moat full of alligators, is going UP!

Don’t bother me, leave me the fuck alone!

I am aware that I have a heightened level of consciousness that puts me above most people. Most people are incapable of seeing where I am coming from because they do not have my level of consciousness to understand. That’s why – unless you are on my level of consciousness (don’t try to fool me cause I will be able to sense it) get the fuck away from me….

You can hear this nasty trifling bitch as she approaches say, “Oops she filming” meaning she KNEW she was doing something wrong and had bad intentions towards me….


Now HEAR is why they nasty asses (look like he a wetbuck but given the PA license plate he might be a human Puerto Rican):


That being said it pisses me off that this ugly meth looking ass addicted bitch really thought she could fool me! Her and her nasty ass “partner” were lingering around to see me topless but, as a Taurus, they got the horns ♉

Stay the fuck away from me! I don’t need any help…. like with the wetback assholes who pulled this shit one day…

Why The Hell Trifling People Think They Can Give Homeless People Their Scraps Like We Are Fucking Dogs

You see this spread….

I eat fucking GOODT! I don’t need your nastay ass scraps that your drug addicted mouth probably been on…. I didn’t ask them for shit so they need to leave me the fuck alone!


I love an enemy who makes themselves know, tells me where they stand with me, let’s me know where they stand with me!

I HATE fake niceness, fake politeness which is why I have NO tolerance for organic portal mofos who just want to “indulge” in “small talk” and superficial bullshit. I have no tolerance for bullshit and I am quick to cut em off and run them up the street.

I ain’t about giving my energy to others unwittingly anymore but instead conserving it for me.

I mean looka this thing’s face here: THAT IS a predatory face (I pick up pedophile vibes from that face):

THAT is what I used to attract. That is why my guard is up. Stay the fuck away from me or else you will be ‘woked!

You can see the energy in his face, bad intentions….

I will not let my energy be used to give you approval at my expense – I unfortunately and inadvertently draw in energy vampires – like some wetbuck females one night who told me in a vampure-ish way that they “like my energy” – like how people will get close to take my knowledge with those pretend ass smiles and act like I am supposed to get used and abused and then go talk about me behind my back or, even worse – like with this wetback….

Mexican Attacks Black Woman

Then violently lash out when they can’t get my energy (which is why I hate them to this day and my next article will be on them)! THE WORST are from those who don’t do shit for me but yet look up to me to buttress their opinion then have the audacity to get pissed when I don’t. Fuck you too!

In the past I’ve been told by people to tone down my energy just from breathing! Those days of making me feel guilty for being powerful – then want to leech off my energy – are gone. I recall an arab mofo I met on the beach who, after ingratiating himself superficially to me, told me to “cover up” when his fake polite ass family came around. I cussed his ass out! That’s the type of mofos I am talking about: assholes who wanna contain my spirit. That’s why I don’t care how SUPERFICIALLY NICE you come off – like fruitbat once did – I am cussing you out cause I know the truth about you. That’s why I’m banging the way I am. I ain’t holding shit in. Not anymore. I know my worth. Like when I go into the 99 Cents store be talking shit, making fun of some of the stuff I have posted that I endured on my blog (I hear them) even though I helped one. This why I don’t like wetbacks and I don’t care how they fucking feel. It’s about me, my feelings. I demand respect! Don’t play with me. That’s why I ‘woke mofos cause I know my worth ?⚰??

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