Soul Healing: Reuniting The Higher Chakras With The Lower Chakras and Removing Implants

While doing the intro vid for my youtube channel I caught an etheric astral roach arm extending out my car, which some spiritual people may be able to see, here:


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Wow, man…. this ride been mad incredible and I hope folks can learn.

Here is the snippet of the article I was referring to when I said entities, when they take over, can allow other folks’ energies to bleed in….

BTW this my face in a pic taken IMMEDIATELY after discarding the dragon that was around – I think it was the one I used to condemn folks to hell named Malfore and, funny, as soon as I wrote this, I felt the pressure on the right side of my face become alleviated meaning etheral entities are doing this shit (I still feel pressure there but not as intense):

– Even when I got a resting bitch face I look goodt ??

That said, I talk about the journey here:


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I forgot to mention – this what I wanted to recall while doing the video: I also removed some implants which I could feel (if you tweak your frequency right you can feel em, too). One looked like a scythe that bowed around my head at the top, around and then had the handle part on my kundalini. One I saw via my third eye was white and it was lodged where my mouth/jaw is. It oozed and splashed shit all over when being removed. Another was a long white snake like worm that extended from my lower jaw to the top of my head towards the crown. I notice that even when I would go within and confront memories that I felt kept that shit anchored there – the negative emotions and spiritual trauma stemming from those events still stay anchored there even when at peace with the shit. That’s cause implants were keeping them anchored. Think about that next time you are having a hard time removing the impact of trauma caused by bad experiences ?

Also, don’t forget to close the chakra when ridding yourself of bad entities so they will leave – be easier to get rid of via visualization or use of your third eye – send that shit to the underworld, stomp on it, whatever and then reopen to chakra (put like a bubble around that shit or your whole being) then be done with it! ??

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