Removing Spider Web Internal Programs And Entities While Healing

Removing Spider Web Internal Programs And Entities While Healing

….Lordt this shit has been a fucking ride!

All this crazy shit that has been happening this week, the week before with people who have been influenced to fuck with my ass by reptilian entities, looking to keep me from coming into my power, including by organic portal satanists or shall I say ‘aintanists – here are two examples:

– You can FEEL the jealousy and just complete evil – he was arguing and being a pompous condescending dickhead to others in the comment section – coming from him!

Via my third eye I saw he molests his daughters and that he is kept away from them and when I said that, his ass stopped arguing (cause he know it’s true).

Here another person but he was more respectful (also the weird thing on him is he changed his profile from showing his face with makeup to a more serious somber tone):

It also seems like I had been running into pro reptilian profiles where they were projecting an image of reptilians being good. Here are some:

This dude was threatening a serial killer/kidnapper/rapist on his youtube channel oo390 channel:

Here one where I just called him out:

….And this mofo, who I saw via my third eye is a FULL blown reptilian (my friend told me about FULL BLOWN REPS masquerading ass people on youtube) put something on my crown chakra that took nearly a week and half to remove:

And then this wester-buck (my new name for wetbucks aka wetbacks) sent me this threatening ass fucking message ???????

My ‘woke will deal with his ass….

Anyways this shit are full blown psychic attacks, spiritual attacks. It’s like the reptilians don’t want me fucking healing cause the more I have healed this month it’s like the more the attacks have amped up cause they know that, when I heal, I spiritually won’t be no fucking joke. For instance on Wednesday/ Tuesday night I was on the cusp of healing (that shit that chemistry teacher said ran deep ass fuck) and when I did a little breakthrough I was able to astral project – which I couldn’t do before, which they feared.

I then that very same day fell into the temptation of alcohol. Without breaking down everything they put something in me that they can manipulate to increase the desire for it – I just felt a snake like entity attachment sqwirm at the crown which is where THE WORST of attacks took place for that – which I have long since removed which is why it is important to understand your energy body. I then succumbed to all the shit that comes with drinking which was fun but throws shit off!

Early this morning I had a good friend visit me in the astral plane where we were all seated at a dinner table and he gave me his partial piece of eaten chicken and he asked me, “How do get rid of these drinking urges (and he doesn’t like to drink, period)?” and “How do I get rid of these reptilians?” in a very defeated tone (that night I tried to use my abilities to get rid of the entities fucking with him hence why he may have came to me).

He is the same person who started to get spiritually attacked after trying to astral project to Mount Shasta. He told me that he started getting the alcohol urge attacks after the reptilians came to him to attack him for trying to asttal project to Mount Shasta and he never had ANY desire for alcohol (still don’t naturally) up until after this proving these attacks come from the fucking reps who, being gatekeepers for the demiurge, don’t want you to spiritually grow!

Imma sound crazy and this is where normal folks who don’t get attacked psychically (cause you are no threat to this matrix system) will call me crazy but the shit is real:

1) Like just now I have been hearing disembodied voices (that seem more “electronically produced” like that electronic harassment stuff) say negative nasty shit though no one in the vicinity said it!

2) I’ve been waking up feeling unusually drained.

3) Earlier today while napping I was in my childhood home in the astral and had some reptilians threaten me for trying to heal. Before I heard demonic, possibly reptilian voices that were scary and this week after removing the reptilian attachment I saw a visage of said reptilian dragon in my cellphone’s mirror (black scrying mirror).

4) Draining TF outta my battery.

– I also kept having an intrusive thought of a man I recently met raping me!

I mean they are monitoring my ass like the plague like this broad here who is a rep who admitted her and her husband had been watching me – they want me to get in line so I won’t be a threat to their system and live as an example, a beacon of freedom:


This what you call gangstalking…..

That being said, let me talk about the main subject here: spiderweb and entity attachments!

When you commence healing, the process of healing – ESP. if you got long deep held trauma, from my experience you will attract entities that come to feed off of it. That is what the shaman told me during a reading she did for me to see why some of the shit in my life, happens and also from EXPERIENCE I saw it with my third eye and felt the effects that came with removing it, SHOWING that it’s real!

Everybody who follows me knows the story of my being told to drop the English acceny etc etc during a kundalini awakening and how that adversely affected me for a long time! That being said, cause it happened during a kundalini awakening and it was a pretty sensitive part it had a major adverse affect upon me.

We all have programs in us based on societal teachings and experience. Programs are things that we are taught and/or ingrain in ourselves from experience. That being said, when doing REAL deep healing – aside from confronting the issue by using your mind’s eye to return to the day and time the trauma happened, you will have entities that you must confront to remove the issue both physically and motionally on a spiritual level. Case in point: I was doing some deep healing and removed something using my third eye from the sacral chakra. When I tell you my soul felt free – that mug felt FREE ✊???? My stomach area felt full, I had SURPLUS energy surging thru me: I didn’t want to eat cause I felt so full from the energy and purely high! Conversely I felt the urges due to suppressing parts of my soul witch ??‍♀️ I will break down later.

Now, THE WORST are the spider webs! Without breaking shit down too much, in one that was heavily complexed – on a subliminal level I was holding on to the negativity – I peeped that there was spider webs allowing that programming to stay embedded in my energy/spirit body! I freed a soul piece from it but, then, she got caught up again. It is cause on a more superficial level I had to confront the issue (you know, using your mind’s eye to re experience the emotions and feelings of that traumatic event). Spider webs happen when the trauma is deep and/or hasn’t been properly confronted. It takes ALOT of bravery and strenght to confront. Healing ain’t easy….

With me, my shit’s more complicated! I got shit that straight does not want me to heal! It’s cause I was meant to go thru alot of shit, varied experiences in order to become a shaman and in turn teach others what to do. What you see here is a true spiritual journey and not that la dee dah bullshit new (c)agers try to feed you!

As I go thru it I get temptations – THE WORST cause then you gotta deal with the enemy within to fight shit off – speaking of which all the so called “crazy” shit I do, let me break it down!

I hate when people call me a crackhead and shit (I am more a drinker) because, in large part, these organic portal mofos are judging me on the outside for some of the “crazy” shit I do that breaks societal unrighteous taboos and mores like going topless, naked – and because I am black and homeless and to a degree my natural appearance (I believe I am a beauty-full womban). They feel you gotta “fit into a hole” to be a teacher (if you think like that I don’t even WANT you around me) or to take you serious.

Let me break something down to to you all!

This would be more apt given where I live at….

When you get to my level of consciousness, you are able to look down as if yoh are looking from a mountain and LIT SEE ? the bullshit people get caught up on: you are able to see just for what it is – bullshit – that people get wound up on when they get concerned about status, where they wanna move – ALL THESE TRAPPINGS THAT CIRCUMVENT AROUND PEOPLE WANTING THINGS ALL TO SEEK OTHER PEOPLE’S VALIDATION, IMPRESS FOLKS!

I’m above that shit! I see it for the menage of bullshit that it is, like a parade spectacle, but ya’ll mofos are trapped like in a jail cell but one you can’t see where you are jailed, chained to other folks by being concerned about their opinions. I don’t give a fuck about that!

Told ya’ll Imma alcoholic ???

That being said, I ain’t gonna go on saying, “I am free” but I will say that, as shown in that film The Matrix – I understand we gotta have a system in place and most folks were meant to work in that system, to keep the machine going…. Then you got the few like me who are like, your deep thinkers, forerunners who are meant to be outside of it and get the shit going to move ya’ll sheep into a new direction. That is why I am crazy and “misunderstood” cause I am not meant to fit into this time. I am meant to set the stage to help herd ya’ll into a new way of being with the shit I say online. I honest do at times look at my life and, even though I’ve never been materialistic – ask myself would I have been happy with material success and, knowing me, no!

I ain’t gonna go into it but I’ve seen the timelines, etc so no. That’s why I hate idiots who judge like that (lacking intuitive abilities) but it is part of the territory!

That being said, lemme wrap this shit up! Peace!

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