Day of The Ray Ray: Bedwenching With A Wealthy Old White Man and Some Cholos

LOL @ that title!

I was gonna start this off with regret but…. I’m actually happy I did the shit I did! ?

You know, most organic portala talk of living ‘dey best life and living life to the fullest but…. do they really? Do they really live their best life by living their TRUEST? Do they really live their TRUEST life beyond the constraints of social pressure? Most of these mofos don’t even know themselves so to know what the fuck “they best life” is!

That being said onto the “shit”show….

Before I begin tho what in the organic portal fawk is going on here…..

This squirrel starts glitching here…. Now I grew up in Louisiana near some woods and I ain’t NEVAR heard a squirrel make this noise before…. ever


Also, I noticed this drone thing following me around yesterday…. it is either a drone or ufo…..

I wonder if it is that same star like orb that be following me around at night like you can see in the video!

Anyways, onto the “shit”show


I’m soooo cutee….. ??

Anyways, the other day I was chilling with this old white man who lives in Malibu, in this nice beach house!

It’s funny cause it is like this dude will instinctively know I am drunk and will, like a homming missile, home in on me…..

Here is what I did that day:


Here are pics to prove it:

I look so exploited there to be honest with you! That’s why I had reservations about posting this up!

Alright, here the main finale lol!

I had to pimp this lady and tell her to wear the shirt she offered me to wear on her head:


My friend just sent me this showing her shapeshifting:

Before anyone says that it is low res causing that I bid you all to watch this vid and the examples from it:

Looka the mirror. When he glitches his reflection glitches which, as the vid breaks down – if it were just the vid only his face would glitch and not his reflection!

He breaks it down further here….

Yesterday was insane for me, which you can watch here:




Kissing dudes, cholos (as much as I be talking shit about em online lol)…. running buck naked (again) on the pch and Topanga forest, lol! I gotta admit I had fun. I was drunk ass fuck but I had fun!

Here some highlights in pictures…..

I see somebidy trying to ressurect lol

Here pics from that (had to take a pic) ?

Here some other pictures….

I then later on chilled at a friend’s house for drinks and whiskey:

Naw here the highlight…..

As much as I be talking shit (just search my blog to see what I mean ?????), alcohol has a way of making me unwittingly express how I truly am which I am actually a sweet, nice person…. or it just lowers inhibitions. Peep ?

LOL @ his facial expression. He cutee ?

I wonder if he with a set….

That nigga throwing up his shirt like they do for the cops lol….

That day was fun….

Damn…. I got a nice ass body. This was the next day ?

And this dude here…. I got vid and you can see pictures….

I honest enjoy my life – all the shit I get into – even getting stabbed and raped I would never exchange my life!

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