I Now Realise That I Had To Go Thru My Satanic Phase To Heal My Soul

….I think!

– You can btw see the spirits to the left (our right) coming from the spirit realm as exemplified by the ghostly light while I in the 3D fight them.

I think it was designed to do so!

Based on what I am knowing, finding out NOW I truly believe that the satanic phase I went thru – at least for me – was designed to, well fuck I said it here:

Soul Healing: Reuniting The Higher Chakras With The Lower Chakras and Removing Implants

Removing Spider Web Internal Programs And Entities While Healing

designed to help me in part confront internalized demons (and reptilians) who took they spots within me to feed off the long held trauma I retained within.

I break down more here:


That being said I wanted to say that I think the alcohol urges were meant to remind me of how my energy body was constituted so I can use it as a guideline via which to heal….

Also, like in my old apartment – even before the satanic phase I see triangles alot, like reminders of triangles like what you can see here after I destroyed the drawing (I do it to avert any heavy and/ or negative spiritual energy from sticking around and affecting me):

This one is showing real heavy:

THIS just formed and look at the formation these made:

….One such case was while blowing sage smoke in my old apartment a giant, HUGE triangle took form!

It seems also that as I heal – just like when I would hear negative voice while on the precipice of astral projection – I’ve been hearing negative spirit voices that sound like real world issues I currently have (ex. someone saying negative shit about the foot run over incident – I heard a young lady say, “Vroom” and another cackle) and I believe it is happening cause, like with astral projection which allows you to come into your true spiritual power and reminds you of your divinity as a spirit, shit doesn’t want me to heal cause of how power-full I will become thereafter.

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