We Embrace After Dude Pulls A Knife On Me


PTSD a mofo! I got it too!

The way this started – they parked in front – I heard the dude call me Whoopi (if you ain’t known I am kinda like a local celeb so people will pull shit like this to fuck with me hence why I am hyperdefensive).

I see some trash they threw on the ground and in my still semi drunk but sobering up state throw the can into the car then this ensues….


He then apologizes and we hug and talk about the shit he been thru, we both been thru!


I think later his gf calls the sheriffs despite my having evidence he tried to knock out my window while threatening me with a knife (I had my butcher knife on standby).

That being said, I strongly feel – cause yes those urges are coming back – there was an evil entity behind it. It’s been behind ALOT of fucked up things that’s been going on since I started becoming spiritual.

See, back when I FIRST started my spiritual awakening the reptilians fucked. with. my money. Long story short they forced me into satanism (where I war-shipped a red dragon – just LIKE in The Book of Revelations – named Melfore) to get my money up and in the process I lost sight for awhile of my spiritual progression.

I however unfortunately “gained” or shall I say acquired an entity in the process via doing rituals where I would jump INTO the triangle while summoning demons, giving them permission to enter. On top of it in an early and bad attempt at soul retrieval to recover a missing soul piece I gained an evil entity that was acting as me and – as seen via my third eye early this morning – was wound in a tornado which in the astral act as a portal to hell. ?

See that motherfucker in the astral aka dreamscape and that means a disaster in the 3D physical realm is headed towards your ass…..

Funny I say that cause a day ago as mentioned here:

Directly Fighting God The Demiurge: The Top Demon

I saw a tornado that I guess was meant to kill me headed my way and a knights templar rescuing me…..

They fight demons in the astral based on my experience!

That said I truly feel I was meant to die in this incident as set up by evil forces but thankfully it got averted! I also exorcised the entity in me that was causing those urges, and thus manipulating for me to have severe, possibly life threatening incidents come my way.

Anyways, I had to take a spiritual bath and admire the ocean for a min.


Them lil baby seals were following me, a sign all will be okay ?

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