Directly Fighting God The Demiurge: The Top Demon

I just got thru doing a cleansing on myself after trying to open up two very crucial blocks in my energy body around the crown on my forehead and my neck and back areas and here is what I saw….

A fiery lion and an angel. The lion was the DARKEST LOWEST DEMON that held a clutch on my energy body in my sacral for YEARS…..

Who does it remind you of……

See, this is why I LAUGH my black ass off when I hear esp. those hebrew kneegrow israelites trying to sound all spiritual and deep and talk about “gawd the lion of Judah.” Looka what you are war-shipping….

The Demiurge, THE TOP DEMON of the physical 3D matrix jail cell (along with our bodies) that we call the material realm…..

I fought it too. I used my third eye (ALL this was accomplishment using my third eye and playing 6000hz frequency)….

to see what was the slithering entity that I would hear late at night slimely sliding and slithering around my car, causing me problems and, this popped up…..

“god” the demiurge! I sent it to a low realm (I know it’s it’s realm so I still have alot of work to do) but this was confirmation for me allll along that what hypo-christians and muslims call “god” is evil and it must be killed!

I just got tinnitus in my right ear after writing this ??

Like in the video game “Dead by Daylight” I sincerely believe that, given people purport that we are inside a holographic universe:

And based on what I have seen myself, with higher dimensional beings appearing to me like the 3D models you see in computers….

I believe that we are living inside of the demiurge, in the belly of the beast as said by the buy-bull itself! To note, a friend of mines who is equally very spiritually talented explained that when the reptilians – one group of archons that are under the command of the demiurge – appeared to him they told him they manipulate reality including the dreamscape aka astral (I too have seen this before) and when he tried to track down my brother or anything else they appeared as the 3D model renderings as you see above…..

– And then you have people like me, who are awoke and are destined to wake other people up…..

I wanna say this after that healing session – I feel GOODT – I heard one of them public wokes people who exposed for holding dogs captive at their facility here and here said “Oh Lord” LOUD as if on cue the minute I woke up!

That let’s me know who they serve…..

That’s why I ain’t bounding myself to these people who wanna lower my vibrations anymore. I know what they are so I ain’t letting their bullshit get in to my energy body!

That’s why the demiurge influenced it’s minions to throw so much negativity my way…. so it can lower my frequency and then REALLY attack from there by getting into my energy body or, as they say, under my skin……

2Circles breaks that down perfectly here:

These are must watches….

Just watch his whole fucking channel…..

….about how the archons aka reptilians need permission to get into your energy body and possess you by lowering your vibration via psychic attacks, attacks by others etc.

That being said, the demiurge is an ugly aborted fetus, casted out of a perfect universe by an Aeon named Sophia who Herself (she is the Divine Feminine) came from a Divine hermaphrodite (both genders) Divine energy, known as The Source, from which Our Divine Souls are splinters of.

The demiurge is ignorant of the fact that it is NOT the only creator god out there. It got placed by REAL GODS – of which our souls are an aspect of – into this imperfect universe of duality where opposing things like white/black, light/dark, good aka god/ and evil exists…..

It is in this material realm that it creates the material aka physical things but not our souls and it does everything in it’s power to keep us from remembering that we – our souls – are the gods!

You can delve more into it here:

Now, to keep a “Neo” aka a Soul from awakening to their true Godselves is by dispatching, as the first and simplest, earliest line of offense are organic portals:

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

These are “people” fashioned by the demiurge to mimic us true soulled humans but they lack a soul to truly be us! These are the people who I and others typically confront in gangstalking…..

I have heard years ago that firefighters and other first responders are part of these fusion centre programs which are designed to aide in a community’s attacks on a targeted individual!

One day while drunk and after cooking in my car one bitch ass firefighter was barking at me like I am fucking man – and he was a big fucking dude – like I did something personal to his ass. I think he was part of the 69 company in Pacific Palisades (so wtf he doing coming all the way down here for when Malibu got it’s own company). I also saw the 26th company. Imma throw a rock at his ass next time I see him!

Here some more…..

These ones here are more spiritual:

White Folks: Not Everybody Is Like Ya’ll

He didn’t come around not too long after I posted my encounter with the hat man, which he takes the visage of (the hat man is an interdimensional matrix agent a la agent smith):

Shadow Man Hat Man And Yellow Eyed Entity Spotted IN My Car Plus Gangstalking By Other Homeless People

Even a friend of mine who ain’t spiritual saw the demon reptilian hybrid grey draco alien next to this mofo here….

My EVP Sessions And PROOF Of How The Spiritual Can Affect The Physical Plane

I just heard one of those public works demonic mofos shouting, “Weirdo” and hoping it runs me out!

They weren’t that bad….. even when I encouraged folks to call PETA on they ass!

Again that shows me the organic portal disruptions that they are…..

Also this bitch here…..

My friend caught THAT! She was calling herself offering me a shirt and her true reptilian face got shown while I was doing stupid shit here…..

Day of The Ray Ray: Bedwenching With A Wealthy Old White Man and Some Cholos

That being said I notice that in the demiurge’s BIGGEST fucking arsenal of distractors are fucking wetbacks!!!!

I swear up and down all yesterday – DESPITE these motherfuckers knowing I don’t like them – I was still getting attacked with the sexual attack targeting from them:

– That Quetzalcoatl demon seed LOOK like a fucking dragon…..

Another way this mofo attacks is thru sexual attack targeting ass programs where the demiurge sends mofos who, again, are not your type, who you are NOT physically and spiritually aligned with to practically rape you…..

This came in the form of not just the mugs up above but wetback Raymond making another UNWANTED appearance:

Looka all the voice messages this mug done sent:

Raymond is this old ugly wetback mofo….

– I was drunk due to the demiurge’s minions fucking with my car which inexplicably started working when I drunk vodka given by this dude – who inexplicably showed up – again – out of nowhere – thus putting me in a fucking compromised state!

He is the latest in a long line of ugly old mofos who I have: nothing in comment, no synergy aka chemistry with, no resonnance with (he a wetback so he DEF. ain’t my type) who wants for carnal, sexual reasons (in his case morphing that shit into marriage and a family) who has been harassing me FOR WEEKS now despite throwing rocks at his shit to get him the fuck outta my face:

These type of attacks are designed to drain you of energy and steal from your sacral chakra (via having you connect with these people such as when your consciousness is down after drinking alcohol and/or drugs which they induce into you to do as well) by using mind numbing agents like alcohol etc. to induce you into a mind numbed state where you can be taken advantage of by these sleazy characters they send your way (in his case and the case of others I saw reptilians around em). They are designed to – like with rape victims – deprive you of your morale, make you lack confidence in yourself and your abilities by using alcohol or other mind numbers to put you into compromising states where you become easy prey for the predators they sicc on you! Basically they are playing puppet ventriloquest with people, essentially!

Reptilian Entities Have Been Attaching To Old Ugly Sexually Predatory Men To Get Sexual Energy Out of Me

Sexual Predator Still Stalks Me Even Though I Whipped His Ass

– Funny, when the entity drains em and they “snap out of it” they become violently angry towards you!

Funny while in my car I saw this I think frying pan made to look like a wine bottle complete with a picture of a skeleton which was an entity that was once around me that induced me to drink:

And peep what I found next to my car early this morning after parking to throw out my trash….

You feel awfully guilty and beat yourself up over shit you really can’t control. A friend one day saw such an entity around me when I had BAD alcohol cravings…..

That shit is hard to fight!

This nigga another fucking one, but of the straight organic portal variety….

The other ones had soul but this nigga here doesn’t…..

When People Project On Me It Is An Issue With Them Not With Me

You Gotta Watch Who You Open Yourself To When You Are Spiritual

This black ass organic portal gets close to steal your energy and uses a tactical range mixture of (false) guilt trips, hypocritical projecting ass arguments and overall gaslighting ass schadenfraude to pull you in!

Another tactic used JUST NOW is the bullshit false helper who is made to look like they are benevolently trying to help you but, in reality – like with the sexual energy vampires – is designed to lower your morale.

Why send me mouldy shit:

They even had a government gangstalking employee come to monitor me after I refused they banana:


LOL at how I pimped her!

This shit happened before…..

Nasty Meth Couple Brings Me Brown Paper Bag of Goddess Knows What To Me

Why The Hell Trifling People Think They Can Give Homeless People Their Scraps Like We Are Fucking Dogs

I say that it is designed to fuck with your morale by thinking you are worthless and are only deserving of mouldy ass food or leftovers that these fucking fiends wouldn’t feed their dog. IT IS a gangstalking tactic cause it seems to be some type of new fucking trend for these Malibu weirdos to fucking do!

Now they know lol not to fuck with me ??

That said, after my romp with an attempted EVP session with my brother last night (I will explain that in a few) I got more gangstalking comments and “followers” that are kinda left as “footprints” by the entities I fight to let me know they behind it:

This illuminati shit with a pedophile ig page where a lil boy is spotted next to a grown man with the caption “slime” = cum on kids and a snake ? for, of course, a reptilian…..

A wetback from messy-co who has a Quetzalcoatl story on his IG decided to follow me (and I subsequently blocked him):

And this shit was most telling…. this nigga OUT OF NOWHERE telling me to fight the demiurge:

Here something else that was a trip….

Funny cause the fucking bee was my old high school’s mascot:

I hated that fucking school and still do:

Do Not Send Your Kid To St. Katherine Drexel High School AKA Xavier Prep

Bees for me are a bad fucking sign. I feel that they represent Beelzebub which is an ars goetia demon who, when he appeared to me, he always had either it was bees or flies around him buzzing.

Once in my old apartment in a real vivid astral vision an incubus I was sleeping with told me that I had 3 powerful demons around me and then beelzebub came bursting in to attack him…..

My right arm is suddenly getting tired now as I write this…..

I have also seen a giant bee astrally and thru my third eye I saw a boogeyman like creature here:

– Imma grown woman and I STILL find his ass scary…. I’ve seen horse demons and other nightmare demons with those hooves on as well!

Dispensing em….

That said, I awoke to this mofo across the street:

– Mofo looking DEAD at me in the end pic!

I sensed his ass was trying to take a pic and be low key but I thwarted it and he couldn’t get shit which I show here:

That shit was designed to throw me off from writing this article!

As with the other ones….. it’s designed to get me to throw off my concentration (I was gonna decode my EVP) and get me to focus on his stupid ass!

Again bees aren’t good signs to me….

Once I saw one come into my car then VANISH INTO THIN AIR when I attempted to put it into a cup, which I successfully did!

That said, here is the EVP:

– At around 4:43 when I said that Imma fuck em up if they fucking with my brother, a spirit said, “You can’t do a damn thing bitch!” lol then said, “vehicle.”

Though I could make out the deep ass sounds of a reptilian it was just more talk from them same ole ghosts – one looked like a ghoul when I saw it!

I also heard a kitten – the same one that I heard while passing by a car one night while filming public ‘wokes – by my car. It was a fucking – I dunno – cause I heard it hiss like a fucking demon. Reminds me of the cheshire cat sounding entity I heard back when I parked in my old area in Miracle Mile when I first started living in my car.

That said – I heard the usual tinkering with my car those fucking spirits be up to at around the witching hour at night, like 1am, 3am. That’s why my car be getting fucked up!

I got out my car and on the darker side where the trees be at I saw a godzilla looking mofo – it was dark – with it’s back turned away from me. I went to ask his ass questions but I don’t think he said shit!

I also noticed in my car a portal that was square shaped. Like with everything – I used my third eye to close it.

Now, to go to show you how slick this shit is…..

A coupla nights ago I had an INTENSE astral vision: I was in my childhood home where my mom was cleaning. I was driving down my old block in New Orleans East when, as I was about to leave the subdivision, I saw a tornado approaching….

I was gonna turn around to warn my mom who was in the garage cleaning and when it came it got me!

I was suspended in the air and I tried to calm myself. I then saw a knights templar like this reach out from the middle of the tornado to pull me out and take me to this medieval boudoir:

– He looked more like the guy in the last pic to the right!

That said the boudoir looked something like this:

But with a stone wall. It was suddenly lightened and the knights templar was sitting on a pretty white couch (which I have seen “somewhere”). He tells me “that is what happens when you make deals with demons.”

I then get the sense that when I die, I will be returned to that moment where I had a choice between De La Salle high school or Xavier Prep. Also a vision of the outcome of me being a senator’s wife – just as the demon said – was strong in that timeline….

Now, here is the schadenfraude…..

I feel that in this timeline it is my destiny to break down the matrix – at least start it – and help humanity spiritually evolve. I am a starseed. I break it down here:

Confronting The Tall Alien Grey I Once Knew As The King of Cups Named Satbalababa

I’m going thru the material hardships that I am going thru here cause, as I said before, adversity builds spiritual character and strenght.

The demiurge does not want strong soulled beings helping soulled folks – who act to feed it as shown in The Matrix – to free ourselves, thus taking away it’s energy/soul supply.

That said, it seeks to suppress us by putting MUCH material hardship in our paths! That’s why the most spiritually powerfull live the most meek materially cause we will have our asses BUSTED in this material realm created by the demiurge for it’s consumption!

I think the demiurge’s end goal is to put so much shit on me materially in this timeline where I am destined to become spiritually powerfull that instead I break and commit suicide and go into that dimension where I become a politrickian and become a pawn….

I saw in a series of visions in 2019 that in order for me to get material wealth I would have to become mum and silent as shown by me being a conservative housewife of a low key wealthy jew comedian, among other ghastly visions….

That being said, and I break it here:

Now Why I Think NOT Attending De La Salle High School Was A GOOD THING

I woulda been a politrickian’s wife and on some pizzagate shit! Now the knights templar have appeared before NUMEROUS times to help me – including stopping hordes of spirits from attacking me AND announcing on a radio something about “Let’s go fight those demons” – but he strangely sounded like TH:

An ugly disfigured samurai misogynist rapist ghost who likes to enslave strong female souls (I believe I defeated him) which brings me to my next thought….

The Matrix was and still is a BRILLIANT fucking movie and to think a siSt⭐r wrote it…. cause we be knowing shit and later crakkkas and other culture vulture groups like wetbacks etc. take from us…..


Everything starts with us….

That said, I don’t trust none of this shit. Spiritree once said that demons can appear as angels and visa versa cause it is all energy. All the mass mind control re-ligions, all your spiritual systems are created by the demiurge and placed in this matrix so, can we trust any of this shit…


A while ago while he was asleep a weird ass song played where a demon told a woman, “I already got your soul.” I took it as a subliminal for me!

I know for a fact that what fucks with me are reptilians, to an umpt degree and – putting the pieces of the puzzle together, comparing notes with other starseeds – they cause the alcohol urges. As my friend confirmed – from they own mouths (the reptilians) – they manipulate this matrix like a 3D hologram:

Being smart, the way to break free is to break a code – go against the divine life contracts, plans we sign with the demiurge when we get here. They make it EXTREMELY hard to do so with implants, things put in your physical body that affects your soul’s ability to break free – before we are born.

It is very hard but we can do it cause our souls are The True Gods and folks like myself are here to show ya’ll…..

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