Why Folks Gotta Litter

– I peep some holy free holy wetbucks were doing that donuts shit back here. I woke and saw like a nice new car with a dude in it saying, “Oh shit she up” and they left….

I caught fruit bat the other day dropping her shit……


I swear I hear bottles and shit dropping from her fruit bat truck late at night and KNEW it was her ass…..

I also cussed this wetbuck here!



People gotta learn to respect the Earth that takes care of us! We live on this mofo and depend on it for our resources for survival. I NEVER understood nasty mofos who just can’t pick up they trash and transfer it to the nearest receptacle. I see nastay mofos – namely wetbacks – at the beach who will be right near a trash can and not just throw the refuse away! I never understood it!

I’m homeless, I live in my car and try my best to clean the area around me. When I was growing up both my parents had full time jobs – my mom was in school at one point – and while having to take care of 4 kids still managed to find the time to clean the neighborhood of the trash left by our nasty ass neighbors.

Don’t do this shit! ??

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